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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Treasure Books GONE! BUG!

Right now there are only ONE Treasure Book available! Thanks Bue13479 for telling me about this :) Normally you can see and click on all the other The Treasure Books that are located under the featured Treasure Book…I think this is a BUG! UPDATE: This is NOT a BUG :) Read more here Treasure Book Answers :)

…I want to add a Special Thanks to bigpboy for sending me this Treasure Book Sneak Peek of the Elephant and Yellow Bumper Car item October 1, 2011 :)  bigpboy bought a Klutzy Toy from Series 14 and will be able to Unlock 1 rare Penguin Costume + Choose 2 Costume items from The Treasure Book :)

…TOMORROW he can Unlock these items :) Sorry, The Treasure Book for the code you’re entered isn't quite ready. Please keep this code and try again October 6 :)

…That is so COOL! I hope you will have FUN waddling around in your NEW Costume items :)

How do I Unlock items Online? Club Penguin :)

Puffle Hats Sneak Peek :)

I LOVE Puffle Hats :) I think this New Feature is AWESOME! WELL DONE Club Penguin :) At the Beta Team Club Penguin asked us about our opinion when it comes to what hats we would like to have to our Puffles :) Puffle Hats Beta Team :) And here are some Puffle Hats that probably will be available in the Feature :)

The Big Bang :)

Heavy Metal Hair :)

Jolly Roger Bandana :)

Top Hat :)

Disco Helmet :)

Gold Viking Helmet :)

Puffle with hat Toy :)

How to add a Puffle hat on my Puffle?

See the WHOLE Club Penguin Puffle Catalog CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Unlock Puffle Bandanas Puffle Hats :)

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