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Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday Party 2011 Tour Guide :)

Today I decided is a Good Day to make Guided Tour of the Disney Club Penguin Christmas Holiday Party 2011 :) As Coins for Change is THE Event during the Year in Club Penguin I think it’s perfect to start here at the Beach :) Welcome to the Beach! Let's raise donations for Coins For Change Spread the word And don't forget to donate! I LOVE Coins for Change and how WE TOGETHER can HELP Kids in REAL Life as we Playing Online :) Click on the Coins for Change info to learn more…

…This is the Lighthouse Whoa! Look at all these coins! We're filling the Lighthouse for Coins For Change Have you donated yet? What did you say? This is an OLD Picture from earlier this week? INDEED :) Thanks for notice I choose this Pictures to show a Mystery! HOW does the Coins transports into the Lighthouse as the Pipes doesn't goes inside as last year? This is a Mystery…or a…BUG! If you throw a snowball in here it will turn to a coin :)

…This is the Beacon We're filling it for Coins For Change! Watch for flying sleds if you go Jet Packing! Please keep Donating and work TOGETHER everyone and we can reach our Goal!

…Take a look trough the Telescope to see the Beautiful view :)

…The Map is Holiday Decorated too and if you click on Go There and you will be teleported to the Forest and the 12 Days of Gifts Calendar :)

…This is Rockhopper's ship, the Migrator  Arrrr! Rockhopper is challenging everyone to fill the Lighthouse with coins! Let's rally together! 

…Here is the ship's cargo hold Yarr and Rockhopper decorated for the holidays Check out Rockhopper's Rare Items for Coins For Change T-shirts!

…This is the Captain's Quarters! Play Treasure Hunt to earn Coins For Change And check out the Corkboard Rockhopper left us a message! In this room you can donate too :)

…Rockhopper’s Notice Board! To do List:

  • Avast! Beat last year’s Coins for Change goal!
  • Bake me some stARR cookies!
  • Rost some tasty fish with me mateys - Rockhopper

…Welcome to the Crow's Nest! That snowman looks a lot like someone I know...LOL :) Wait! I almost forgot we have special Holiday Safe Chat Massages too…

Holiday Party
A cookie please!
I baked you a cake
Let's decorate this tree
Come and deliver presents!
Hold up your sign!
Donate to Coins For Change!
Let's fill the Lighthouse!
Come to Santa's workshop
Ahoy Rockhopper!
Hi Aunt Arctic!

…Here's the Town! Warm up with some cocoa from the Coffee Shop help at Santa's workshop in the Night Club or find holiday fashions in the Gift Shop! And remember to DONATE :)

…Both here an at the Plaza you will find two signs with messages :) Santa’s Sled! Fly across the starry sky on a magic sleigh ride. Help deliver presents and earn a special gift! Free items at Santa’s Sled :)

…The Bakery! Bake Holiday goodies and get a Free Gift! If you click Go There on any of these signs you will be Transported to the Lounge :)

…This is the Coffee Shop where elves come to relax and sip hot cocoa If you click on the bag of coffee you can play Bean Counters! Click on the Train for a sound effect :)

…Here we are in the Book Room Let's line up to get our photo taken with Santa Smile for the camera! Don't forget to collect your Background Free Santa Seat Background :)

…The Old Holiday Books are here too :) A Penguin Christmas Carol :) and Christmas on Rockhopper Island :) and Puffle pal Adventure Music Makers Magic :) I LOVE these Seasonal Stories :)

…This is the Night Club! Upstairs are Santa's workshop and the Bakery We can take a sleigh ride from the roof! Mouse over the Airplane to make it move and sound like bells and mouse over the ball to make it bounce :)

…We need elves in the Lounge to help pack and wrap presents!  Then Let's bake some cookies in the Bakery and head to the roof for a sleigh ride :)

…This is a BRAND NEW ROOM for this Year and the Music in here is NEW too :) Welcome to the Bakery! We can pick up our aprons by the door wear the apron and dance to serve cookies Don't forget to check the oven! Bakery FUN ANIMATED :) I LOVE that BOTH Members and Non Members can play TOGETHER in this room even if half of the Room is Members only :)

…Ho ho ho!  Here we are on Santa's Sled! Let's use these controls to help fly the sleigh We can deliver presents by pressing the button Once we finish delivering we can pick up a special gift! Keep helping out and you can pick up THREE Gifts :) This room is Members Only!

…Welcome to the Gift Shop Let's try on some festive fashions! I've got my eye on that nutcracker costume...Holiday Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

…Here we are at the Snow Forts Let's start a snowball fight! Later we can head to the Rink and go skating :)

…This is the Ice Rink Let's grab some skates from the Snow and Sports catalog and join the fun! Detail: Floor is changed back again!

