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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

LOOK a Spy Phone Message! (Before I could open the Spy Phone I got the Browser Froze BUG and when I logged in again the Spy Phone indication was GONE! BUG!)

December 29, 2011


Well done this year Agents. There were many challenges, but we faced them together. No matter what 2012 holds for us, I know we'll be ready.

…Thanks EPF Agent Aura for telling me about this message :) Thanks Gary and as I said to you earlier after I helped you with the Field-Ops 62 HAPPINESS and PEACE PLEASE! If we ALL work TOGETHER 2012 will be the Club Penguin FRIENDSHIPS YEAR :)

See earlier Spy Phone message from The Director :)

ALL Penguins can Play Card-Jitsu BUG!

Due to a BUG ALL Penguins can Play Card-Jitsu just as during the Card-Jitsu Party :) This is how: Just Waddle into the Card-Jitsu Water Dojo or Card-Jitsu Fire Dojo and Play! When you get the Access Message just click on yes and…

…start Battling :)

…Thanks Littletias for telling me about this Bug :) I wonder how long it will take for Club Penguin to fix this? I mean some OTHER Bugs have been around for YEARS so now when it’s a FUN BUG for once…Let’s see…

UPDATE: This Bug is now FIXED and no member Penguins can no longer play Card-Jitsu Fire or Card-Jitsu Water! Isn't it interesting how QUICKLY Club Penguin can fix a FUN Bug…No more comments!

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Club Penguin Bugs and Details :)

The Holiday Party 2011 is over and Aunt Arctic is NOT waddling around Club Penguin right now BUT I still get this Aunt Arctic is Online Notification and on my Buddy List she shows as Online! Sadly this proves that we can NOT trust these Notifications at ALL! So during a Party you might work hard with Tracking a Famous Character that in fact isn't online!

…The Treasure Book is Back in the Gift Shop :)

…and the Holiday Igloo Contest icon is removed so now you can start to redecorate your Igloo again :)

…The Chat Bar STILL doesn't work while Playing Find Four! Find Four BUG!

…The Water system in the Community Garden is BROKEN no matter how many Snowballs you throw it will NOT work! Hmmm…I feel like I have blogged about this Bug before? Anyone that knows? UPDATE: January 5, 2012 This Bugs is now Fixed :)

…The Text “Puffles be creative together!” is moved little higher on the Login Background :)

…Once again Fire Ninjas and Water Ninjas can work TOGETHER to Change the Weather :) And The Ninja sign bug up here at the Night Club Launch is Fixed :)

…The purchase membership price icons for CAD have changed and are now priced in the same way as USD to make Club Penguin look cheaper than it actually is! Here you can read more about that Best deal Membership Club Penguin :)

…See more Club Penguin Bugs!

Northern lights Wallpaper :)

I LOVE this Wallpaper of Penguins looking at the Northern Lights! If you like me have seen this for real you know how Amazing it is :)

…I wonder if this is a Sneak Peek of a NEW Tie OR just an effect of the Northern Lights? Time will tell :)

…Here you can Download Disney Club Penguin Wallpapers :) See Earlier Wallpaper Sensei Tea Break Wallpaper :) And here you find Saraapril’s Wallpapers :)

Club Penguin 2011 Penguin Poll :)

Today Club Penguin want to know What was your favorite part of 2011? The parties? New games, like Pufflescape? Making new friends? Everything! I will answer everything BUT I REALLY Disliked the WAR Disney Club Penguin created! System Defender EPF reviewed by Saraapril!

…You can VOTE too :)

…See earlier Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Banner Update :)

The Club Penguin Auto Automatic Event banner is back to normal :)

…See earlier Holiday Party Banners 2011 :) And here you can get the Saraapril in Club Penguin Banner :)

Club Penguin Times issue 323 :)

Coins for Change fills the Lighthouse! HAPPY New Year!

…Old News…LOL the Coins are already removed! GOAL REACHED Coins for Change 2011 :)

Coins for Change fills the Lighthouse!

The Lighthouse is filled to the brim, and the counting has begun! It’s official—the Lighthouse is absolutely full of coins! This year’s Coins For Change has ended, and donators are celebrating. “This was our goal from the start,” said one volunteer. “We worked together, and we did it!”

Filling the Lighthouse with donations has become an annual event, but that doesn’t make it easy. Volunteers raced, surfed and worked their hearts out. “At one point I was a little nervous,” said another volunteer. “The Lighthouse is a lot bigger than it looks. But there are TONS of generous penguins out there!” Now the counting begins! Penguins and puffles alike will spend the next week counting up the donations. Results will be posted at the Beach, and in the newspaper. “Thanks to everyone who donated,” said a proud penguin. “It was so amazing. You guys are the best. You really have made the world a better place.”

Happy New Year!

Head to the ‘Berg to celebrate the coming of 2012. Fireworks are filling the skies above the island this week. The year 2012 is here, and many are celebrating at the Iceberg. A reporter dropped by to ask party goers about their favorite parts of 2011. “Earth Day Party, no doubt!” a construction worker told us. “I loved the egg hunt, and dressing up as a Snow Leopard. Plus we were helping out a good cause!” “I really enjoyed The Fair,” a baker said. The games and prizes were sweet. And I got to meet Rockhopper!” “The things I like best are surprises,” a ninja commented. “Like discovering new parts of the island, and new abilities.” “This year was full of them! I bet there are tons of surprises in store next year.” 2012 is certain to be an eventful year— and the Club Penguin Times will be there for every scoop. Happy New Year!

