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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 324 :)

Coins for Change Results are in and Twelfth Fish with a Twist :)

…Someone forgot to Print the Back page of this Newspaper…LOL…BUG! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :)

Coins for Change Results are in!

Check out the final tally, and where the $2 million donation is going! The results are in! Every coin from this year’s Coins For Change has been counted and the final tally is rocking the island! Get to the Beach right away,” said one volunteer. “The results are posted by the Lighthouse. Gadzooks! I can’t believe how much we raised! Can you?”

…This year, there were more reasons than ever to take part in Coins For Change. Last year's $1 million donation was doubled to $2 million when volunteers filled the Lighthouse. “I felt this was an important year to get involved,” one volunteer said. “I was really inspired by the Earth Day Party a few months ago, and I’ve been looking for more ways to help others.” “This proves that anyone can help make a difference,” said a pirate. “Maybe you think 100 coins isn’t very much. But when lots of penguins get involved, 100 coins can quickly become 100,000.” The final results and information on how the $2 million donation will be shared, are posted at the Beach. And to everyone that pitched in to help—thank you and congratulations, from the Club Penguin Times. Coins for Change 2011 result at Beach :)

Twelfth Fish with a Twist :)

The classic tale is back at the Stage starting Jan. 12!

Twelfth Fish is coming back to the Stage on January 12—but with a special surprise. The classic play has a new script, written by a mystery writer. He agreed to an anonymous interview. “First let me say, even though this is my first play, I’m no rookie,” the writer said. Well, actually I AM sort of a Rookie. But I’m not a rookie rookie. What was the question?” The new script turns the play into more of a quest. The writer says he was inspired by “...Fish actually!” “I kept thinking—why was it called Twelfth Fish? Where are the other eleven fish? What in the world is a ‘countess’? I think my new script answers those questions nicely. I hope everyone enjoys it!” Drop by the Stage on Jan. 12 to check out this new spin on a classic story.

Upcoming Events :)

Starting Now Penguin Style Catalog Looking for a new look? Look in the Gift Shop!

Jan. 5–Jan. 10 Coins For Change Results! Head to the Beach to find out the final tally.

Starting Jan. 12 Twelfth Fish at the Stage Coming soon—the classic play with a new twist!

New Party Announcement! Attention explorers: check next week’s paper for more details…

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Jan. 11.
Candy Swirl Pin CHEATS :) Next pin hidden: Jan. 12–Jan. 25

News Flash :)

Head to the Beach for the results of Coins For Change! Then drop by the Beacon and wave ‘bon voyage’ to Rockhopper.

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
Who can I ask to show me around the island?–Brant New

Dear Brant New,
Whenever you find you have a question, the best penguin to ask is usually the first one you see! Most penguins are helpful and kind—and asking for help can be a great way to meet friends. If you’re looking to be shown around, your best bet is a Tour Guide. From parties, to secrets, to game tips—Tour Guides have something to say on everything. And they’re always happy to give a tour. To find one, just look for their signature hats, or ask around! Once you've been on a few tours, you might consider signing up yourself! After you've been on the island for 45 days, you can take the Tour Guide Test at the Ski Village. After all, you can never have too many Tour Guides!

Puffles are the perfect pets for any penguin.

Dear Aunt Arctic,
I keep seeing these cute furry creatures everywhere! What are they?–Sue Kewt

Dear Sue Kewt,
Those cute furry creatures you’re seeing around the island are called puffles. And they are an absolute joy. First of all—I suspect you may be new to Club Penguin, so welcome! There’s much to see and do around the island, and puffles are definitely one the best things to discover. Puffles and penguins go together like tea and scones. They are the perfect pets—loyal, fun-loving, silly and kind. Some of them are quite absurd, and one puffle color in particular is quite intense. I have many of my own. And though they sometimes get up to mischief, I love them all dearly. I’m certain that, no matter who you are, there is most certainly a puffle out there for you. If you’re interested in learning more, you should definitely drop by the Pet Shop at the Plaza. Inside is everything you need to get started. Take the Puffle Quiz, learn all about them, adopt your favorite and enjoy.

Holiday Igloo Contest Winners :)

Check out this year’s winners!

The Holiday Igloo Contest results are in! Grand Prize Winners win 50,000 coins, and Runners-up win 25,000 coins. Congratulations to all our winners!

Deck the Halls Igloo contest Winners!

Rockhopper: ”Rollover the small images on the left to see the winning igloos!”

Congrats to Katachtig :) Rockhopper says: ”Shiver me timbers! This be the biggest tree I ever seen!”

Congrats to Cupcake46693 :) Rockhopper says: ”Avast! I hope that pirate gold be all for Coins For Change!”

Congrats to Jim Jam124 :) Aunt Arctic says: ”Oh my, I do hope those snowmen don't stay long by the fire.”

Congrats to Brude Dude1 :) Aunt Arctic says: ”What a dazzling display!”

Congrats to Queen Raj :) Rockhopper says: ”Might I be joinin' this feast, mateys?”

Congrats to Gogoasa209 :) Aunt Arctic says: ”Those reindeer certainly have a lot of gifts to deliver!”

Congrats to Tinker 198 :) Aunt Arctic says: ”Ahh, what a lovely scene. This igloo is fit for the holidays”

Congrats to Sonic99070 :) Rockhopper says: ”YAR HAR HAR! Be these me gifts? I've been a good pirate this year!”

Congrats to Jtd18 :) Aunt Arctic says: ”My goodness, look at all those coins!”

Congrats to Flipjacob :) Aunt Arctic says: ”Look out, Santa---that camera is filming your visit. ”

Club-Penguin-2012-01-05 07.03.22 - Copy - Copy

Congrats to Jordan14197 :) Aunt Arctic says: ”It seems ninjas love the holiday too!”

Congrats to Lkm777 :) Rockhopper says: ”Avast! A holiday dragon!”

Congrats to 34ry :) Aunt Arctic says: ”Such a festive home! I simply adore your garden path.”

Congrats to Qeenofharts :) Rockhopper says: ”That crabby critter be doin' a good job protecting that tree.”

Congrats to Puffinnbooo :) Rockhopper says: ”Who be that handsome pirate? HAR HAR HAR!”

Congrats to Luke390 :) Rockhopper says: ”A drumset! Just what I always be forgettin' to ask fer.”

Congrats to 61qh :) ”Avast! I be lost in yer snow maze, matey.”

Congrats to Cchowmin :) Aunt Arctic says: ”An excellent design! It seems that nutcracker has something important to say.!”

Congrats to Shelby825 :) Rockhopper says: ”Them stockings be red, LIKE YER CAPTAIN!”

Congrats to 81299tk :) Aunt Arctic says: ”That book nook looks very cozy indeed.”

More Winners!

Bearbear5505,Eskelletto, Squark, Danielle2312, Moonboot1, Mario616, Nathanjoon, Robot0112, leonardo4667, Free 8, Furball777, sparkle 2 me, Emz210, Crimsonjewel, Boyton66, Agentgogo, Bellalover36, Peggy2346, 7Slidey78356, Seanjamie1


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