…This is the Ski Mountain You can really see the Northern Lights from here! Let's enjoy the lights then head down the hill for a game of Sled Racing!

…Welcome to the Ski Village It's a perfect place to go caroling Grab some friends and spread festive cheer! La la la laa la…here you can Donate :)

…Welcome to the Ski Lodge We can play Find Four go Ice Fishing or tell stories by the fire! What do you think these presents are?

…This is the Lodge Attic  We use it to store just about everything!  Want to play a game of Find Four? There are no decorations up here but I like that it is darker outside the window :)

…Happy holidays! Welcome to the frozen pond at the Dock Grab your skates! Click on the Lanterns to light them :)

…Here we are in the Dojo Let's take a break from the Party and train in the art of Card-Jitsu Let's battle! Right now there are no Ninjas jumping around outside the Dojo…

…Welcome to the Courtyard As you can see ninjas REALLY like decorating Come inside for ninja training! Right now Water and Fire Ninjas can not change the Weather!

…Welcome to the Ninja Hideout! We can check out the Martial Artworks catalog or battle in the Fire or Water Dojo! I like that the sky is darker up here…

…and so is the Sky here :) Welcome to the top of the Volcano Here ninjas learn to master the element of fire by playing Card-Jitsu Fire!

…This is the Mine Shack Let's go inside for some Cart Surfin'! AND this is the Community Garden too and right now we have some decorative lights :)

…Welcome to the Iceberg! The more penguins there are the bigger and brighter the tree!

…This is the Cove Wow a tropical feast! That fish looks tasty After a bite we can play Catchin' Waves!

…Both Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic are waddling around during this Party and here is some Holidays Jokes…
What goes oh oh oh? Santa walking backwards!
What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet!
What do you call a giant yeti? Nothing, you just run away!
What hides in a bakery at Christmas? A mince spy!
What carol do monkeys sing? Jungle Bells!
Why does Santa have three gardens? So he can ho ho ho!
What's white and goes up? A confused snowflake!
What did one snowman say to the other? Do you smell carrots?

…Welcome to the Forest And to the Countdown Calendar! Let's open today's door and get our gift There's a new one every day! 12 Days of FREE Gifts in Club Penguin :)

…Happy Holidays! Welcome to the Plaza Here you'll find the Pet Shop A Humbug Holiday at the Stage and a feast in the Pizza Parlor! And here you can DONATE TOO!

…I like the Pretty Starry Night sky view when I open the Pet Shop Door :)

…Welcome to the Pizza Parlor! Join in the feast There's plenty to go around! Head to the kitchen to help with the cooking! And in this room you will find the Reindeer Pin :)

…Look at this Pretty view outside the door :)

…Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing A Humbug Holiday! Will Humbug ever learn his lesson? Pick a costume from the trunk and find out! A Humbug Holiday at the Stage :)

…In the Command Room Herbert and Klutzy are spending the Holiday TOGETHER :) They are so cute and my Holiday wish is Peace and HAPPINESS for EVERYONE :)

…Stamps you can earn: Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic, Happy Party Room, Tend A Concession Stand (in Bakery),Target Champion (in Bakery Non members need help from a Member), Explorer, Tree Mob for members only, Snowboarder, Volunteer, Top Volunteer, Epic Volunteer Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :) And here you can take a Waddle Down memory Lane and look at the Tour Guide for Club Penguin Holiday Party 2010 :) THANKS for taking this Tour Have FUN at the Party :) WADDLE ON!

Holiday Party 2011 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Too many Connection BUGS!

As usual I have Login Bugs, Losing Connection Bugs, Freeze Bug, White Screen Bug, Blue Screen Bug and so on and so on…I wonder if Disney Club Penguin EVER fix these problems? Sigh…

…oh well…I will play Pandanda instead :) I have NEVER EVER got a Connection Bug here :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

More Coins at the Beacon :)

HURRAY! We have MORE Coins here at the Beacon!

…When you throw a snowball up here you STILL doesn't throw a coin! I had hoped Club Penguin had found and fixed that Bug by now…but sadly not…Here you can see a Throw Coins Animation from last year :)

See more here TONS of Coins inside the Lighthouse :)

FREE Gift December 23 The Hornament Hat :)

One day Closer to Christmas and time to open door 23 :)

…You have found a The Hornament Hat Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please! THANKS :)

…I think this Rudolph the Reindeer Hornament Hat is both Cool, warm, cute and Funny at the same time! This is an AWESOME Gift! THANKS Club Penguin :)

12 Days of FREE GIFTS in Club Penguin :)

Holiday Party 2011 CHEATS Club Penguin :)

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