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Sunday, October 23, 2011

I met Aunt Arctic in Abominable :)

HURRAY! I met my Aunt Arctic Again :) She was very CROWDED BUT this time I could talk to her and give her a Flower  :)

…EVERYONE talked at the same time…LOL :) Puffles and Hearts for Aunt Arctic :) My computer was so slow that I couldn't follow her to the Book Room BUT it doesn't matter I know there are TONS of other Penguins up there that will be so HAPPY to meet her :)

…I have Decorated my Stamp Book in Honor of my Aunt Arctic :) This is how it looks like :) A Flower as she LOVE Flowers :) The 150 issue of Club Penguin Times Pin :) Hot Chocolate to drink for her Sweet tooth :) A Puffle to represent ALL her furry Friends :) And a Compass to Thank her for always Guiding and Helping us :)

Aunt Arctic Stamp and NEW Background :)

Club Penguin 6th Anniversary CHEATS :)

Aunt Arctic Stamp and NEW Background :)

I have looking forward to meet Aunt Arctic for SO LONG and it is so Hard to Track Aunt Arctic as it takes FOREVER to load Club Penguin right now! BUT I found Aunt Arctic in Big Foot and earned her Stamp :)

…It was so CROWDED in the Room that I couldn't see my Aunt BUT I opened her Player Card to get her NEW Background! BUT her Player card didn't load as it should…

…FINALLY! The Player Card is Loaded BUT Aunt Arctic has waddled up to the Book Room and I want to follow…

…but first I want to pick up her Autographed Background! You have found Aunt Arctic’s Giveaway Would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE :) BUT no matter how many times I clicked on yes I was STUCK and had to LOG OFF!!!

…NOOO!!!!! I HATE BUGS!!! When I logged in again I feared that my Aunt Arctic Stamp was gone BUT I was so HAPPY to find that it was Saved in my Stamp Book :) HURRAY!!!

…AND an even BIGGER Surprise was that I GOT Aunt Arctic’s NEW Background :) THANKS for not letting me down Aunt Arctic you are the BEST and Smarter then a Club Penguin Bug :)

…THANKS Aunt Arctic you’re AWESOME I just wished I had got the opportunity to Talk with you again I have MISSED you so MUCH!

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin is HERE!!!

UPDATE: Aunt Arctic Background BUG!

HAPPY waiting for Aunt Arctic Party :)

Earlier Today I was in Server Arctic and TOGETHER with other Penguins I has so Much FUN waiting for Aunt Arctic :) We talked about how kind and cute Aunt Arctic is :)

…Hearts and Puffles for Aunt Arctic :)

…Dancing and Singing for Aunt Arctic :)

…The questions many asked were Is Aunt Arctic Here? Have anyone seen her Today? Well…This Party was released early…I know for sure that Aunt Arctic will be here TOMORROW October 24 on Club Penguin’s 6th Anniversary :)

…It’s so Much FUN to Party TOGETHER while waiting for Aunt Arctic and helping other Penguins to find out the Secret to get the Party Hat :) How to get the Anniversary Hat CHEATS :) Let’s Sing AGAIN :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin is HERE!!!!

Club Penguins Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

Storm BUG in Club Penguin!

Club Penguin is right now Struck with a Lightning Storm and Dark Clouds are hanging low in the Sky BUT…

…if you look through the binoculars or…

…the telescope you will see clear Blue Sky!

…Thanks ADAG2000 for telling me about this Bug :) I Think the Lightning Storm in the Binocular and Telescope is COOL so I hope Club Penguin has time to fix this Bug before the Party is over!

Club Penguin Halloween 2011 CHEATS :)

Club Penguins Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

HURRAY! The Yearbook is HERE!!! FILLED with HAPPY Memories of another FABULOUS Club Penguin Year :)

…And it’s PINK! I LOVE PINK THANK YOU SO MUCH Club Penguin I can hardly WAIT to open this Book and waddle Down Memory Lane! That’s why I will open it  and start to read it Right NOW! If you Mouse over the Pages in this Book you will find Secrets to look at :)

Club Penguins Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

…This book is dedicated to all the Penguins who shared our sixth year. Read this book and celebrate your favorite memories!

October 2010 We celebrated the island's fifth anniversary with a five-layered cake in the Coffee Shop. Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party :) Then we braved the Dark Chamber in search of missing Halloween candy. It was filled with spiders! Spooky! Club Penguin Halloween 2010!

