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Monday, October 17, 2011

Saraapril’s Pretty Neighborhood Igloo Wallpaper :)

As you wished here is my Pretty Neighborhood Igloo as a Wallpaper :)

Regular Screen :)

Widescreen :)

Wider Widescreen :)

…On Disney Club Penguin Community you will find More Wallpapers :)And under this label you will find more Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

How to make a Club Penguin Screensaver :)

Fan Art in Book Room :)

FINALLY! The Art is Updated at the Book Room Wall :)


…Rockhopper :)

…Lolz listen to Music :)

Adopt a Puffle Today :)

Nyan Puffle :)

…Rainbow Puffle :)

…Artistic Drawing :)

…Hi Club Penguin :)

…Yellow Puffle with Heavy Metal Hair :) Puffle Hats Sneak Peek :)

Ninja Training with Sensei :)

See earlier Club Penguin Art in Book Room :)

Halloween 2011 Club Penguin Video Commercial :)

Here is a Commercial about Halloween 2011 from Club Penguin!

…Look at this Sneak Peek from the Snow Forts it will be Decorated to a Town there you can go Trick or Treating!

…here we can see another Sneak Peek of the Werewolf Costume and Look! Klutzy is hiding behind the Lighthouse!

…In this Video you will find MORE Sneak Peeks Get Connected: Club Penguin Halloween 2011 VIDEO!

Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic and her Friends like to read the emails I send them so they can keep updated about what’s happen on Club Penguin Island while they are Traveling Around Exploring the world and when I told them about Puffle Hats they were so EXCITED and went to a Mall to get some too :) The Orange Puffle picked this Black and White Cap :)

…The Blue Puffle found a Cool Pirate Hat :)

…and The Yellow Puffle bought a Black Beret :)

…Oops! What happened to your Hat Orange Puffle? Did you EAT it…LOL :) Just kidding…I ALWAYS get HUNGRY after Shopping too :)

…I agree with these Penguins :) Laying on a pile of dried leaves and looking for Puffles with Hats Clouds is the Perfect Autumn Activity :)

…The Last Picture Aunt Arctic sent for this Week is of the Artistic Yellow Puffle  drawing a Picture of a Penguin having FUN Catchin’ Waves :)

…Thanks Aunt A :) Have a FUN week and Please send more Pictures from your Adventures soon :) See Earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :) See Penguins Around the World Gallery :)

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

MORE Halloween Art is added on Club Penguin Community and as you know I don’t like Halloween BUT these Artworks are AMAZING!

See Earlier Club Penguin FAN Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

More soon…

Saraapril Background Fan Art by Jam36es :)

Hello saraapril, i am jam36es. i was at your party and was sad you couldn't send postcards,i think it should give people this when they click on your player card :D Well thanks bye! Ps. i think you're blog rocks!!!!!!

…WOW! You have made me an AUTOGRAPHED Background just as the Club Penguin Characters have! THANK-YOU so MUCH Jame36es I am Very HONORED :) And THANKS for reading my Blog :)

THANKS Jam36es from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Ruby Therese :)

Hi Saraapril, I have done a drawing of you. Hope you like it!

…Yes I do :) THANKS Ruby Therese for this Drawing of me :) I LOVE the shade of soft PINK you have chosen for the Dress  :) I think YOU ROCKS!

Saraapril Fan Art :)

FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE to Play TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin and here are a FEW of the Penguins I have had FUN TOGETHER with lately :) Let’s start with a waddle down Memory Lane back to the Club Penguin Fair 2011 I LOVED the Bumper Cars Arena :)

…Bye Bentagg, Headly98 and P115487882 see you again another day in Club Penguin :)

…Back at the Stadium for another driving lesson…Oops! Sorry Bunnie365…LOL :)

…This is so Much FUN :)

…Star65899, Lily23289 and I HAPPY DANCING TOGETHER :)

…Star65899 showed us a great place to sit and chat :)

…at the Snow forts I meet Jazzeeh :)



…and TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Playing Find Four :)

…The NEW Treasure Book is here and Bigpboy had kindly offered to show me some of the items he unlocked from it so we met under the Clock Tower :)

…COOL Combination of items :) I like that notes comes from the Headphone and that the Shoes has lights :)


…This is how Bigpboy’s Stamp Book is Decorated :) How to decorate your Stamp Book :)

…A Yellow Wheeler Bumper Car :)

…and a Freaky Tiki Costume :)

…I LOVE the Elephant Costume it’s so cute :)

…Bigpboy showed me a BUG! You can see the Penguin Feet while sitting down in this angle!

…Elephant Dance :)

…Once again Bigpboy hid to change…I was so EXCITED that I took a little Sneak Peek on his Player card…LOL :)

…AWESOME! I LOVE this Holiday Lights Outfit :) The only thing that would make it better is if it Twinkled while dancing…Please Club Penguin can you add that?

…Time for Bigpboy’s last item…


…AND it will soon be Bigpboy’s Birthday so a HAPPY B Day to YOU :)

…We both LOVE the Puffle Hats and Bigpboy said: My Pink and brown puffles wear propeller hats my orange puffle also likes wearing the gear hat :) COOL! And THANKS for liking both mine and Purple’s hats :) I think your Puffle looks so cute in that Princess Hat :)

Dance Contest Time :)

…CONGRATS Bigpboy you are a GREAT Dancer :) LOOK! The Snowball doesn't melt! I noticed that at the Snow Forts too…BUG!

…The we visited Bigpboy’s Puffles to admire their Hats :)

…Bigpboy helped me to do some Tests and we discovered that the Old and boring “Puffles doesn't move when you have visitors in your Igloo BUG” is here again! Frozen Puffles are NOT FUN! So Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

…Find Four is so Much FUN :)

…TOGETHER we Played Card-Jitsu Fire :)

…Thanks for a Good Game :) And THANK-YOU for showing me all your NEW Treasure Book items :)

…Here I am TOGETHER with Star Orlando that sent  me the Melbourne Aquarium Pictures :)

…TOGETHER we Played Sled Race :)


…This is how Star Orlando’s Stamp Book is Decorated :)

…OH NO! Gary and Star Orlando working TOGETHER in Card-Jitsu…LOL :) On my YouTube Channel you can see this Card-Jitsu Animation :)

…We are BOTH Ninjas so we waddled to the Secret Ninja Hideout :)

…THANKS Star Orlando for the Pictures and for telling me about all the FUN you had at the Melbourne Aquarium and it was FUN to Play TOGETHER with you here in Club Penguin :)

2011-10-12 02.35.33 - Copy

…After I posted about my Saraapril’s Pretty Neighborhood Igloo I added my Igloo on the Map :)

…I Dancing so fast that I’m FLYING…LOL :)

…Hi Deanz101 :)

…We had so Much FUN Playing TOGETHER – ROCK :)

…Dvivoni, Rex Pingu 1, P140598552, Deanz101, Emily Beans and I got HUNGRY so we all ate Pizza :)

…Thanks Deanz101 :) TOGETHER WE ROCKS!


…Thanks for visiting my Igloo on Map :) Bye for now…see you another time in Club Penguin :)

…AND THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with :)

Under this label you can see MORE FUN with Friends :)

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