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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gary’s NEW Background! I met Gary in Server Oyster :)

I found my Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy at the Cove in Server Oyster :) The Room was crowded so I opened The Users in Room List and clicked on his name to open his Player Card and get his NEW Background :)

…This is how Gary’s Player Card looks like! it doesn't fit so well in the Frame…BUG!

…and when you open it you can see his OLD Autographed Giveaway Background! COOL! Gary has an Autographed Background from himself as a Background! I wonder if this is some kind of social Experiment to try cure his shyness…

…This is how Gary’s NEW Giveaway Background Look Likes on my Player Card :) Look! Klutzy is in this Picture too!

…My Uncle Gary LOVE Halloween and I told him that I thought he looked AWFUL Today and that made him so HAPPY :)

…Gary said that we should go to the Haunted House and I and other Penguins went there to wait for him :) Hi Friends :) Sadly this room is too slow for me to send Postcards from and I have to wait for the New Buddy List before I can add…


…THANKS for reading my Blog :) Sadly my web browser (Chrome) repeatedly got unresponsive and finally I had to give up and logout…

Club Penguin Halloween 2011 CHEATS :)

More soon…

Club Penguin FAN Art :)

The SCARY Halloween 2011 is still here in Club Penguin and MORE AWESOME Halloween Art has been posted on Club Penguin Community :) In this first drawing I think the Penguin thinking something like “This Trail is CREEPY and I wonder if there are GHOSTS Here?” I like how you have made the Penguin look worried and how you have created a green glow around the ghost! The details in the background of the drawing are AWESOME! GREAT ARTWORK :)

…AAHHHHH!!!! Something is ALIVE in the SWAMP! RUUUNNN!!! I Like the Panic look you have created on that poor Penguin! And the sky and clouds are AWESOME! WELL DONE!

…I think this Drawing is so COOL as you have used only Shades of Green and Black to create it! BUT SCARY! That spider must be pretty BIG…or…I rather NOT find out…LOL :) GOOD JOB!

…The Sled is ALIVE! and it’s HERE! I LOVE this black and white Drawing filled with Shadows and Highlights :) FANTASTIC ARTWORK! Night of the Living Sled VIDEOS!

…HAPPY Candy Ghosts munching away! I like all the details in this Drawing but I feel so sorry for the Puffles! I would be Scared too if I saw something like this! SCARY but GOOD ARTWORK :)

…What happened to all our Candy? Watch out Penguin and Puffle the TREE is Eating it! You are Very Creative and I LOVE how this drawing tells us a Story :) GREAT WORK :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

Aunt Arctic handed me her latest Adventure photos Today :) These were taken just before she came here for the 6th Anniversary Party :) Our Furry Friends had so Much FUN TOGETHER :) First they challenged each other in Puffle car Race :)

…Then they went for a Boat Ride :)

…and surprised all the Penguins with a HAPPY HALLOWEEN PARTY!

…The Red Puffle dressed up in an Indiana Jones Costume :)

…Partying is FUN but makes you tired too! What a cute Photo of a sleepy Yellow Puffle :)

…Uh-Oh Are you trying to sneak away to school? LOL :)

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