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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Smoothie Smash Game CHEATS :)

How to Play Smoothie Smash in Club Penguin? You find the Game inside the Coffee Shop :)

Smoothie Smash! Play Normal or Survival :)

Instructions: How to Move? Use your arrow keys :) Normal: Jump up the correct Fruit :) Combos: Follow the recipe :)

Survival: Watch Out! Avoid hazards! Smash: Jump on fruit to heal :)

...Time to Play :)

…You will see the Fruits you need to make the Smoothie to your Costumer and the correct fruits to jump will also be highlighted :)

…Make sure that you ALWAYS jump on a Fruit or…Oops!

…catch the clock to get more time :)

…Penguins LOVE to drink Smoothies Aunt Arctic likes a mix of Strawberry, Peach, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Blue grapes, Green apples and Blackberries :)

…and Rockhopper Favorite Recipe is Bananas and Orange :)

…Herbert LOVE Smoothies too :) Blackberries, Blueberries and Peach is the Mix he wants :) Don’t worry Herbert I will do my Best to mix this Smoothie for you and after drinking it you will feel much better :)

…I LOVE the little HAPPY Tune we create if we follow the Smoothie Recipe and jump on the correct Fruits without any mistake :) WARNING! DON’T let any of the Obstacles in the Survival Mode get you as…

…they HURTS…

…OR make a Mess…LOL :)

Smoothie Smash Stamps CHEAT :)

UPDATE: Smoothie Smash Game is Third Party Advertising!

More soon…


winterwarloc said...

How do you catch the clock in the game to get more time? I seem to jump up and touch it but nothing happens. What exactly are you supposed to do to get more time? Thanks.

winterwarloc said...

I figured out that you have to press the up arrow to hold your hand up to touch the clock. It only gives you 10 seconds more time, which I think is nothing. It should add 30 seconds to the timer. Also I figured out that the clock seems to only appear if you step on 13 correct fruits in a row which isn't that easy to do. It seems hard to believe anyone would get some of those stamps like finish 20 correct orders.

Abdul54 said...

Club penguin why would penguins eat dirty everyday feet smashed juice YUCK!

Unknown said...

Saraapril can you tell club penguin to fix another bug that I have it is when I click the tours board to become a tour guide but it said I am already a tour guide when I am not a tour guide and please reply

Chaosclaw said...

Thanks! I love playing smothie smash! I love that you appreciate herbert like i do :)

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