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Sunday, October 30, 2011

FUN with Friends :)

I was Tracking Gary and in the Spooky Haunted House I met many Friends waiting for him :) Club Penguin Halloween 2011 CHEATS :)

…Hi Ds3r :) Sorry Sparkyboy382 this room is too slow for sending Postcards…

…Hi Monchocho, Summerkate88, Mario Rk, Bert0831 and EVERYONE :)

…We all waited and wished for Gary to come…



…Sadly Gary didn't came to this Room this Time BUT it was FUN to waiting TOGETHER with Friends :) Now I will keep server hopping to Track him Gary’s New Background :) I met Gary in Server Oyster :)

…The NEW Friends List is here! I’m so Sorry Friends BUT due to ALL the BUGS I can’t add you YET! BUT I’m HAPPY to met you :) Now I will keep Tracking to find Gary :)

…Gary Found BUT! I CAN’T ADD GARY BUG! BUG!! BUG!!! and Gary Friends BUG in Server Abominable! and Gary Request BUG in Server Alaska! Hi Dqblizzards How are you Today?

…Dqblizzards and I decided to Play Mancala and it was so Much FUN :) UNTIL…

…I Suddenly Lost Connection AGAIN! Problems to Play Club Penguin! And when I logged in again I couldn't remember the Server I had been in so I couldn't find my Friend! I’m so Sorry Dqblizzards I hope we can Play more Mancala another Day :)

…Tipski, Ziggyrules and I had FUN sitting around the Bonfire at Cove talking and Laughing :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

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Top Trumps Club Penguin Game and Background :)

Top Trumps Specials - Club Penguin Game :)

What is Top Trumps? Top Trumps is a card Game. Each card contains a list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare these values in order to try to trump and win an opponent's card  :)

Product Ad info: Waddle into the exciting world of Disney’s Club Penguin! Based on the online, interactive game, this Top Trumps pack features all of the major characters from the social-networking community. Compare the most famous pirate penguin, Captain Rockhopper to disastrous, genius super-villain Herbert. Find out which penguin is the most intelligent and who’s the most mischievous! Found here :)

…If you buy this game you will get a code to Unlock Top Trumps Exclusive Background for your Online Penguin :)

…This is how the Background looks like on Nintendo 300’s Player card :)

…Thanks to Trainman1405 and drwho1 :) How to Unlock items Online :)

Under the Label TOYS you will find Much MORE Club Penguin Items and you can buy Club Penguin and Disney Toys, Books, Clothes and items on Disney Store :)

Remove Friends BUG!

As we right now only can have 100 Buddies while Club Penguin working to fix the Bugs I decided to Remove Friends from my List to see if that would make room for Gary to add me (Don’t worry I have written down the name of Penguins I Remove so I can add you again when the Friends List work) BUT I can’t delete from my List!

…I managed to Remove two Penguins by logout and login between Removing BUT now that isn't working either!

Friends List Bug Update by Billybob :)


Gary Friends BUG in Server Abominable!

Gary Request BUG in Server Alaska!

UPDATE: I have now been able to remove some Friends so now I have 99 Friends on my List! DON’T worry When all the Bugs are fixed I will send you a Friends Request so I can add you back again :)

Wrong image BUG!

When I click on a Friends image on the Friends List the Player Card isn't always a look alike!

…Here you can see Grandpa Gary’s Small icon better…

…I asked Grandpa to login and this is how his Avatar looks like right now :) I guess Club Penguin working hard to fix this Bug too!

…Thanks Anonymous for telling me about this Bug :) See MORE Bugs due to the New Club Penguin Features on this Link Collection Post New Chat and Friends VIDEO :)

Halloween Party – Penguin Poll :)

We’re celebrating Halloween with the creepiest Party Ever! What’s your favorite Part? The Dark Chamber Maze? The Halloween Costumes? The Scavenger Hunt? Everything looks so…SPOOKY! As I DON’T LIKE Halloween at ALL I decided to NOT Vote on this Question! But if YOU want you can VOTE here :)

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Club Penguin Halloween 2011 CHEATS :)

Gary Request BUG in Server Alaska!

I Found Gary in Alaska and once again I sent him a Request: Would you like to add Gary to your Friends List? Yes Please :)

…Gary used the Monster Maker 3000 to turn Penguins into Monster…What an Excellent batch of Monsters!

…GARY ADD ME!!!!! So Many Penguins wanted to be Added! Please Uncle Gary add us ALL!

…Some got added Some NOT!

…Thanks Toro994 You are so Kind :) I appreciate that you keep making Monsters back to Penguins Uncle G and practicing your Scientist’s Laugh BUT…

…many Penguins me included are very sad due to the fact that you DON’T ADD ALL OF US!

…Uncle Gary came and said Goodbye…Thank you my good Penguins You are each wonderful scientists keep researching while I’m gone!

…ALL Stressed, Sad and Disappointed Penguins wonder why Gary didn't add them Too! And Gary answered:  Please be patient it will take some time! Certainly I will be, I must excuse myself now, Take care! Farwell Penguins!

…Bye Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy BUT I was NOT added to your Friends List as you PROMISED this time EITHER! This is NOT FUN AT ALL!!!


Gary Friends BUG in Server Abominable!

UPDATE: I can’t add Gary SOLUTION :)

Gary Friends BUG in Server Abominable!

I have Server Hopping like CRAZY to find Gary so I can add him as  a Friend and FINALLY I found him in the Swamp :)

…HURRAY! The BUG is FIXED and I can Send Gary a Friends Request :) I’m SO HAPPY :)

…Gary waddled on making Experiments BUT I didn't get any answer on my Request…

…In the Monster Room Gary started to make a Potion…

…I sent him another Request…

….If I want to drink THAT?!? NO THANKS Uncle G…LOL :)

…Still no answer on the Friends Request and other Penguins had the same problem…

…We worked TOGETHER to Help Penguins to earn the HAPPY Room Stamp :) Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

…Penguins asked Gary if he wanted to be their Friend and he answered: Certainly I would like to be friends :)

… Send the request…

…I sent another one…

…When I had done that all Penguins but me were FROZEN in the Room!

…I Waddled out to the Haunted House and asked Gary the gadget Guy what to do and he PROMISED: I will accept all requests it might take a few minutes please be patience scientists! THANKS Uncle G :)

…More Penguins arrived and Gary asked us for help to Investigate the Room…

…Indeed Gary and I know that you have this room rigged with TONS of your Secret Mechanical Inventions :) Haunted House Secrets ANIMATED :)

…Gary has still not add me and many other Penguins as Friends…This must be another BUG!

…Sadly Gary left without be able to Fulfill his Promise and I couldn't add anyone EITHER! Sorry Friends…

…This makes me SAD BUT I will keep Track Gary and Hopefully he can add me Next Time I meet him :)


Gary Request BUG in Server Alaska!

UPDATE: I can’t add Gary SOLUTION :)

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