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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Buy a Balloon Bunch = Forever Loading BUG!

If you try to Buy a Balloon Bunch from the Better Igloos Furniture Catalog…

…You will get a FOREVER LOADING BUG! Time lo log off AGAIN…Sigh!

…Thanks Rosacourage for telling me about this Bug :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

UPDATE: There are LOTS of items in the Catalog that send you into a Forever loading Bug right Now! Thanks Pecky for telling me that :)

Coins for Change TREE!

Sometimes when I click on the Coins Donation Station I have in my Igloo I get this Message: Save your Coins! Coins for Change starts Dec. 15. Let’s Fill the Lighthouse!

…YES! TOGETHER we can! I wonder how many coins it is in this Treasure Chest? One…two…three…What was that sound? LOOK! A BIG TREE just sprouted up from that Pile of GOLD! AND it is made of pure Gold with Fruits of DIAMONDS!

…But…But…That is IMPOSSIBLE! What did you say? This is a part of one of your Experiments? AND you just used one small pile of Gold and one Diamond to create this BIG TREE!?! AWESOME work Inventor I’m sure Rockhopper will be HAPPY :)

…Now I will go to work and earn MORE Coins to Donate :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Flowers Fading Away!

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