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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gary Character description Bug on Disney!

Due to a Hmmm…Accident…Shhh…the Sport Shop was destroyed last Year! BUT on Disney’s Club Penguin Character description of Gary the gadget Guy we can read this: Hello there! My name is Gary. I own the Sports Shop and am renowned as Club Penguin's resident inventor.

…Is this a Text Bug or will the Sport Shop be Back? Time will tell :)Thanks Star Orlando for telling me this :)

Gary the Gadget Guy :)

What is Saraapril doing Today?

Today I have had so Much FUN offline TOGETHER with my Family :)This morning Mum woke me up and told me to look out and the whole world was WHITE with SNOW! Littletias and Dad were already outside and Mum and I hurried out too! I LOVE Snow and TOGETHER we had the first Snow fight for this Season :) Later we picked up Grandpa and drove to my Littlest cousin’s house there we had Dinner, talked, sang Karaoke and Played Board Games and had a second Snow Fight TOGETHER :) We all had SO MUCH FUN and Laughed so Much :) Now I’m back at home and there is still snow outside! I LOVE how it lights up the Ground and make it Sparkle :)

…Now I will look through TONS of Pictures to pick out a few for a FUN with Friends Post I hope to Post during this week :) Waddle On!

Saraapril Stamp Fan Art by James Wortel :)

A few days ago I got a Saraapril Stamp made for me :) i made this for you saraapril !Hope you like it -James Wortel

…WOW! A Saraapril Rules Stamp! Thank-You So MUCH! I'm very HONORED! You are a GOOD Editor :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Mariyluigi :)

Hey saraapril! Im a great fan of your blog i have a fan art for ya Mariyluigi

…THANKS Mariyluigi :) I like how you have drawn the eyes and Happy little smile :) I think you are very Good at Drawing Penguin eyes :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Puffle Launch App Version 1.0.2 :)

Puffle Launch Mobil App has now an Update available on Apple App Store with some Bug Fixes :) This is what iTunes tells us: What's New in Puffle Launch Version 1.0.2? This update has a new game tutorial, bug fixes, and some level improvements.

…Thanks A11766 for this information and this iPod Picture :)

…See earlier version Puffle Launch App Available at iTunes NOW :) If you need help to Play this Game you will find that here  How to Play Puffle Launch App CHEATS :) And look here for Secrets and more detailed Help Puffle Launch Game CHEATS :) Do you want to see a Video? Puffle Launch App Video HD :)

Club Penguin Apps :)

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