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Friday, September 21, 2012

Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” Server Crunch :)

I have just worked TOGETHER with lots of EPF Agents with the Mission “Keep an eye on Rookie” in Server Crunch and I can report that so far everything at the Fair is going smoothly :) At the Plaza I met Chattabox :) Sadly her Igloo wasn't open for Everyone so I couldn't go there…

…Time to “Keep an eye on Rookie” Let’s find him!

…Great Agent work The Og Pehngu! The Field Ops is at the Ski Hill Fluffy5000 :) Don’t be sad Jwild we will soon meet Rookie too :)

…We waited TOGETHER for Rookie at the Farm on the Beach and suddenly he came :)

…Sadly Rookie doesn't have a New Background for this Party! Oh well…Penguins that haven’t meet him before will be HAPPY for the Old Background :)

…Rookie said that he always wanted to have a Chicken :) We sang the Farm Song “Old Mac Sensei” and did our best to keep an eye on Rookie BUT due to all talking that wasn't easy to do…LOL :)

…We went up on the Ski Hill to wait for Rookie but sadly I got the Player Card Stuck Bug so I had to Log off as I couldn't move!

…back again :) And I met Rookie at the Cove :)

…We all told Rookie how much we like him and commended him for his GREAT work :)

…I agree with Chattabox! It is nice to visit Penguins Igloos and normally I’m HAPPY to do so BUT right now we are on a Special Secret  Mission! “There is too much going on we have to keep an eye on Rookie!” GREAT Idea Rookie :) Lets jump in!

…Rookie left the Server without any Major disasters happening! Bye Rookie! GREAT TEAMWORK WORK Special EPF Agents :)

…Oops! Chattabox wasn't the only Penguin that forgot to open her Igloo for Everyone…LOL…Sorry…now it’s open :)

…THANKS ALL Agents for helping out with the “Keep an eye on Rookie” but our work is not done yet so keep your eyes open and be ready to quickly fix small Rookie mishaps before they become CATASTROPHIC!

Server and times to meet Rookie at the Fair 2012 Party :)


Caitiecat12 said...

It was so fun meeting Rookie and keeping the CP fair safe! It was even more fun getting to say hello to you Saraapril! I don't know if you remember me, but we would often talk to each other on your blog! That was a year or more ago. I don't know if you remember me, but I hope you might some day! Then we can be friends on CP too!
Caitiecat12 x
P.S, have a look at the last picture of your post, I can see me there at the beach in the red propeller cap!!! :D

Abdj634 said...

Hey abdj634 here. I was right. next. to you. Thanks for liking my igloo.

Dr. Boo boo said...

At the beginning of the post you wrote crouch instead of crunch!

Anonymous said...

I was there,
At the cove.
Your friend Rakd1

Caitiecat12 said...

Whoops, it's not the last picture, I meant I'm in the beach one saying "Saraapril" hahaha

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