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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Club Penguin Map Update :)

The Ice rink is Back at the Club Penguin Map :)

More soon…

Club Penguin Times issue 319 :)

Ninja Hideout Open to All! Festive Fashion!

Ninja Hideout Open to All!

The Ninja Hideout will remain open after the party ends Dec. 6. The Card-Jitsu celebration is coming to an end, my students,” Sensei announced. But our training must continue.” “From this day forth, all ninjas are welcome to battle in the Ninja Hideout.” Card-Jitsu Party 2011 CHEATS :)

“Fire and Water Dojos will be open only to members,” Sensei continued. “But the Ninja Hideout shall remain open for everyone. You have earned this great honor, my students.” “Ninja members may now start their paths wherever the elements call them. Begin your training in any Dojo. It is your choice.” “I am very proud of you. The Card-Jitsu Party has been a great success.” Show your skills and honor the elements.The ninja celebration continues until Dec. 6.

Festive Fashion!

Holiday events kick off this month with new outfits in the Gift Shop! The Holiday Party is coming up fast! Snowflakes, reindeer, ballerinas and nutcrackers are already celebrating in the Gift Shop. The Club Penguin Times interviewed one snowflake to find out what’s in store for everyone this month. “Party rumors are floating all around,” said the snowflake. “I hear the Ice Rink is coming back soon!” she told us, as she drifted out the Gift Shop door. “Nobody nose for sure what’s coming up,” said a reindeer. “But I do have a few i-deers!” “Something big is coming to the Forest. And if you have a sweet tooth, there may be some special treats in store for you.” “So come grab an outfit in the Gift Shop. After all, the Holiday Party is just around the corner!”

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now! Penguin Style Catalog Celebrate the season! Get your perfect outfit in the Gift Shop. Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Dec. 1 Pay Day Tour Guides: check your mailboxes for your monthly paycheck. (EPF Agents get Paid too) Payday December 1, 2011

Starting Dec. 8 Snow and Sports Catalog Whether you’re a goalie or figure skater (or both), this catalog is for you!

Starting Dec. 15: Start saving for Coins For Change.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Dec. 14. Bonsai Tree Pin CHEAT :)
Next pin hidden: Dec. 15–Dec. 28

News Flash :)

Workers check your mailboxes! On Dec. 1,Tour Guides earned their paychecks after another month of popular island tours!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
My friend said the Stadium can turn into an ice rink, is that true?
–S. K. Ting

Dear S. K. Ting,
Why yes, your friend is absolutely right! To get you more details, I spoke with a construction worker at the Stadium. “Yup, if all goes well, the Ice Rink should be ready by December 8.” “Once the ninjas finish up, we’ll start lowering the temperature in the Stadium.” “It’s gotta get cold enough to freeze all that ice.” “Like I always say, puddles on an ice rink are scarier than pickle-flavored toothpaste.” There you have it. I’ve also heard a new Snow and Sports catalog will arrive in time for the switch. So be sure to check out the latest skating and hockey gear. You’ll need it—the Ice Rink can get quite slippery! Club Penguin Map Update :)

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Aunt Arctic is working toward her Black Belt in Card-Jitsu.

Dear Aunt Arctic,Where were you last month? What have you been doing?–Ms. U Lotts

Dear Ms. U Lotts,
Last month I took a vacation to brush up on my Card-Jitsu skills. Sensei was kind enough to answer your questions while I was away. My goal was to get my Black Belt, defeat Sensei, and earn all of the Card-Jitsu Stamps. At first, I lost many battles. Luckily, with each match, I gained valuable experience that helped me become a better ninja. I found practice, dedication and a little patience goes a long way. Particularly when it comes to earning Stamps. So, did I reach my goal? Very nearly. Even though I haven’t earned all my belts, I discovered I could still challenge Sensei just for fun. And when he used his own Power Card in battle, I earned my extreme Sensei Card Stamp! I’ve still got more to learn—so please send me your ninja tips. With your help I’ll be a Black Belt in no time!

Secrets Classified Card-Jitsu Water Tips and Secrets :)

Card-Jitsu Water is a fast and furious game. Here are a few advanced tips:

Speed is important. If your game moves slowly, adjust the graphic quality at the top of your screen to speed things up!

A Power Card affects all the stones around it. Use this power to clear your way and distract opponents.

