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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Never Wake a Sleeping Sensei VIDEO :)

Sensei is disappointed at the Ninjas BUT when he falls asleep and starts to sleepwalking they quickly learn to work TOGETHER :) I LOVE this Video and the ending is AWESOME :)

Message from Happy77:

We're very excited to share our very FIRST Club Penguin Short with you! Many of you have been asking us to make cartoons. You asked and we listened!
In our first animated short, a group of ninja students catch Sensei sleepwalking at the Dojo. Check out what happens next! :)

…THANKS Disney Club Penguin for this I wish you made a whole Club Penguin Movie :)

How to become a NINJA in Club Penguin :)

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Card-Jitsu Mat Animation BUG!

I LOVE the Card-Jitsu Animations we get before we start to play a Game :) AND sometimes you will get the “I changed my mind” BUG! LOL…just kidding…I think this bug looks FUNNY :) Another Bug in this animation is that the Penguins don’t stand on their own side of the mat!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 CHEATS :)

Santa Beard BUG!

Club Penguin forgot to make the Santa Beard (Bernard the Garden Gnome's Beard) to a Face item so right now you can NOT wear the White Fuzzy Beard and Supreme Santa Sack items TOGETHER as it looks like in the Penguin Style Catalog as they BOTH are Neck items!

…Thanks Boba 126 for telling me about this Bug :) I hope Club Penguin will fix this before the Christmas Holiday Party 2011 starts!

See Last Years Santa Claus item BUGS!

UPDATE: Santa Beard = Lose Connection BUG!

Littletias Playing Card-Jitsu :)

I’m so proud over my Big Brother Littletias as he battled with Sensei and earned the Fire Gem and became a FIRE NINJA Yesterday :) And now he is working hard to become a Card-Jitsu Water Ninja too :)

…While Playing he found so many Bugs and here are SOME of them! He got the First Bug as soon he entered the Ninja Hideout! Sensei gave him an Amulet even if he already had one! BUT he didn't get an extra Amulet for real just the Sensei Animation :)

…For a long time he battled without getting ANY Progress at ALL! This was solved by logging out and then login again! Tips: Check your progress often so you don’t have the no progress BUG!

…The Card-Jitsu Fire Game suddenly stopped to work as no stones came up! AGAIN the solution was to log off and then login again!

…The Game is loading but the X is not clickable if you want to leave…

…All other Players have quit this Game BUT the OK Button can’t be clicked so AGAIN the only thing to do was to Log off!

…EVERYONE is FROZEN and can’t Move BUG! TOGETHER they fall down the waterfall…

…There are more Penguins Playing Water Card-Jitsu when this picture is taken BUT the countdown just kept counting again and again without adding another player until…

…Connection was lost!

…another time the Connection was lost!

…It’s HARD to login to Club Penguin! Connection timeout!

…This Message shouldn't be here in the Dojo!

…The stones and Penguins don’t fall down BUG! This became a loop for a long time before the penguins FINALLY left the screen!

…Sometimes it just didn't work to talk to Sensei!

…THANKS Littletias for these Bugs :) I really hope Club Penguin can fix all the Bugs soon! Keep on Battling I KNOW you can become a Water Ninja too :)

UPDATE: Littletias has found another BUG! LOOK! He has no Card-Jitsu Cards!

…NOT Even ONE Card-Jitsu Card! Even so he got cards while Playing Card-Jitsu :) But to fix this Bug he had to Log off and then Login AGAIN!

UPDATE: The FROZEN Club Penguin BUG keep coming and Littletias has to Logout and Login again and with that keep losing Progress…SO ANNOYING!

Card-Jitsu Party CHEATS :)

Rockhopper and Billybob in New York Video :)

Rockhopper and Lane Merrifield aka Billybob, Bambadee, abc and kind people worked TOGETHER with the Warm Coats Warm Hearts donations :)

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Rockhopper in New York City on Friday :)

Meet Captain Rockhopper :)

Warm Hearts Warm Coats Drawings :)

Flowers Fading away!

The Pretty Flowers are Fading in my Igloo BUT the Tree is still Very GREEN :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier GREAT GREEN TREE :)

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