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Monday, December 5, 2011

CONGRATS Water Ninja Littletias :)

HURRAY! Littletias is now a WATER NINJA TOO :) CONGRATS Big Brother :) You NEVER gave up not even when Club Penguin kept delivering Bugs, Bugs and MORE BUGS that messed up the Game! I am so PROUD over you :) And now we can Work TOGETHER to change the Weather :)

Littletias Playing Card-Jitsu :) And BUGS!

See Ignored Penguins talking BUG!

After a Friendly and FUN snowball fight I decided to do some more Tests :) If you Ignore someone the Penguin immediately removes BUT you can still see what they are saying! That is NOT GOOD! How to Ignore and Remove Penguins!

…Thanks happyuvnu2 for reminding me about this Bug :) This Bug has been around for a while now and I wish Club Penguin start to take this Bug seriously as this Feature is here so Penguins can PROTECT THEMSELVES from BULLIES! PLEASE Club Penguin fix this NOW!

 Ignore List MAJOR BUG

Club Penguin BUGS!

Ignore List MAJOR BUG!

WARNING! Right now it’s a MAJOR BUG with the Ignore List! If you ignore anyone that Penguin will correctly disappear BUT the Penguin names will NOT be on your Ignore list as it should and with that you can NOT un-ignore them!

…I REALLY hope Club Penguin fix this Bug FAST! I DON’T like this FOREVER IGNORE BUG! How to Ignore and Remove Penguins!

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: If you or the Ignored Penguin leave the room and then comes back you can see them again…Thanks Echo006 for telling me that :) That means that this Feature DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!

Card-Jitsu 1 days Left BUG!

Another Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Bug is found! This time a Text Bug on the login Home Page and…

…Login Background! it should be 1 DAY left NOT Days…

Card-Jitsu Party BUG INFESTED!

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