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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 333 :)

Puffle Party Begins March 15 and Bon Voyage Rockhopper :)

Puffle Party Begins March 15!

This year’s Puffle Party will have a special Puffle Play Zone!

Submitted by PH — The Puffle Party is coming up fast! Penguins and puffles are getting ready, and everyone is wondering what’s in store. Well wonder no more! This year’s party has a Puffle Play Zone for members that will let you see the world from your puffle’s point of view!

Just bring your puffles to the Play Zone, and set them loose for some fun. There’s going to be a pool, a Relaxtron 3000, and lots of tubes to bounce around in. There are lots of other events planned too. The Night Club Rooftop will be set up as a puffle dance party, and the Ski Lodge will have a place to pamper and style your puffles. There will also be free hats... for puffles! The best way to enjoy the party though is with a pet puffle. If you don’t have one, you should head to the Pet Shop. There’s a personality quiz which will show you which puffle is right for you. You might even meet a new best friend! The Puffle Party kicks off on March 15. Be there or beware... you might miss out!

Bon Voyage Rockhopper :)

Rockhopper has once again left the island for parts unknown. After a dangerous voyage, and countless adventures, Rockhopper’s Quest came to a close this week. The high-tech upgrades were removed from the Migrator, and the famous Captain and his first mate sailed off into the sunset. But not before a group of pirates, Vikings, dinosaurs, (and a baker) wished him safe journey! “Fair winds Rockhopper!” called a Viking from the Beach. “Ye could use more horns in your hat, but you’re all right!” The question on everyone’s mind is—will penguins ever get the chance to sail with Rockhopper again? The Captain wouldn’t say for sure, but he did have a request. “Gary! Ye fine pirate-scientist! Ye be keepin’ those upgrades safe! We might be needin’ them in the future!” If you want to see Rockhopper off, take a look through the telescope at the Beacon. You might even notice something new about the view.

Upcoming Events :)

On Now! Puffle Catalog Check out the latest food and fashions for your favorite pet!

Starting Mar. 15 Quest for the Golden Puffle The classic tale returns to the Stage!

Starting Mar. 29 April Fool’s Day Party April foolishness... Starting in March!

Mar. 15: You and your puffles are invited to the ultimate pet party!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Mar. 21. Cheese Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: Mar. 22–Apr. 4

News Flash :)

The Puffle Catalog has new hats and snacks for your puffles. Check them out in the Pet Shop... or from the comfort of your own igloo!

Ask P.H.

Dear PH,
How do I tell what my puffle likes best?–Ivan D. Best

Hello Ivan D. Best,
When it comes to the things they like best, puffles definitely aren’t shy. Even a white puffle lets you know which hat looks best. Try this trick: grab a slice of pizza, but don’t feed it to your pet right away. Are they bouncing up and down, super excited? Are they making a “not-sure-about-this” face? That’s one way to tell. By the way, this works on penguins too. Grab a slice of stale cake, and watch how your friends react when you try to feed it to them. Keep in mind though, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. If my puffles look like they don’t want a bath, but they’re starting to stink, I’ll give them a bath anyway.

Puffles may have abilities that haven’t been discovered yet...

Dear PH,
Can you teach puffles new tricks?–Ivanna Noe

Hello Ivanna Noe,
I get asked this question all the time. But I can’t tell you the whole answer, because the information is classified. No really, let me explain. After years of working with a certain group of puffles, I actually managed to teach them new tricks. Some of these puffles started creating new toys, and others gained new abilities. But it took a LOT of work, and I needed to learn a lot too. I spent many many hours in the wilderness, watching and learning about puffles in their natural habitat. These puffles are now working for a top secret organization, helping to protect the island. They do a great job, and I’m really proud of them. I’d like to tell you more, but I’m not allowed. Maybe some day we’ll figure out a better way to train puffles. I sure hope so!

Secrets Classified Puffle Rescue Secrets

Submitted by PH

Have you found the secret coin bags in Puffle Rescue yet? You get a bunch of coins and Stamps if you do!

Here’s a few tips for finding those tricky coin bags in the snow levels:

  • Have you noticed that the cracked ice breaks when you walk on it? Try breaking ALL the cracked ice!
  • In the next level, you’ll see a balloon with a key in it. All you gotta do is bring it to a lock!
  • For the third bag, look for balloons with light bulbs on them. You need to light them all quickly. Look for shortcuts!

How to Play Puffle Rescue CHEATS :)

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 332 :)

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