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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Puffle Toy Gift Tips! Series 11 :)

On Disney Club Penguin Parents CPParents Twitter we got this cute NEW Puffles with Hats Picture :)

…How do you feel about this direct advertising to our Parents? Do you like it or do you feel that Club Penguin are little pushy?

…Under this label Club Penguin Toys you will find TONS of more items :)

Create a Club Penguin Holiday Card :)

I LOVE to create Artwork and I know that many that read this Blog does too :) I like to make Cards to send to my Family and Friends and with Disney Club Penguin Motion I created these Cards :) HAPPY HOLIDAY in Club Penguin :)

…Santa on his way to deliver Presents :)

…And here is a Picture of Littletias helping me decorate my Room LOL :)

…My white Puffle Snowflake and I having FUN TOGETHER Catching Snowflakes :)

…You can make Comics here too :)

…Anytime during your creation of the Comic or Card Making you can click on Play and the program will automatically move around your Characters and add music tunes :)

…This is how my Aunt Arctic at Work Comic looks like in Motion :)

…I Created these Pictures and Comic with Disney Club Penguin Motion Comic :)

BIG Piles of Coins in the Lighthouse :)

The Coins for Change is a Success and Thanks to all GENEROUS Penguins we have got BIG Piles of Coins in the Lighthouse :)

…Please Keep Donating to Coins for Change! TOGETHER we can Reach the Goal :) Rockhopper’s Coins for Change Party :)

…See How the Coin Pile looked liked earlier MORE Coins in the Lighthouse :)

How does Coins for Change Work?

Holiday Party 2011 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

FREE Gift December 20 Tree Topper :)

Today we can open door 20 to get the 7th Calendar Gift from Club Penguin :)

…You have found a The Tree Topper Would you like to pick it up? So Pretty! Yes Please :)

…THANKS! This Star Tree Topper is a PERFECT Addition to my Tree Costume :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE :)

12 Days of FREE GIFTS in Club Penguin :)

Holiday Party 2011 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Rockhopper Coins for Change Party in Zipline :)

Coins for Change = Change the World :) I and some Friends were at The Beach having FUN Dancing and Donating Coins TOGETHER when…

…Rockhopper and Yarr came and we all HAPPILY Followed them to Captain’s Quarters :) I sent a Friends Request to Rockhopper and…

…he immediately Accepted :) THANKS Rockhopper :)

…Rockhopper asked us to donate as much as we could! Weigh anchor and empty pockets!

…it be for a good cause! And we HAPPILY did :) Ahoy donations await!

…Rockhopper wished for Stinky cheese and Cookies from Santa :)

…We went back to the Beach and there almost EVERYONE tried to talk to Rockhopper at the Same time…LOL :)

…Then we ALL Followed Rockhopper to Donated MORE to Coins for Change :)

…TOGETHER we be changing the world to the better :)

…Rockhopper got hungry so we went to the Bakery :) Rockhopper LOVES Cookies just like Aunt Arctic and he Ate and Ate and Ate just like ALL OF US :) The ONLY thing Rockhopper think is tastier than Cookies is a Wheel of Stinky Cheese…LOL :)

…THANKS to ALL that Baked and Served Cookies you are AWESOME! Let’s keep exploring pirates!

…TOGETHER we went to Town to Donate MORE Coins :) HAPPY SMILES for Coins for Change :)

…Ye be the grandest pirates and the kindest pirates! I be so happy to meet ye! Mateys keep the party alive!

…Hearts for Coins for Change :)

…Farwell me hearties! I be leaving now! Fair winds and happy holidays! Fair winds and Happy Holiday to you too Rockhopper and Yarr :) And THANKS for coming and helping us with the Coins for Change Donations :) TOGETHER we can CHANGE THE WORLD!

Holiday Party 2011 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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