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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Club Penguin Magazine in Spanish :)

Club Penguin Magazine in Spanish is now available in Spain and Mexico :) Here is a Video about Club Penguin Revista Oficial :)

…In Mexico the magazine is named Disney Club Penguin Revista :)

…In Argentina the magazine is named Disney Club Penguin Edicón Oficial :)

Club Penguin Magazine in Brazil :)

Club Penguin Magazine Now Available VIDEO :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Art Attack Make Your Own Puffle :)

If you like me like Club Penguin Puffles, Art and Crafts you will LOVE this Video about how to make your own Puffle :) Disney UK

FUN Activities :)

Igloo LIKE! Video :)

Here is a Disney Club Penguin Ad for the Igloo Like Feature with tips how to get your Igloo Popular :) GO CREATIVE! Show off your Igloo :)

…Thanks Sopho10 for telling me about this Video :)

NEW Igloo Experience is HERE :)

Billybob’s Toy Collection :)

Here is a Tweet from Lane Merrifield aka Billybob: Moved offices and finally got my collection set back up. How's it look?

…It’s looking GREAT :) And you have the Rock N Roll Plush Toy too :) I hope you will have FUN working in your new office on the 4th floor with the rest of development team :)

Club Penguin Toys :)

You can meet Rookie in Server Ice Box Today :)

This is a Tweet from Club Penguin by Polo Field: #Rookie may be on the Ice Box server today at 10am PST. Remember to share with others who haven't had a chance to meet him yet!

Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Super Smart Advice :)

The Super Smart Goldfish has advised me to water my Surprisus Maximus and Sprouting Spectaculus plants and then put them away for a while so they can rest and that’s what I will do :) First Water…

…here is a dark place :)

…I’m so LUCKY to have a Super Smart Friend :)

…Time to work and “Keep an eye on Rookie” again :)

…This is how Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier Fair makes Tree Green :)

Rookie is in Server Marshmallow!

This is a Tweet from Club Penguin by Polo Field: Here's another chance to meet #Rookie. Check the Marshmallow server at 10am PST today.

Servers and Times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

FREE Code to Unlock Club Penguin item :)

If you wish for the old Tricorn Hat item this is your Lucky day :) Right now you can unlock it online in Club Penguin with the code “Sombrero”

…Thanks Deja111 for telling me about this code and Thanks Matthew on Club Penguin Support for this info: “I am happy to let you know that the code 'Sombrero' is currently a free code available to all players on the island! Ironically enough, it doesn't actually give out a sombrero hat item, which is pretty funny! We hope all players enjoy waddling around with the new item that comes from this code!” And THANKS Club Penguin for this FREE item now I have two Tricorn Hats :)

Unlock items Online :) Club Penguin codes :)

Club Penguin Friends List Broken Confirmed!

Since we got the New Friends List a year ago there has been TONS of Bugs and problem with it and that has created LOTS of sadness and Frustrations around Club Penguin Island BUT now both Polo Field and Businesmoose have Tweeted that they too have problems so now Disney Club Penguin is working to fix this :)

Tweet from Polo Field about that he don’t delete from Friends List: I actually can't. My list is broken and needs to get fixed.

Tweet from Businesmoose about that more Penguins can’t be added to Friends List:

I wish I could, but my friends list is broken at the moment. We're working on getting it fixed though :)

Friends missing from Friends List BUG!

Club Penguin Safety BUG in Friends List!

Remove Friends Bug Workaround :)

The Fair on Map BUG!

The Fair sign on the Club Penguin Map is removed…BUG!

…Thanks Holland93733 for telling me about this Bug you have a Good eye for details :)

Club Penguin Bugs!

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

It was days ago the Field-Ops 101 came and I should have had a Spy Phone Message too BUT so far I STILL haven’t got a Spy Phone Indication…I will look anyway…

September 27, 2012


Hey everybody! I was so distracted by delicious popcorn, I almost refilled all the game tickets with anvils. Good thing I noticed!

…Thanks EPF Agent Holland93733 for telling me about this Message :) I agree Rookie Popcorn is so Yummy that it’s easy to be distracted...LOL :) I’m glad you discovered your almost mistake in time :) Good work Rookie :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Treasure Book - Penguin Poll :)

What’s your favorite item from the latest Treasure Book? Zombie costumes? Werewolf costume? Breezy Dress? Red Stylin’ Jacket? My Favorite is the Breezy Dress :)

…This is how the Poll looks like right now :) If you want you can vote too on YOUR Favorite answer :)

See earlier Club Penguin Poll :)

Club Penguin Featured Igloos: September 28, 2012 :)

This is a message from Happy77:


Thanks for all the fabulous igloo nominations you sent in! It was hard to choose just 3 to feature, but we really loved these designs:

Mmstar0 said: "Check out Sms8's igloo, it's really cool!"

Danceislife said: "Hey!!! Check out Einstein's igloo! His igloos are always full of surprises!"

Pengamer25 said: "You should check out my friend Tangoboy4's iggy! It's awesome! Waddle On!"

For something a little different this time, we'd love to hear why you think your own igloo design should be featured on the blog. Let us know in the comments below and we'll post more again soon!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

GREAT DECORATION WORK Sms8, Einstein and Tangoboy4 :) I like my “Keep an eye on Rookie” Igloo as from there we can work TOGETHER to find Rookie :)

Club Penguin Igloos :)

Tracking Rookie Tips :)

If you are Tracking for Rookie you will like this helpful Tweet Polo Field posted on Club Penguin Twitter: Looking for a chance to meet #Rookie? Log on to the Powder Ball server at 5pm PST today. You might be able to find him there.

