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Monday, April 30, 2012

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

FANTASTIC EARTH DAY in Club Penguin FAN Arts are added to the Club Penguin Community page :)

…See earlier Club Penguin Fan Art :) See Fan Art Archive :)

More soon…

Featured Igloos April 30, 2012 :)

This is a message from Happy77:


Happy77 here. It's time to feature some more fabulously creative igloos here on the blog! Here are a few of my favorites:

Essa12345 said: "You really should check out my best friend's igloo. Her name is Serria1234!"

Lizzy9610 said: "You should totally check out my friend Mcduck's igloo! It's totally RADICAL! He would really appreciate it if you just gave it a look. Waddle On Cp!"

Cloudyskies said: "My friend, Lildudee10, has the best igloo I've ever SEEN! You should check it out. :D WADDLE ON!"

Have you seen any sweet Medieval-themed castles yet? If so, post the owner's name and why you liked their igloo in the comments. Stay tuned for more featured igloos again soon!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77 on April 18 2012 (Oops! this is an OLD Blog Post added as the third posts down on the What’s New Blog so not many Penguins will ever see it! Is this done on purpose or is it a Mistake?) Anyway…GREAT DECORATION WORK Serria1234, Mcduck and Lildudee10 :)

Featured Igloos April 4, 2012 :)

Club Penguin Igloos :)

UPDATE: The date 18 is now changed to 30 and the Post is moved to the Top :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin has now added a little bigger images of the igloos :)

Club Penguin Magazine issue 4 Sneak Peek :)

This is a tweet from Club Penguin Support: Issue 4 of the #ClubPenguin magazine will be out on May 3rd. It’s the PARTY issue and will include 2 free items!

…LOOK! The Penguin in the FREE items Photo is GREY! I wonder if that is a Mistake OR a New Color?

Club Penguin Magazine

UPDATE: Club Penguin Magazine issue 4 :)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saraapril’s Game Igloo :)

When I played Ruby and the Ruby at the Stage I got an Igloo Decoration Idea and hurried home to hear what my Puffles thought? They LOVED IT! And TOGETHER we started to work with the decorations :) First we moved to this Black and White Igloo and then we built a black and white obstacle course Game :)

How to Play Saraapril’s obstacle course Game: Pick up as many empty buckets you think you can balance at the same time through the obstacle course without dropping any of them :) Note: One bucket can’t be placed inside another! When you is ready start the time…

…if you or a bucket touch the ground you have to start over from the beginning and will lose time so be careful…

…The big snowballs are tricky! If a Snowball breaks you have to make a new one and start from the beginning…HURRAY I made it!

…Here one Penguin will stand and make silly faces without saying anything trying to make you laugh and loose your balance…

…at this point you have to sing a short song you all have agreed about earlier while your friends trying to sing the same song faster or slower to confuse you so you forget the lyrics…If you do you have to sing the song from the beginning again…and again…until you make it :) 

…Now you can choose your way :) You can either take the shorter way over the big snowball (careful it might break) OR the longer and safer way around (you will lose time) Ring the bell and stop the time! HURRAY! I did it! How many buckets did I have? (None…Oops!) You can count off 10 seconds for every bucket :) Now jump into the wheelbarrow and let your Friends drive you and the Buckets back to the Start :)

…This is a Game I and my real life Friends often play outside early in the Autumn and late in Spring when the snow isn't too deep :) Thanks for the ride Puffles…LOL :) You want to play again? Okay :)

…See earlier Igloo Decoration Saraapril’s Wildlife Den Igloo :)

Saraapril’s Ruby and the Ruby Stamp Book :)

I LOVE the Mystery Play Ruby and the Ruby that now is available at the Stage and this is how I have decorated my Stamp Book in Ruby and the Ruby Style :)

…See earlier Saraapril’s Earth Day 2012 Stamp Book Decoration :)

How to Customize your Stamp Book :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Puffle Trouble Sneak Peek Video on YouTube :)

This is a message from Club Penguin: As promised, here's a sneak peek of the brand new Club Penguin animated short, Puffle Trouble! Have you wondered what Herbert's been up to since the big escape in January? Looks like he's up to no good once again...Stay tuned for the full-length version of Puffle Trouble, coming to YouTube and Club Penguin on May 2nd!

…HERBERT IS ALIVE! This makes me so HAPPY :) Now I just hope we can find him in time to stop his next plan and become his Friends :) He obviously don’t want any Penguins around…but who can blame him? EPF has NOT been nice to him!

…Klutzy is so kind and helping Herbert :)

…WAIT! Please Herbert! Don’t push that button!

…LOL…I think Klutzy and the Puffles worked TOGETHER to SAVE us :)

…I’m so EXCITED over this Short Video and I can hardly WAIT until May 2, 2012 when we can see the WHOLE Puffle Trouble short Video :)

Puffle Trouble Video Sneak Peek :)

UPDATE: Puffle Trouble Video and FREE Code :)

Who can unlock Celadon Alien Mask and Celadon Alien Costume?

Some of you might have seen Penguins waddling around dressed in a Celadon Alien Mask :)

…and a Celadon Alien Costume :)

…I asked Club Penguin where these Club Penguin items to Unlock came from and this is their answer:

Hey Saraapril,
The codes you mentioned are from the German Mickey Maus magazine and are part of a promotion for our players in Germany and meant for players who have purchased the magazine. Although these codes were created especially for our German players the purpose of the code is to be used by any player who receives it. These types of codes are not unique and can be shared and used by many different penguins!

