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Thursday, July 26, 2012

FUN with Friends and New Igloo Experience :)

When I was testing the New Igloo Experience Updates Businesmoose came and visit :) What do you think of the new igloos?

…I LOVE the New way to decorate our Igloos :) I think this update is the BEST THING EVER!

…Hi Happy77 :)

…Do you like the Invisible Igloo? YES! I LOVE IT! I think it’s so COOL that we now can Live in different locations with our without an Igloo :) And it’s AWESOME that we can keep the flooring we buy and SAVE our Decorated Igloos :)

…Thanks Businesmoose I do my best to train them :)

…Apolododorin, Challam1237 and Blue Penguin (Sorry I missed your Penguin name) came to my Igloo too and Happy77 asked if we wanted to help her looking at Igloos :) Yes we are HAPPY to help :) BUT there was a tiny problem…Happy77’s Friends List is FULL so she can’t add anyone and we quickly lost her…

…BUT we went to Businesmoose’s Igloo and I like that Office Decorated Igloo so I clicked on the Like Button :) Then we started to work and talk :) There are always lots to do in an Office :)

…Callam1237 and Happy77 are working on something too :) I wonder what it is? Maybe they Decorate an Igloo :)

…Businesmoose Showed us how it looks like when someone is busy decorating the Igloo :)

…and Now we don’t have to leave the Igloo and come back to see the latest Updates Instead we can see them immediately! AWESOME FEATURE!!!

…Thanks Friend for showing us this update :)

…and then Businesmoose took us back to the Office Igloo :)

…We went behind Businesmoose Book Shelves and got Teleported to the Box Dimension Room :)

… Bye for Now :) I will do my Best to visit and Like as many Igloo’s I can :)

…THANKS Friends for all the FUN and for visiting and Liking my Igloo :) Waddle On and have a HAPPY Day :)

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE!


Scott30230 said...

Hi Saraapril, I liked your igloo, also how did you meet Businessmoose and Happy77?
From your friend,

Magicguy216 said...

Awesome! What server was it on?

Chill57181 said...

WOW! You're so lucky to meet Businesmoose and Happy77! :O

melodon said...

hello sara:
can i meet Businessmoose and Happy77?
i want to meet them!
by winng

rustie101 said...

is Happy77 your firend saraapril

BirdPingu said...

At Businessmoose's igloo you can see my playercard on the far right of the like button!! :D

Skipper1090 said...

Wow,most people look Happy77 for years and they cant find her.But you didnt find them,they found you!You are very very very lucky!!!

Anonymous said...

How did Happy77 go to your igloo when you didn't add her?


Anonymous said...

I had Happy77, Businesmoose, and other penguins over for a camp party!


Bluey10132 said...

How did Buisness Moose get the blueprint?Do yo know?

Crzypengu said...

Thanks for putting me on the last picture saraapril.

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