At the end of the match, the closer you are to the gong, the more points you earn. Don’t give up! How to Play Card-Jitsu Water game CHEATS :)

See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 318 :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

The Christmas Holiday is less then a month away and Today we got NEW Festive Outfits :) As Always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without Ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The All Wrapped Up Background 60 coins is New and the only one I didn't have Before :)

…HURRAY! The Christmas Holiday items I blogged about in a Sneak Peek are HERE :) The NEW Items are The Claus head item 300 coins, Supreme Santa Sack 500 coins, Claus-ette Outfit 500 coins, The Clause-ette hair and head item 450 coins, Candy Cane Cane 200 coins, The Evergreen 250 coins, The Peppermint Suit 350 coins and The Chestnut hair and head item 400 coins :) THANKS Club Penguin for fixing last Years Santa Hat BUG :)

…MORE NEW Items :) The Nutcracker 450 coins, Nutcracker Costume 550 coins, Snowflake Costume 550 coins and The Pirouette hair 300 coins :)

…And now a Hidden rerun item :) Mouse over this page to find the Hidden Tundra Board 400 coins :)

…MORE NEW Items :) Purple Rugby Scarf 200 coins, Piccadilly Plaid 450 coins, Mauve Mittens 100 coins, White Puffle Pullover 450 coins, The Chillax hair and head item 450 coins, Seeing Spots Scarf 200 coins and Kind of a Big Teal Coat 350 coins :)

…all the other items are old :) Wool Socks 100 coins :) This reminds me about a BUG I blogged about 2 years ago and that Club Penguin still hasn't fixed…Long Johns Glitch ALMOST Fixed :)

…Big Bad Wool Hooves 200 coins :)

…The rest of the items in this catalog are Old :) Tree Costume 600 coins :)

…Pink Flower Sandals 160 coins and Blue Flower Sandals 160 coins :)

…Brown Leather Cuffs 100 coins :)

…Puffle Raincoat 350 coins and Yellow Rubber Boots 280 coins :)

…Mouse over this Page to find the Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…Golden Fairy Wings 350 coins, Girls Pilot Cap 330 coins and Fairy Flight Outfit 400 coins :)

…Flashlight 120 coins :)

…Candy Corn Costume 100 coins :)

Club-Penguin-2011-12-02 05.01.58 - Copy

…Horse Costume 500 coins and Horse Hooves 200 coins :)

…The Frankenpenguin hat 250 coins and the Frankenpenguin Costume 450 coins!

…Superhero Mask 100 coins :)

…Fuzzy Boots 250 coins :)

…Blue Duck 50 coins :)

…Green Wheeler car 400 coins :)

…We have got 2 NEW Flags Thanks Laki5628 for telling me about them :) Would you like to buy Austria Flag for 20 Coins? YES Please :)

…Would you like to buy Liechtenstein Flag for 20 Coins? YES Please :)

…That’s ALL New items and Hidden items for this Catalog :)

FINALLY Field-Op 57 BUG is Fixed :)

HURRAY! I got the Field-Op 57 it just took Club Penguin a week to fix that…You should have listened to my advice I sent to you quicker…Field-Ops 57 EPF CHEATS :)


UPDATE: One of my Other Penguins got the Field-Ops last week AND then AGAIN this week so now that Penguin has earned a BUG MEDAL!

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Club Penguin Pin CHEATS :)

Here inside the Ski Lodge you will find the NEWEST Club Penguin Pin :)

…You have found a Bonsai Tree Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :)

…As Expected Club Penguin FAILED to add the right date for this Pin in the Stamp Book…is ANYONE Surprised? The date SHOULD be December 1/2011 as Club Penguin’s Head Quarter is located in Kelowna Canada!


See earlier Blue Fish Pin :)

How to add Saraapril’s Pin Trackers :)

Sensei Tea Break Wallpaper :)

I LOVE the beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees at the Cove that we have right now during the card-Jitsu Party and I spend lots of time there :) Sensei LOVES this room too and think this is the perfect place for a cup of tea and I agree :) By the way did you know that Sensei’s favorite hobby is making tea?

…Here you can Download Disney Club Penguin Wallpapers :) See Earlier Wallpaper Halloween Wallpaper :) And here you find Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

FUN Club Penguin Activities :)

Today we got an Offline Activities Update :)


Ninja Rolls :)

*Make sure your parent or guardian helps you with these!

You will need
Wok or large frying pan
Stirring spoon or spatula
3 or more plates
Serving spoons

Vegetable Oil
1 head fresh iceberg lettuce
1 onion – thinly sliced
2 cups cooked chicken, shredded and/or 2 cups cooked baby shrimp
1 cup mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 cup carrots, thinly sliced into match-like pieces
Any veggie you would love to add to your wrap!
2 tbsp. lime juice
2 tbsp. soy sauce
1 egg

Servers four ninjas, or one hungry Sensei.

