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Monday, November 14, 2011

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

The Card-Jitsu Party will be here in Club Penguin later this month and many Penguins have started with the Preparations :) Look how beautifully these Penguins are drawn dressed in items from the New Penguin Style Catalog :) GREAT ARTWORK :)

…Fire Ninja Girl vs. Water Ninja Girl and the cute little Snow Puffle wants to Play too :) I LOVE the details in this Drawing :) AWESOME ARTWORK :)

…Fire Ninja vs. Water Ninja in a Card-Jitsu Battle :) WOW! These Ninjas looks concentrated! GREAT ARTWORK :)

…Fredricks007 has made this Blue Puffle in a Water Ninja Hat! I would LOVE if our Puffles could be Ninja too :) AWESOME Idea and Artwork :)

…Sensei is the Master in so many things including Drinking Tea and making Sushi :) I like how impressed the Penguin and Puffles look like WELL DONE :)

…Making Sushi is an Art form and this Penguin needs more Practice before he will be a Sushi Master…LOL :) FUN DRAWING :)

…Look how HAPPY the little white Puffle looks like while Playing Pufflescape :) GOOD WORK :)

…Oops! What will happen now…LOL :) I LOVE the surprised look on the white Puffle when he enters the Pufflescape :) GOOD WORK :)

…A HAPPY White Puffle found O’Berries! GOOD WORK little Puffle and GOOD WORK to the Artist too :)

…This Puffle MIGHT going to eat this O’Berry OR…I think it is a Story here…WELL DONE :)

…Time for some TOBOGGAN FUN in the Slopes :) I LOVE the Highlights in this Drawing and look how the Snow flying around! AWESOME ARTWORK Yoshiokie :)

…LOOK! A Melting Lighthouse! This MUST be an April Fools Joke…LOL :) GREAT ARTWORK :)

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Penguins Around the World :)

ALL Puffles LOVE to Play Pufflescape and so do our Traveling Puffle Friends :) This Picture was taken a few seconds before the White Puffle turned the Carpet to an Ice Rink…LOL :)

…Then our Friends made up a Play :) Don’t Fear Gamma Gal and Shadow Guy is here :)

…The Green Puffle and Blue Puffle told Sensei that they found Water signs…LOL :)

…Look at these COOL Penguin Statues the Purple Puffle Found :)

…HURRAY! Our Friends visited a place with SNOW and that made the Blue Hockey Team Penguin so HAPPY that he started to make Snow Angels :)

…Back in the Sun again the Black Puffles decided to train on a new Skateboard Trick :)

…Thanks Aunt A for these Pictures keep Traveling On :) See Earlier Penguins Around the World Adventure :) See Penguins Around the World Gallery :)

Saraapril Fan Art Background by Indy 4321 :)

Hey Saraapril!
I made this Player Card Background for you. If you were a mascot like your Aunt Arctic or Uncle Gary, you should give this background away! I hope you like it!
Warm wishes and cold fishes - Indy 4321 :)
By the way, it was great to meet you in Club Penguin and now you are on my Friend List! THANKS :)


…THANKS Indy 4321 it was FUN to met you too :) I feel very Honored that you have made this Pretty Star filled Background for me :)

THANKS Indy 4321 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Notification BUG at Friends List!

Today I got this Friends Online BUG! P129915182 clothes without Penguin is Online…LOL :)

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What's New This Week: November 14 :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. I just wanted to post a quick note to let you know about some new stuff coming to Club Penguin this week:

  • Special art project for you: Billybob will have more info about it on the blog later this week... (Get your pencils ready!)
  • New pin: How many pins have you found so far? As I'm sure you know, there'll be a new one hidden somewhere on the island this week. Don't forget to find it!
  • Field-Op: Top secret stuff for secret agents. EPF Agents, you know what I'm talking about. ;)
  • New head items to unlock for puffles: We're just about finished some fabulous new head items for puffles. We'll have more info about them later this week, too...

So what are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

Thanks for the info Happy77 :) My Answer is the Art Project :)

Puffle Hats Sneak Peek :)

Pufflescape Mystery! My Stories and Adventures :)

Snowflake and I was Happily waddling around in the Forest when we got an idea! Let’s play Pufflescape TOGETHER!

…Snowflake went down the Shaft in Pet Shop and I looked down to help her with Encouragement and Advices :) 

…my little Puffle is so smart and I proudly watch her taking on the task to solve all the Puzzles and find a way through the obstacles :)Snowflake had so much FUN sliding around in the icy Caves BUT Suddenly she DISAPPEARED!

Pufflescape Mistake, Saraapril

…Where did she go? In Shock I shouted SNOWFLAKE…SNOWFLAKE down the shaft but the only answer I got was the Echo of my own voice! What can I do? WHAT CAN I DO?

…I MUST HELP MY PUFFLE! I Hurried away to the…

Puffle Rescue Center and there I quickly grabbed safety gears I needed and started my Search…

…Hmmm…Where can she be?

…Snowflake was not anywhere in the icy and cold underground river…

…and I couldn't find her in the Mine Shafts or…

…among the Reefs…BUT…

…I found three other Puffles that needed my Help :) Be careful next time you Play in the Caves…

…Were is my Puffle Snowflake? What if she is hurt? What if I NEVER will see her again? I started to cry…

…Then my Spy Phone started to ring and when I answered I heard PH’s voice Hi Saraapril, Jet Pack Guy saw you running out from the Pet Shop and he reported that it sounded like you might need my assistance…

…THANKS Petula Harmony for calling! My Puffle Snowflake went missing while playing Pufflescape and I can’t find her ANYWHERE!

…Don’t worry Saraapril for some reason all Puffles that disappears in the Icy Caverns ends up floating around the Iceberg nobody knows why and I heard that Gary has started an investigation :)

…THANK YOU PH! I hurried to the Iceberg and there were Snowflake Happily Floating around in her Puffle Ball on the waves :)

…I picked Snowflake up and gave her a BIG HUG and then I called both PH and Jet Pack Guy to thank them :) I took out a Hat Aunt Arctic knitted from the pocket in my Jacket, dressed Snowflake and said Time to go Home!

…When we came home and told the other Puffles about our Adventure all the other Puffles Hugged Snowflake and then they started to Decorate our Igloo to Celebrate :) TOGETHER we had so Much FUN playing Hide and Seek among the balloons :) HURRAY I just found Shakespeare :)

…Now I just need to find Orange, Orange, Snowflake, Chillie and Gosig…where can they be?

…I LOVE to sit here and watch my Puffles having FUN Playing with their Puffle Ball Toys and I’m so HAPPY that we ALL are SAFE at Home again and can Play TOGETHER :)

My Stories and Adventures :)

UPDATE: Pufflescape Mystery Wallpaper :)

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