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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to Add Gary? Gary added ME :)

HURRAY! FINALLY Gary added me to his Friends List and it’s is Thanks to YOU ALL MY Friends that listened and Stopped send me Requests! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

…As you know I have had TONS of Problems with my Penguin Account Saraapril since Disney Club Penguin launched their New Chat and Friends List Club Penguin Friends List EPIC FAILURE! I decided to do another Test and removed ALL Friends Requests! (Don’t worry I have all names saved) when that was done I logged out and…

…when I logged in again I had NO PROBLEMS! I didn't got Stuck and the Lag was GONE :) HURRAY!

…I started to Tracking Gary and found him in the Swamp at Server Arctic :) Now when my Requests box was empty the problem with clicking on the Add Friends Button icon was GONE too and I had no Problem to send Gary a Request that he immediately accepted :)

…HURRAY! Gary is on my Friends List! AND he is Shown as ONLINE :) I can’t add Gary Solution!

…Gary Waddled around in the Dark Chamber Maze to show us it’s Secrets…Hi Iceberger561 :)

…Thanks for accepting my Friends Request Gary :) BUT I Don’t want to turn into a Monster so I will NOT drink that…

…Gary Tried to Teach us a Scary Laugh MWA HA HA!

…What an Interesting…Hmm...Sound :)

…I Twittered to tell that Gary was on his way to the Haunted House and there he told us that his Favorite Sports might be Ping Pong :)

…Hi Martin8647 :) Thanks for asking Captainblewy :) YES! This time Gary FINALLY added ME :)

…Uncle Gary started to feel too crowded and decided to leave but promised to certainly be back soon :) Bye G :)

…On this Link Collection Post you will find more info, BUGS and Problems Disney Club Penguin has created within their own Online Game with this Update New Chat and New Friends VIDEO

Club Penguin Payday :) November 1, 2011 :)

Today November 1, 2011 Penguins that work around the Island have get their monthly Paychecks :) Thank you for giving Tours of Club Penguin 250 coins have been added to your account :)

…and Elite Penguin Force Agents :) To Agent Saraapril Thanks you for going beyond the call of duty to keep Club Penguin Safe you have earned 350 coins :)

…I don’t know what to buy with these coins yet so I will save them until I need them :) Now I will go and work in the Pet Shop with the Pufflescape Construction :)

See earlier Paycheck in Mailbox October 1, 2011 :)

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