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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FUN with Friends :)

Here are a FEW more Pictures of what we have done in Club Penguin lately :) We are ALL so EXCITED over the Underwater Expedition Party Rookie is preparing for us and here in my Igloo we had a Pre-Underwater Party :) TOGETHER we Danced, Talked and Laughed :) Underwater expedition Party 2012 Sneak Peek VIDEO :)

…Then we went too Vindore’s Igloo and ate Yummy Fish burgers :)

…PUFFLE PARTY! Miki5258’s Puffles and the Crab are BEST Friends :)

…Ice Cube 244’s Igloo is very cozy :) And I LOVE the Gift wrapped Moosehead :)

…Ethan80561’s Igloo is Decorated for the Underwater Expedition Party :)

…I LOVE to Waddle around in Club Penguin and when I was at The Stage I met Stardollor :) The Twelfth Fish at The Stage CHEATS :)

…TOGETHER we had SO MUCH FUN Playing ALL the Plays from the Script :) AND we made up our own lines too :)

…MORE Actors joined to Help us :) AWESOME!

…Braydenjorda and Joldan2405 were our Audience that liked to clap! THANKS :)

…Oops! I have the wrong outfit on…OR Wait! I’m HALF a Fish so that will do :) Sometimes we played TWO Characters each :)

…Ruby has a Problem…

…Superheroes are needed! TOGETHER we solved the Problem and Saved the Day :)

…Oops! This time you said my line Stardollor! No Problem I did that to you earlier too…we need to practice more…LOL :) Your Next Deccy23 :) THANKS for the FUN Everyone!

…I met Ronikin0304 in the Gift Shop and she has the NEW Pretty Ocean Bloom Mermaid from the Treasure Book :)

…Puffle Party in Pet Shop :)

…Prikrishnas is a new Penguin and TOGETHER we showed her Club Penguin :)

…Did you get helmet?

…TOGETHER we worked in the Community Garden :)

…Time to work in the Recycling Plant :)

…Oops! I need to aim better…LOL :)

…don’t fear The EPF Recycling Bins are here :)

…HAPPY RECYCLE DANCING :) Wait! Broseph16 is STUCK in an Ornament and need our Help!

…Environment Workers to the Rescue! Problem Solved :) Let’s Recycle More :)

…Before the Underwater Expedition is here we need to be GREAT Swimmers…HAPPY SWIM TRAINING :)

…AWESOME Work EVERYONE! We are now Ready for the Underwater Expedition Party! HAPPY RUNNING :) Dive in! Underwater Expedition Party VIDEO :)

…Pup1one and I have FUN TOGETHER Playing Card-Jitsu :)

…CONGRATS Pup1one you WON!

…Hi Qetu3 :) Thanks for reading my Blog :)

...I think Pup1one’s white Puffle has the cutest Hat :)

…Online Club Penguin Sled Race can be a dangerous sport…Just Kidding Dannytornado! Nothing broken! LOL :)

…Pengy4546 told us about Chinese New Year and we celebrated by giving each other Money :)


…Soon Soon Soon the Underwater Expedition will be here and I’m so EXCITED :) THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!

FUN with Friends :)


Youyouyou767 said...

You and your friends are very funny:)

Ethan80561 said...

Thank you for posting my igloo :)

Miki5258 said...

Thank you for posting this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me in here! We has a great time!

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Chinese Lion Dance? The music is SO loud! The lions look cute too! A bit scary I suppose...LOL! I'm so happy to have a friend like you!


Kimberly Nguyen (A.K.A Pengy4546) said...

Hi Disney! The Lion Dance Goes Around Each House Dancing It's Really Good Though. Anyways Saraapril Is A Good Friend.


Stardollor said...

Hi Saraapril! It's me Stardollor! :) I had tons of fun with you! I never thought I would meet you! Thanks for posting us! We were awesome actors. :)

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