  1. Drizzle oil into a wok over medium-high heat.
  2. Add the onion, carrots and any other crunchy vegetable first (such as broccoli, or cauliflower). Stir-fry until the vegetables have softened.
  3. Add mushrooms and any softer vegetables (such as peppers or celery). Stir-fry for one minute.
  4. Tip: if the wok gets too dry, add a little bit of water – it’s healthier than adding oil.
  5. Add the lime juice and soy sauce, or any sauce you please. Stir-fry about one minute.
  6. Push ingredients to the side of the wok, crack in the egg and break the yolk with a stirring spoon or spatula.
  7. Mix everything together.
  8. Remove from the hear.
  9. Cut off the stem of the iceberg lettuce so it’s easier to separate the leaves.
  10. Put the lettuce, the stir-fry, and the chicken and/or shrimp on separate plates. Everybody can make their own Ninja Roll!
  11. Take a whole lettuce leaf and place your ingredients in the center.
  12. Wrap it up, and your first Ninja Roll is ready to eat.

…You can PRINT out this Recipe :)

Arts and Crafts :)

Decorative Paper Lanterns :)

You Will Need
Glue Stick
Crayons, markers, or paints

*Make sure your parent or guardian helps you with this!

  1. Cut out four of the lantern templates (or three if you would like to make a triangular lantern.)
  2. Color or draw on the sides of the paper without the dotted lines.
  3. Lay the paper down with the dotted lines facing up.
  4. Fold the long edges of the paper inwards along the dotted lines.
  5. Using the dotted lines, fold your paper like a fan.
  6. Glue or staple the long edges of the paper together, making a square.
  7. To make the handle for the lantern, cut out a 1 inch strip of paper, and staple it to the top of the lantern.
  8. You can also use ribbon or string for handle.
  9. To make your lantern even fancier you can glue the pieces of ribbon, string of beads, or other charms along the bottom,
  10. Hang your lanterns up!

Keep away from open flames. If you would like to light up your lantern – use a flash light!

…You can PRINT out this Arts and Crafts :)

Outdoor Activities :)

Fire vs. Water Battle :)

You Will Need
6 or more players
1 referee
4 or more small foam balls
A timer
Blue and red face paint

Blue and red fabric paint
White t-shirts for each player


  1. Divide into two equal sides, one Fir Ninja, one Water Ninja
  2. Fire Ninjas can paint their faces with red face paint
  3. Water Ninjas can paint their faces with blue face paint
  4. Each player can design their own t-shirt using fabric paint
  5. Mark the center of the tournament field with rope or another object
  6. Give each ninja side an equal number of foam balls
  7. The referee sets a timer for five minutes

How to play

  1. When the timer starts each side throws the balls at the other side
  2. When a ball crosses the center line, a player can throw it back at their opponent
  3. When a ninja gets hit three times they have been defeated and have to sit down to the side of the tournament field
  4. When the timer goes off, the side with the most players remaining wins the round!
  5. You can play as many rounds as you like

…You can PRINT out this Outdoor Activity :)

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Card-Jitsu Party - Penguin Poll :)

The Fire and Water Dojos are open to all players during the Card-Jitsu Party. Have you started to earn your Fire and Water Suits? I am already a Fire or Water Ninja :) I’ve nearly earned my Fire Suit :) I’ve nearly earned my Water Suit :) I don’t want to be a ninja, thanks! My answer will be I am already a Fire AND Water Ninja :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) You can VOTE too if you want :)

See earlier Penguin Poll

Payday in Club Penguin December 1, 2011 :)

Today I got my Paycheck for the Hard work I do as a Tour Guide and…

…an EPF Agent around Club Penguin :)

…Sadly the Field-Ops BUG has NOT been fixed yet so that all Penguins me included can’t do the Field-Ops 57! As a PAYING Member in Club Penguin I Assume that CP will fix this and make sure that ALL Penguins get the opportunity to make this quest before they add another Assignment! Here you can read the answer I got from Club Penguin when I asked them about this Bug Where is the Field-Ops? BUG!

See earlier Payday November 2011

UPDATE: Disney Club Penguin FAILED AGAIN!

FINALLY Field-Ops 57 Bug is FIXED :) NOT!!!

Field-Ops EPF 57 CHEATS BUG!

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