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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Humbug Holiday at the Stage 2012 :)

The Play “A Humbug Holiday” from last year is back at the Stage :)


…The Costume Trunk December 2012 :)

…Now Playing A Humbug Holiday! Humbug is the grumpiest penguin in the world. He’s so grouchy, he once tried to cancel weekends. But the season of giving has come – will a holiday miracle change his heart? Probably not. But find out the answer in…A HUMBUG HOLIDAY!

…Would you like to buy Iron Lantern for 150 coins? Yes Please :)  BUT…WAIT! I bought this Lantern LAST YEAR and now I have paid for it AGAIN!?! BUG!

…The Old Costumes are back :)

…and so is the Old Background :)

…The End of the Catalog :)

Tour Guide Message:

Welcome to the Stage. Tickets please! Currently showing A Humbug Holiday Will Humbug ever learn his lesson? Probably not, but grab a costume to find out!


A Humbug Holiday
Ghost of Yesterday: Knock knock!
Humbug: Who's there? Go away I'm sleeping!
Ghost of Yesterday: It's the Ghost of Yesterday. Hi!
Humbug: So? What do you want?
Ghost of Yesterday: I'm here to remind you...
Humbug: Bah! I know this story. I've been unkind, I get it
Ghost of Yesterday: Nah, I don't care about that. I'm here to remind you...
Ghost of Yesterday: ...about your laundry! You left socks in the dryer
Humbug: Oh, thank you!
Humbug goes back to sleep
Ghost of Today: Knock knock!
Ghost of Today: I said KNOCK KNOCK!
Humbug: Bah! I'm trying to sleep! Who is it now?!
Ghost of Today: It's me the Ghost of Today
Humbug: What's so important?
Ghost of Today: There's a holiday sale on fruit cake. TODAY ONLY!
Humbug: Dried fruit dessert! My favorite! Thank you, ghost
Humbug buys eleventeen fruit cakes
Humbug: Now to enjoy this dried fruit delicacy in peace
Humbug: Ooh extra prunes!
Ghost of Tomorrow: scratches at window
Humbug: Ugh what's that awful sound?!
Ghost of Tomorrow: Fruitcaaaaake
Humbug: Who said that?
Ghost of Tomorrow steps out of shadows
Humbug: Ghost, are you here to show me my future?
Ghost of Tomorrow: Yes!
Humbug: Well what is it?
Ghost of Tomorrow: I foresee disappointment
Ghost snatches Humbug's fruitcake and runs away
Humbug: BAH! My fruitcake! Come back thief!
Humbug: shakes flipper
Humbug: And everyone wonders why I'm so grumpy!
Director: Places please!
Director: 5 minute call, actors to the stage.
Director: Let's take it from the top!
Director: That's a wrap!

More soon…


Snowsnookie3 said...

There is a new snow and sports catalog out

winterwarloc said...

Did you notice on page 5 of the script it says "eleventeen" I didn't know there was such a number! Bug!!

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