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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aunt Arctic is the Director :)

I LOVE that the New Chat Feature suggest words for us :) If you add an A in the Chat System’s Dialog Box and then click on Aunt then add another a and click on Arctic –is – the – Director! WOW! AUNT ARCTIC IS THE DIRECTOR! That would Explain so MUCH! OR is this just a Statement not a Fact? What’s wrong with Gary the Gadget Guy?

…You can test this Chat Feature with other Famous Names both inside and outside Club Penguin :) Taylor swift…

…Thanks LUIGILEO for telling me about this :) See More info and find links at New Chat and New Friends VIDEO :)

Never Ending BUG List!

Club Penguin keep creating Bugs with the New Friends List while trying to Fix all the Problems! Right now some of my Friends are without names!

…Keep Working Club Penguin Bug Team and Don’t Give Up :)

Friends List Bug Update by Billybob :)

UPDATE: I only have name under 38 of my 114 Friends and the name less Friends can’t be clicked on to see their Player Cards!

Hope :)

There are so many BUGS in Club Penguin right now BUT Today I saw that the Tree has started to grow Leaves again :) This tiny sign gives me Hope that better times will come :) Friends List Bug Update by Billybob :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier HURRAY! I have FLOWER BUDS!

Puffle Hat BUG!

I and my Friend Henrikd8 were in my Igloo to take care of my Puffles when I noticed that after Sleeping my Puffles lost their Hats!

…BUT on their Puffle Player cards they still had their Hats on :)

…Let’s Test this one more Time…Orange has her hat on :)

…Time to Sleep…GREAT Idea Henrikd8 BUT due to another Bug my Puffles can’t move in the Igloo when other Penguins are in our Igloo…

…Puffle Hat GONE! BUG!

…This Bug happens ONLY when I have visitors in my Igloo! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

Here you will find Puffle Hats, Furniture, Food and Toys  Puffle Catalog CHEATS :)

See MORE Club Penguin Bugs!

Friends List on Login Page BUG!

If you have the Friends List open in Club Penguin and then click on back in the web Browser (Firefox, IE9 and Chrome) you will take the Friends list with you to the Play Page…BUG!

…Thanks to Eliteorange3000 and Trainman1405 for this Bug :) On this Post you will find Links to MORE Bugs due to the New Updates in Club Penguin New Chat and New Friends VIDEO :)

Friends List Bug Update By Billybob :)

This is a Message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

As you know, we just launched the new Chat upgrade and new Friends experience this week. It turns out they're both incredibly popular! There have been so many friend requests being sent back and forth that it's even made it difficult to log in.

To make sure you're able to login, we'll be limiting the number of friends to 100 this weekend. This is a temporary fix while we continue to optimize. You'll see your full friend list again once we're finished a bit of maintenance.

Thanks for all your improvement suggestions so far. We love hearing your feedback, so keep it coming! You can share your thoughts in the comments below.

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob

Thanks for this Update Billybob :) Take as much time as you need with the Maintenance to ensure that everything works as it should Before you add the Features back again as I wish to NEVER have a day like these two Bug Filled days in Club Penguin Ever AGAIN!

…On this Post you will find Links to more Bugs and Info New Chat and Friends VIDEO :)

Goalie, Icebergs, Puffle Bowling, Beta Team Update :)

Goalie, Icebergs and Puffle Bowling are Three NEW Game have been added to Disney Club Penguin’s The Beta Team Server so we can Help Them to Test :)

Goalie Summary: Here’s another rough game prototype the team worked on a while back. What would you improve about it? Rate the fun in a scale of 1- 5 (5 most Fun) Thanks!

…Click on the Screen…This Game doesn't work so well yet BUT it gives us an idea about What could be done :) I Think many Boys would like this Game and I would Play it sometimes too :)

UPDATE: To Play this Game you have to hold down the left click on the mouse and drag the Stick to where the target is and the penguin will block! The Trick is to time this right and the Blue Target will start to Flash when it’s time to Block :) Thanks 95jimmy for helping me with this How to Play Goalie Game info :)

Icebergs Summary: Here’s another rough game prototype the team worked on a while back. What would you improve about it? Rate the fun in a scale of 1- 5 (5 most Fun) Thanks!

