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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Club Penguin Times issue 339 :)

EARTH DAY IS HERE! Earth Day 2012 Party CHEATS Club Penguin :)

Earth Day is Here!

Waddle, hop, prowl or swing to the Snow Forts for the Earth Day event!

Submitted by Aunt Arctic — The Earth Day event is here! Already animals are heading to the Snow Forts to go wild! So what are you waiting for? All party animals are invited to drop by until April 24!

The Earth Day event is much more than a celebration. It’s a way to help raise awareness for endangered animals. At the Snow Forts, you’ll find a catalog called ‘Animals We’re Helping’. It’s full of interesting facts, and information on some very special animals. These animals are all being supported by Club Penguin’s 2011 Coins For Change donation. This wouldn’t have been possible without everyone’s help and support. So from all the animals, and everyone at the Club Penguin Times—thank you! Together we’re changing the world.

Animals of Earth Day :)

Earth Day is about celebrating the world, and the cool creatures we share it with! Roll over these pictures for some facts about the animals we’re supporting!

Painted Dog: African painted dogs only have four toes on each foot, instead of five!

Saiga Antelope: Saiga can eat poisonous plants that many other animals turn away from!

Andean Cat: Andean cats are very rare—they have only been observed in the wild a few times!

Snow Leopard: The bottom of their paws are covered in fur, to protect them from the cold.

Cotton Top Tamarin: These miniature monkeys can make about 38 distinct sounds, to express joy, sadness and anger!

Lion: Although sometimes called the ”king of the jungle”, lions do not live in jungles!

Rockhopper Penguin: These social penguins have blood-red eyes. Not all of them are pirates!

Black Footed Penguin: These penguins don’t live in the Antarctic, but in the cool waters of South Africa!

Megellanic Penguin: These penguins can swim underwater at speeds up to 15 miles per hour!

Tapir: Tapirs are excellent swimmers, and will hang out in water holes to cool off from the heat!

Upcoming Events :)

Until Apr. 24 Earth Day Event! Go wild for animals at the Snow Forts!

Starting Apr. 26 Ruby and the Ruby Will Jacques Hammer crack the case? Find out at the Stage...

Coming in May Prepareth thyself for an epic story...

Starting May 3: Vestments worthy  of a king or queen! Coming sooneth!

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until May 2.
Next pin hidden: May 3–May 16

News Flash :)

Set out on your safari! There are free safari hats for all Earth Day explorers at the Town Center and the Plaza. Grab yours before the party ends!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
What’s ‘Coins For Change’?–Charity
Dear Charity,
A wonderful question! I imagine if you’re somewhat new to the island, all the recent talk about Coins For Change might be a bit of a mystery. Allow me to explain. Coins For Change is an annual event, held every December, where penguins all come together to give virtual coins for good causes. During Coins For Change 2011, donations were made to causes to provide medical help, build safe places, and protect the environment. During the Earth Day event, we like to talk about which animals are being helped by our donation to help protect the environment. I’m very excited this year in particular because, along with a lot of other animals, our donation is helping to support penguins in other lands! We should all be very proud of our community for these accomplishments.

Sometimes protecting the environment can be a little hazardous...

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How can I help out the environment around the island?–Hall Purr
Dear Hall Purr,
There are actually many ways to help the environment around Club Penguin... and it all just depends on how brave you’re feeling. If you’re like me, and you’re looking to help out somewhere safe and fun, drop by the Recycling Center. It’s located next to the Mine Shack, and they’re always looking for helpers. If you’re feeling a little bold, you can help clean up the ocean in Aqua Grabber. In the Soda Seas, there are a number of barrels of Cream Soda that need to be cleaned up. But make sure you don’t sink! And lastly, if you’re particularly brave, you might just get your chance during a natural disaster. When the island tipped last January, a lot of garbage fell into the ocean, and needed to be cleaned up. Of course, that meant picking up litter as the island was sinking! If that sounds like a walk in the Forest for you, we’ll definitely want to have you around in a pinch. Thanks for your question!

Secrets Classified Puffle Launch Tips :)

Submitted by PH

Did you know there’s a bunch of secrets in Puffle Launch? Items for your igloo, Stamps, and unlock special modes. Here are a few tips that have helped me:

  • Some obstacles can actually help you out! If you’re trying to get the fastest time, try aiming for the nearest cactus, and see where it shoots you. You might find a shortcut.
  • If you’re in a cannon that’s spinning around, try shooting off in a random direction. You might wind up skipping some of the cannons!
  • And don’t worry about your puffles getting splinters or anything. Their helmets will keep them safe.

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 338 :)

More soon…

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