Thanks Amie and Amanda for explaining this :) Here are the codes:



…I really like my New Alien Costume :)

…And as a Thanks to Club Penguin for these items I will play in the German servers Today :)

Club Penguin Code Thieves!

Unlock FREE Item online :) Club Penguin :)

FREE Codes to say Willkommen :)

Club Penguin Membership Card with Exclusive virtual item!

If you buy a 3 Month Disney Club Penguin Membership card you will get an Exclusive virtual item to unlock too :) Thanks Dodgers4 for this picture :) How to Unlock items online?

…Speed Boat :)

Club Penguin Card Activation :)

Club Penguin Membership Cards :)

Club Penguin Membership Cards in Brazil :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Puffle Trouble Video Sneak Peek :)

This is a tweet from Club Penguin Support: Stay tuned to our YouTube channel tomorrow for a sneak peek of “Puffle Trouble” – the next official Club Penguin short!

…Look! A Sneak Peek of Herbert while he is working :)

…I think the Puffle and Klutzy working TOGETHER Sneak Peek image from the Dubstep Puffle Video will be in this Short Video too:)

Club Penguin Videos :)

UPDATE: Puffle Trouble Video and FREE Code :)

Club Penguin Fan Art BUG!

Today we ALMOST got New Club Penguin Fan Art BUT something went wrong and we got a BUG instead! The 12 New images are NOT there!

…If you mouse  over a Club Penguin Fan Image square it will get darker Blue…

…and if you click on it you will get a Loading error!

…Please Club Penguin can you fix this?

Club Penguin Fan Art

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: The empty images are now removed

Waddling around and Playing Games :)

Today I’m playing games in Club Penguin to earn coins both alone and TOGETHER with Friends :) I LOVE to just waddling around in CP and see who I meet :) Some of the FUN we have had TOGETHER Today will be posted on next Fun with Friends :)

Saraapril in Club Penguin :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Puffle Whisperer PH’s Puffle Handbook :)

Disney Club Penguin will release a New book that will be called Puffle Whisperer PH’s Puffle Handbook :) I think this is AWESOME as I LOVE PH the Puffle Handler as she ALWAYS is so helpful and kind both to Puffles and Penguins :) I guess this Book will be filled with tips about how to take care of your Puffles :) When you own this Book you will be able to Unlock a Club Penguin item Online :)

Puffle Whisperer PH’s Puffle Handbook :)

PenguinBooks Ever wanted to become a Puffle guru? Now you can, as PH - Club Penguin's number one authority on all things Puffle - leads you through the incredible world of every penguin's favourite companion.

Size : 152 x 228mm
Pages : 80
Published : 04 Oct 2012

Table of Contents :)

How to Adopt Puffles
The Pet Shop
Let’s Time Travel
Prehistoric Times
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Rome
Medieval Times
The Renaissance
The Great Puffle Discovery
How to Care for Blue Puffles
How to Care for Pink Puffles
Game Spotlight: Aqua Grabber
How to Care for Green Puffles
Game Spotlight: Jet Pack Adventure
How to Care for Black Puffles
Game Spotlight: Cart Surfer
How to Care for Purple Puffles
Game Spotlight: Dance Contest
How to Care for Red Puffles
Game Spotlight: Catchin’ Waves
How to Care for Yellow Puffles
Game Spotlight: DK3K
How to Care for White Puffles
How to Care for Orange Puffles
How to Care for Brown Puffles
Game Spotlight: Pufflescape
Game Spotlight: Puffle Launch
Game Spotlight: Puffle Rescue
Game Spotlight: Thin Ice
Game Spotlight: Puffle Roundup
Meet Some Famous Puffles
Famous Puffles: Yarr
Famous Puffles: Keeper of the Boiler Room
Famous Puffles: Loop
Famous Puffles: Flare
Famous Puffles: Bouncer
Famous Puffles: Lolz
Famous Puffles: Chirp
Make a Puffle
Make Your Own Puffle Hat
How to Draw a Puffle
Answers to Tough Puffle Questions

How to Adopt Puffles :)

The Pet Shop :)

I can hardly WAIT until this Book will be for sale :) In the mean time will read the Puffle Handbook we have here in the Puffle Shop :)

Some other Club Penguin Puffle Books

Stuck on Puffles :)

The Great Puffle Switch :)

What Your Puffle Says about You :)

PH's Great Puffle Search :)

Club Penguin Books in Spanish :)

This is a message from Happy77:

Hello penguins!
Happy77 here. I have good news! In Argentina two Club Penguin books are now available in Spanish ... Hurray! One is "La Increíble Guía Oficial de Club Penguin" which teaches about everything you need to know about the island and with this book you can unlock exclusive items online! Take a look:

La Increíble Guía Oficial de Club Penguin :)

The other book is called "Loco por los Puffles" or in English "Mad About the Puffles" and gives you all the details about the adorable creatures of Club Penguin. And is full of stickers that can be pasted wherever you want! Here's a preview:

Loco por los Puffles :)

And that's not all! I have one more surprise: these books will also be launched in Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Peru soon! In addition, the team is working hard so that there are more books in Spanish. What do you think about these developments? Let us know in the comments below!
Moving on, the theater is full of mystery and danger with the renewed work "Ruby and the Ruby." You need sharped eyed detective on stage. Can they solve the case?
And as Billybob says ... Waddle On! ;)
-Club Penguin Team


Thanks Happy77 for this info I know that these Book News will make lots of Penguins HAPPY :)

The Awesome Official Guide to Club Penguin: Expanded Edition :)

Stuck on Puffles :)

 Club Penguin Books :)

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