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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

Here is SOME of the FUN I have had lately TOGETHER with Friends in Club Penguin :) Spike91347 has TONS of Candy in his Igloo and we ATE so Much that our Tummies almost burst…LOL :)

…Then we went to the Ski Hill to play Sled Race :)

…This is how Spike91347’s Stamp Book is decorated :)

…Dreammae989 and I met at the Snow Forts so…Oops!…That is a SECRET! I can’t tell you yet…BUT…


…I will post about it after Halloween :)

…TOGETHER we had so Much FUN Playing Mancala :)

…and then we went to Dreammae989’s Igloo there she showed me how she has started to decorated her Igloo for the Halloween Contest :)

…Dreammae989’s Stamp Book Decoration :) How to Decorate Stamp Book?

…Thanks Dreammae989 :) Saraapril’s Pretty Neighborhood Igloo :)

…WHAT!?! The Soup is SWEET! Who added Candy to it? LOL :) Blog Action Day 2011 - FOOD :)

…Bye Dreammae989 :) See you again another day in Club Penguin :)

…The Halloween 2011 Party is HERE! And I and Dvivoni trying to earn the New Igloo Stamp Trick-or-Treat Stamp CHEAT :)

…TOGETHER we jumped from Igloo to Igloo on the Map looking for Trick-or Treat Igloos…Nope!

…This is HARD!

…HURRAY! A Trick-or Treat Igloo :) But…WATCH OUT DVIVONI!!!Something is coming up from the swamp slime! Better Igloos Catalog CHEATS Halloween 2011 Next Igloo :)

…Oops! The Igloo Floor Bug again!

…and the old Crazy Igloo Floor Blink BUG! Weird but COOL :)

…In Town I met Calculus, Bouncy164 and Shishkebab3 :) 

…Shishkebab3 tried to find the Glowing Pumpkin Head…

…To find it you need to logout and then Unlock the FREE Glowing Pumpkin head from the Treasure book :) You will find the code here: Club Penguin Halloween 2011 VIDEO :)

…HURRAY! Club Penguin’s 6th Anniversary Party is HERE! Club Penguin 6th Anniversary Party :) I LOVE to hang out at the Coffee Shop and helping other Penguins to get the RARE Party Hat :)

…Hi Friends :)

…I LOVE to spend time up here in the Book Room too just like Aunt Arctic :)

…Mancala Time :)

…Paigee Xx and I had so Much FUN working TOGETHER to Help Penguins find the 6th Anniversary Party Hat :) How to get the Anniversary Party Hat CHEATS :)

…Here I am TOGETHER with other Penguins on a FUN waiting for Aunt Arctic Party :)

…TOGETHER we Smiled for Aunt Arctic and to Help Penguins earn the HAPPY Room Stamp :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

…Go Green, Smile, Sing, Coffee, Cake We do EVERYTHING for our Beloved AUNT ARCTIC :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with :) TOGETHER we make Club Penguin FUN :) And HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY CLUB PENGUIN!!!

Under this label you will find MORE FUN with Friends :)

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