…Use the arrow on your Keyboard to Steer the Migrator and avoid the Icebergs :) Oops…I think it would be so COOL if Rockhopper and Yarr saved themselves in a Rowboat after the Shipwreck :) If you want a Waddle down Memory Lane you can read this Post about one of Rockhopper’s Shipwrecks Aqua Grabber the Beginning :)

UPDATE: We can SHOOT the Icebergs by using spacebar (Typical! I liked the idea of smartly maneuver the Ship better!) Thanks 000red1 for telling me about this :)

Puffle Bowling Summary: Here’s a very rough idea the Team had. Rate the fun of 1 – 5 (5 most Fun). Let us know what you would improve about it!

…How to Play Puffle Bowling or Gutter Ball? Use the Mouse to Steer and click to jump over Obstacles :)

…POOR Blue Puffle he looks so SHOCKED I think this Penguin is so MEAN! Please use the Red Puffle instead that LOVES to Play Bowling and would think this Game as FUN :)

…When you have Played the Games MANY Times Rate and Submit your Thoughts to Club Penguin :) Under this Label you can read ALL About Beta Team and what we are Testing :) And YOU can join the Team to Help Club Penguin too :)

Login Bug and Beta List Update :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Just wanted to give you a quick update. I've heard that some of you aren't able to log into Club Penguin. The team is working behind-the-scenes to fix the login issue right now. Thanks for being patient with this stuff.

While you're waiting, I thought you might want to test out a couple new game prototypes on Beta Team!

Once you've logged into Beta Team, type list to see the file list.

We added a couple new rough concepts there: Goalie, Icebergs and Puffle Bowling.

Make sure you let us know what you think, and ways that we could make them better.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin

By Happy77

Thanks for the Update Happy77 :) I hope you van fix the Login Bug soon It take FOREVER for me to Load Club Penguin and most often it Fails! Now I will go and look at the Beta Team Updates :)

Problems to Play Club Penguin!

Club Penguin Beta Team :)

UPDATE: This Text is added to the Post: To join Beta Team, click on this link, then enter your penguin name and password. Once you've logged into Beta Team, type list to see the file list.


I have Server Hopping to Find Gary and when I FINALLY Found Him in Server Big Surf I got the Friend List BUG and couldn't add him! This is so NOT FUN!!! Somewhere in this Crowd is Gary BUT due to the Brilliant idea from Club Penguin to REMOVE the AWESOME Users in Room Feature it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to find Gary and click on him!

…and due to the Notification FAILURE System I kept get Spammed with Notifications and Stuck in the Room!

…I found Gary the Gadget Guy again in the Haunted Mansion and I managed to click on him BUT when I clicked on the Add Friend Icon NOTHING HAPPENED!


Add Gary as Friend BUG, Saraapril

…And the Chat System didn't work EITHER! I was STUCK!

…I searched for Uncle Gary…

…and found him :) BUT I still couldn't send him a Friends Request!

…He were busy with his Experiments…

…I had the same problem in the Monster room!


…Whany gave me the advice to Log off and then Login again…Thanks Friend BUT if I do that Gary will be GONE LONG Before I can Login again OR the Server OR Room will be FULL!!! And it’s still NO GUARANTEE that the BUG will be Gone! Bye Uncle G this was NOT FUN!

…CONGRATS Disney Club Penguin! When you added the New BUG FILLED Friends List and Chat Features you managed to RUIN EVERYTHING!!!!

For MORE Bugs and Fact about these NEW BUG FILLED Features see this Post New Chat and New Friends VIDEO by Billybob!

UPDATE: I emailed Club Penguin about these problems and this is what they answered:

I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to add Gary to your buddy list. Although we would love to add him to your list, we currently do not have access to buddy lists and are unable to add specific penguins to buddy lists. I would like to assure you, we are currently working extremely hard to fix the loading problems that have resulted on Club Penguin with the integration of new content and we hope to have this fixed soon.

Kind regards,
Club Penguin Support

Thanks for the answer Matthew but I’m still SAD!

UPDATE: I can’t add Gary SOLUTION :)

Why can’t I add Friends? BUG!

I keep getting the Friends Request Notifications that makes it hard to move in Club Penguin BUT I can’t add anyone! I were Server Hopping to find Gary when I met Star Orlando and I tried to add him by clicking on the Friends icon on his Player Card BUT…

…Star Orlando didn't get any Request and I didn't get the one he sent me either!

…I opened the Friends search on my Friends List and sent a Request that way BUT…

…That didn't work Either!

…I have tried to add the Request I have from Penguins that is saved on my Buddy List BUT they don’t get added EITHER! Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

…See MORE Bugs due to the New Friends List Update on this Link Collection Post New Chat and Friends Video :)

UPDATE: I can now sometimes add Friends :) I hope it soon will work ALL the Time…

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