November 2010 When it rained for the first time in the island's history, ninjas were ready. It is RAINING in Club Penguin! We pumped the rain water into the mountains and helped Sensei prepare the Water Dojo for Card-Jitsu Water. Water Ninja Party Tour Guide :) I Saraapril am a Water Ninja :)

December 2010 We filled the Lighthouse to the brim with Coins For Change donations! Our efforts helped build safe places, protect the environment, and give medical help to kids around the world. To celebrate the holidays, we decorated our igloos, and gathered around a ginormous festive tree! More Coins in the Lighthouse, Holiday Party 2010 is HERE! Coins for Change 2010 :)

January 2011 We ventured through tall trees, and sailed across uncharted waters for the Wilderness Expedition. Our journey led to the discovery of the inventive brown Puffle! Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition :)

February 2011 We all brought our Puffles out to play for the Puffle Party! Then we danced with our pets on the Night Club Rooftop. It seems brown Puffles aren't just clever inventors - they're amazing dancers too! Puffle Party 2011 :)

March 2011 We worked together to give the Pet Shop a new look - and gave our Puffles new treats! Construction at Pet Shop :) Then our daring pets blasted off to new heights in Puffle Launch!'

April 2011 This year April Fool's started early! We followed an agent who accidentally opened new portals in the Box Dimension. April Fool’s Party Tour Guide, Silly Scavenger Hunt :) And we spotted Painted Dogs and Snow Leopards roaming the island! Earth Day Party  :)

May 2011 Hark! We faced yonder hydra in ye new knight's quest! Medieval Party :) We defeated the fearsome beast, then celebrated with a mighty medieval feast. Knight’s Quest 3 VIDEO :) Herbert’s Battle of DOOMHAPPY PEACE PARTY :)

June 2011 We hit the stage and rocked the island for Music Jam, while the Penguin Band showed us their new look at the 'Berg. Music Jam Party 2011 :)

July 2011 Avast! Captain Rockhopper's cream soda went missing, mateys! But we pirates dug up the missing barrels, and saved the Island Adventure Party! Yar har! Cream Soda Scavenger Hunt :) Island Adventure Party 2011 :)

August 2011 We raced to the top of an icy peak, then zoomed down the super slippery Sled Racing track! The GREAT Snow Race Party 2011 :) There were rumors that some EPF agents carried out a 'cool' top secret assignment. Sorry, details are classified. Operation Hibernate Herbert EPF 

September 2011 Then cows, roosters and clowns joined us for fun at The Fair. Club Penguin Fair Party 2011 :) That wraps it up for our sixth year. Here's to the surprises ahead!

…That was a FUN Waddle Down Memory lane and if want to read more about what we did in Club Penguin look at the Archive on this Blog :)

…The Club Penguin 6th Yearbook is now added to Club Penguins Online Books in the Book Room :)

…THANKS for this Year Club Penguin and keep Waddle On :)

Club Penguin Yearbook 2009 – 2010 :)

6 Years Anniversary Party in Club Penguin :)

How to get the Anniversary Hat CHEATS :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin is HERE!!!!

How to get the Anniversary Hat CHEATS :)

The 6th Years Anniversary Hat is Black, Orange Purple and Green! And you find it here in the Coffee Shop floating around inside a Balloon :)

…To get the Hat click on the little Spike in the right upper corner and the Balloons will be Popped and…

…the Hat fall Down to the Table beside the Cake :)

…You have found a 6th Anniversary Hat Would you like to pick it up? YES PLEASE :)

…Now I will add a Dress that Match this Party Hat…DONE This is how my Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party Outfit looks like :)

…This is how it Looks like Animated :)


6 Years Anniversary Party in Club Penguin :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin is HERE!!!!

Club Penguins Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin is HERE!!!!


…CAKE! Spooky Cake! Hmmm…Can that be SAFE to eat…LOL :)

6 Years Anniversary Party in Club Penguin :)

How to get the Anniversary Hat CHEATS :)

Club Penguins Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

HAPPY Waiting for Aunt Arctic Party :)

Aunt Arctic Stamp and NEW Background :)

I met Aunt Arctic in Abominable :)

Club Penguin 6th Anniversary CAKE!

I met Aunt Arctic in Belly Slide :)

I met Aunt Arctic in Server Berg :)

Aunt Arctic Background BUG!

HAPPY Birthday Club Penguin :)

FUN with Friends :)

Gary’s NEW Background! I met Gary in Server Oyster :)

Spy Phone Message from Gary!

Field-Op 53 EPF CHEATS :)

6th Anniversary Party is OVER!

6 Years Anniversary Party in Club Penguin :)

Disney Club Penguin’s Celebration of SIX AWESOME Penguin Years will soon Start and  I wonder what colors the NEW Party hat will have? Get your exclusive 6th Anniversary Party Hat! The Party will be in the Coffee Shop and Aunt Arctic will be there too :) It will be a CAKE and a NEW Year Book :)

…It will be so Much FUN to Celebrate TOGETHER and I can hardly WAIT for this Party to Start :)

6th Anniversary in Club Penguin is HERE!!!!

How to get the Anniversary Hat CHEATS :)

Club Penguins Yearbook 2010 – 2011 :)

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