Upcoming Events :)

Until Jan 5 Fireworks! Say ‘so long!’ to 2011 at the Ski Hill and Iceberg.

Starting Jan. 5 Penguin Style Catalog New styles for chilling out at the Gift Shop.

Starting Jan. 12 Twelfth Fish Coming to the Stage…with an all new script!

Find out the Coins For Change results at the Beach on Jan. 5.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Jan. 11 Candy Swirl Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: Jan. 12–Jan. 25

News Flash :)

Coins For Change results will be posted at the Beach on January 5. Check back to see the final tally and donation details!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,What was your favorite part of 2011?–Nash Talgic

Dear Nash Talgic,
Picking my favorite part of 2011 was terribly difficult. There were so many surprises and celebrations, I couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing. So I didn’t—and I chose everything last year having to do with puffles! 2011 was a wonderful year for puffles and puffle fans. It began with the discovery of the brown puffle all the way back in January. Then the Pet Shop was upgraded with a new puffle personality test to help find your perfect pet. Next thing I know, there were all kinds of hats to dress them up with! And finally, two new puffle games came out—Puffle Launch and Pufflescape. I do hope there’s lots more puffle-excitement coming up in 2012. 2011 will certainly be hard to top!

Aunt Arctic wants to learn the best ways to decorate her igloo in 2012.

Dear Aunt Arctic,
What are your New Year’s resolutions?–Gnu Year

Dear Gnu Year,
Thank you for asking—I do look forward each year to making my resolutions. They’re a good way to set goals, and learn new things. For those interested, last year my resolution was to earn as many Stamps as I could. Though I did not earn all of them, I am proud to say I managed to add over a hundred new Stamps to my book. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. This year, I want to do something different. In fact, I thought of it just last week—when I started going through the Holiday Igloo Contest submissions. Over the years I’ve seen many amazing igloo designs—some which took my breath away! So this year, that’s my resolution. I wish to learn the best ways to decorate my igloo. I’ll make sure to let everyone know how it goes. Take care, and Happy New Year!

Secrets Classified Migrator in the Telescope :)

Rockhopper always sails to and from Club Penguin in the same direction—and you can watch! Head to the Beacon, and click on the telescope. It’s a great way to see if the Captain is on his way—or to wish him a final bon voyage.

See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 322 :)

Field-Ops 62 EPF CHEATS :)

LOOK! A Red Alert Message!

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders…

…Click on Monitor…

…Hi Saraapril :) The Island is still secure, so we’re allowing agents to help out with the New Year’s celebrations. I’ve loaded fireworks into the EPF defense cannons. Find a good spot and launch them. Let’s start 2012 with a bang! Okay Gary I’m Happy that we can use the cannons for something peaceful for once :)

…Here at the Ski Hill is a good spot :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…Incoming Targets! Destroy the Targets! Enter the x y coordinates to fire the defense cannons. Aim for the red targets. Stay focused - you must destroy twenty targets in time.

…There and There and…

…DONE! I earn a Medal and I got a Message from Gary: Well done Agent! I know that using the defense cannons for fireworks is a bit strange, but it's also good training. Thank you for all your hard work this year. You have proven to be an exceptional agent, and I am proud to work with you. Happy New Year!

…Hmmm…Thanks but…Good Training for WHAT!?! I REALLY Hope that next year will be a Year filled with HAPPINESS and PEACE in Club Penguin and NOT another Year of WAR! What’s Wrong with Gary the Gadget Guy? My Stories and Adventures :) If ALL Agents work hard TOGETHER I think that 2012 can be the Year we will be FRIENDS with Herbert :)

See earlier EPF Field-Ops 61 :)

Club Penguin Pin CHEATS :)

The Newest Club Penguin Pin is Hidden here in the Coffee Shop :)

…You have found a Candy Swirl Pin Would you like to pick it up? Yes Please :) This Pin looks so Yummy!

…and as so often we got another Stamp Book Date BUG! This is pure laziness on Club Penguin’s part and with this they just make the Stamp Book uninteresting! The conclusion = Once again Club Penguin FAILED!

How to add Saraapril’s Pin Trackers :)

Coins for Change Login Page BUG!

The Disney Club Penguin Home page is Updated and the Waiting for Coins for Change Result Featured BUT either we have an environment Catastrophe in Club Penguin again OR a BUG!

UPDATE: It was a BUG! And now it’s Fixed :)

…Animated :)

…LOOK! Here we have a Sneak Peek on NEW items :) Time to Dive into an Underwater Adventure?

…Under this label you will find more Club Penguin Opening Pictures :)

Fireworks at the Iceberg and Ski Hill :)

Soon HAPPY NEW 2012 EVERYONE! At the Iceberg we have Fireworks again :)

…and here at the Ski Hill too :)

…Here you can see how the Fireworks Animated :)

Holiday Party 2011 is over and…

Rockhopper and Yarr have Sailed away with all the Coins we Collected TOGETHER and soon they will be used in the Real world to Help Kids :)

…we will get more info about this later…Check back here Jan. 5 to see Coins for Change Results! Hmmm January 5? Billybob said January 1…Time will tell :) Mouse over the icons to see more info Saraapril’s Coins for Change 2011 Headquarter :)

…The Migrator must have been sailing on Super Speed as they not are visible in the Telescope…LOL…


…The Holiday Party Music is still here too but I guess Club Penguin will remove it later :)

UPDATE: The Music Bug and Migrator Bug is now Fixed :)

…See More Club Penguin Bugs!

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