Servers and Times to met Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)

The Fair Top 10 - Club Penguin VIDEO :)

The Fair Top 10 is on right Now and it will stay until October 3, 2012 :) Here is the finished Club Penguin Fair FUN Video Businesmoose recorded for a few days ago :)

…I found myself in the Video a few times :) 0:25 we are in my  Circus Animal Stall Igloo :)

…0:27 among the Bumper Cars :)

…0:32 Clown Parade :)

…0:41 I’m hidden behind a crab :)

This is a message from Businesmoose:

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying The Fair! Some of you may know who I am, but for those who don't, my name is Businesmoose and I help make videos for Club Penguin.
Here is the latest video I made with help from a few of my penguin friends. The video shows the top 10 things to do before the party ends on October 2. Enjoy!

Thank you to everyone that starred in the video! What's your favorite part?
-Club Penguin Team

By Businesmoose

My Favorite thing with this Video is all the FUN we had TOGETHER while you recorded :) CONGRATS Businesmoose to your FIRST Post on What’s New :)

Helping Businesmoose making a Video :)

Top 10 Video under Construction :)

Gone Fishing Outdoor Activity is back :)

HURRAY! The Gone Fishing Outdoor Activity is added back again under Club Penguin Fun Activities :)

See earlier Club Penguin Fun Activity update :)

New Puffle Hats Sneak Peek :)

Here are Sneak Peeks on new Disney Club Penguin Puffle Hats :) If you buy a Puffle Toy with a Hat on you will get a code to unlock that Hat for your Online Puffle :)

Mate Bandana :)

Mate Bandana :)

Ninja Mask :)

Ninja Mask :)

Polka Dot Pirate :) I like this cute Puffle Hat :) If I had this hat for ALL my Puffles I would decorate my Igloo as a forest and pretend they were fly agaric mushrooms  :)

Polka Dot Pirate :)

The Master Hat :)

The Master Hat :)

The Warrior :)

The Warrior :)

The Stone-Age Roller :)

The Stone-Age Roller :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peek :)

Club Penguin items Sneak Peek :)

Here are Pictures of Disney Club Penguin items that will be available  to unlock in the Future :)

Snow Launcher :)

Snow Launcher :)

…This is how the Animation to the Snow Launcher looks like :) UPDATE: Club Penguin Snow Launcher Membership Card :) UPDATE: This Animation is now Updated :)

…Happy Birthday Hat :) This item will have a Special Dance Action :)

Happy Birthday Hat :)

…Look at the Confetti :) Hurray! Happy Birthday! Congrats!

…Snowstorm Suit :)

Snowstorm Suit :)

…Blue Hip Hop Hoodie :) This item will have a Special Dance Action just as the one we get while dancing with a Boom Box :)

Blue Hip Hop Hoodie :)

…Pink Hip Hop Hoodie :) This item will have the Boom Box Special Dance Action too :)

Pink Hip Hop Hoodie :)

…Some Old items will be unlockable too :) Tricorn Hat (available right now if you have the code :) UPDATE: FREE code to unlock Club Penguin item :)

Tricorn Hat :)

…Jet Pack :) This old item has a Special Action Dance :) Trivia: This item was available for the first time in Club Penguin during the Festival of Flight August 2009 :)

Jet Pack :)

Club Penguin Sneak Peek

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Creepy Halloween Fun in Club Penguin!

Here is a Tweet and a Halloween Sneak Peek Picture that Polo Field has posted on the Club Penguin Twitter:

Here's a little sneak peek of some creepy Halloween fun you'll see in October. Stay tuned for more info..

…Look! A Key and chains that might be open a way to a secret mysterious room! I wonder if Great Uncle Gariwald is hiding there? There are ghosts on the wallpaper and ghost statues and Polo Field has a very Scary Costume…AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Great Uncle Gariwald – Halloween Sneak Peek!

Ghost just wanna Dance – Club Penguin Music Sneak Peek!

Party Update: The Fair 2012 :)

This is a Message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!
It's great seeing so many of you coming out to The Fair, playing games and checking out the Puffle Circus. And get this, we just released all new prizes in both Prize Booths. So make sure you check them out.

What's your favorite item from the Prize Booths? Leave a comment and let us know!
Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

…The super cute Balloon Flower Hat is my Favorite Fair item :) And I think the Paddle Ball item is Fun too :)

MORE Fair items in the Prize Booths :)

Club Penguin Cheats – The Fair 2012 :)

Field-Ops 101 EPF CHEATS :)

HELLO ALL EPF AGENTS! Gary needs us! Click on Spy Phone…

…New Field-Op Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders! Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary! Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…Hi Saraapril :) Our security cameras just overheard a cow talking about a malfunctioning fish grill. We should check it out. Check each of the fish dog carts, and fish burger stands, and make sure the grills are working safely. Okay Uncle G I will do that right away!

…Here it is at the Stadium or as it’s called right now the Bumper Cars Arena :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…Location Found! Destroy the circuits! Match circuit symbols to overload the wiring. Be quick! Time is running out! Click on Engage…

…One more and…DONE :)

…Well done Agent. It appears that someone filled that fish grill up with cotton candy, and the cleaning system was overloaded. Thankfully you found it before any major damage was done. Enjoy the rest of the Fair!

…I’m HAPPY that I could help G :) This mission made me HUNGRY I think I will eat a Fish Dog with Cotton Candy on top :)

See earlier Field-Op 100 :)

How to add Saraapril’s Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker :)

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