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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 332 :)

Avast! The Quest be ending Mar. 6! Puffle Party Preview :)

Avast! The Quest be ending Mar. 6!

Brave sailors have one week left to set sail with Rockhopper!

“AVAST!” There be another dinosaur!" Rockhopper yelled, as he and his crew grabbed an ancient gem. “RUN!"The quest to Shipwreck Island continues this week, and Rockhopper wants to make sure everyone takes the chance.Arr! I think we lost it..." he said back on the Migrator. “ARR! But there be more dangers where THAT came from..."

Rockhopper's Quest has drawn penguins from all walks of life, seeking to sail to Shipwreck Island. “Yo ho ho! As long as ye can batten a hatch and toss a snowball, ye can join me crew!" Rockhopper said. “But ye've only got ’til Mar. 6 to do it!" The Club Penguin Times interviewed some of Rockhopper's crew on their favorite parts of the quest. “Shipwreck Island was intense!" said a coffee barista. “There was lightning! BOOM! And tidal waves! WHOOSH! And ancient Vikings! RARR! I'm going back right now!" “I have now traveled to an uncharted island, faced down a Dinosaurus Rex, and lived to tell the tale. I am now fearless," said a baker. The Quest ends on Mar. 6. What be ye waiting for, matey?

Puffle Party Preview :)

PH is helping to arrange the Puffle Party this year!

Heads up puffle-fans! The island’s annual Puffle Party is set for March 15. And this year’s party is sure to be a smash, thanks to some extra expert advice. PH the puffle handler is helping to plan the event, and she’s promising something very unique. “I’ve been scouring the wilderness all year, mates!” she explained. “I’ve learned a lot, and I’m hoping to arrange a special surprise.” When asked for a sneak peek, PH added, “Well, I can tell you I haven’t found any new puffle colors. I’ve been exploring a lot, and I can’t find any signs.” “The surprise I’m planning is very different. The ultimate party-place for puffles, and puffles only...”

Upcoming Events :)

On Now! Penguin Style Catalog Be your pet’s greatest fan with new puffle outfits.

Starting Mar. 8 Puffle Catalog New food! New hats! Everything a puffle could want!

Starting Mar. 15 Puffle Party Prepare for the ultimate puffle celebration!

Until Mar. 6: Avast matey! Join the crew before the journey ends!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Mar. 7.
Next pin hidden: Mar. 8–Mar. 21

News Flash :)

Puffle-fan fashions have arrived at the Gift Shop! Check out the latest outfits in the Penguin Style catalog.

Ask Captain Rockhopper :)

Dear Rockhopper,
Why do you like cream soda so much?–Faye Verit.

Avast Faye Verit!
This be a strange question! Surely ye be knowin’ the answer? It be plain as the beard on me face! Well in case ye don’t, listen carefully. I like cream soda because it be the greatest beverage in all history!What’s that, ye say? Ye don’t believe me? Arr, ye be a cheeky question-asker! But I be proving it! SO THERE I WAS! Standing on the edge of a volcano! Battling a giant goldfish for a pair of magical woollen socks! Suddenly! I lost me balance! I fell into the volcano! I thought I was done for! But then I was saved by a barrel of cream soda! It flew in out of nowhere! Ever since, I’ve enjoyed its delicious, fizzy taste. THE END!

Rockhopper has only explored about 2% of the ocean...

Dear Rockhopper,
What will you do when you’ve explored the entire sea?–Ree Tyre?

Avast Ree Tyre?!
Me answer may surprise ye. Even if I be sailin’ a hundred years or more, I’ll never see all of the ocean’s secrets. It be a big blue place, the open sea. And that be why it calls to me. Even after all me years exploring the waves, I be not even scratchin’ the surface. EVERY time I set sail, I discover new mysteries and adventures .I’ve come across many interesting creatures, and fearsome paradises. There be more than enough out there to keep me busy forever. But can ye IMAGINE it? What must be out there, waitin’ for us? ARR! Set ye dreams high sailors, and the ocean’ll never disappoint ye! Fair winds!

Secrets Classified Fine Details :)

Did you know that there are lots of small secrets hidden in the scenery of Club Penguin? It’s true! You can find lots of little details if you look closely. Here are just a few:

  • See if you can spot cans of worms hidden throughout the island.
  • Have you found all the numbered buoys? Start your search in the Lighthouse!
  • Watch carefully whenever there’s a storm. Sometimes lightning can reveal strange shadows...

See earlier Club Penguin Times issue 331 :)

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