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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Club Penguin Global Citizenship :)

The Disney Club Penguin Global Citizenship Page is Updated :)

Changing the World, Together

We’re committed to encouraging and empowering kids to take action, help others, and change the world.
We support projects that build safe places, provide medical help, and protect the earth. So far, we've donated upwards of $8.5 million (US dollars) and helped over 1 million people in more than 40 countries.
And that's just the beginning. With our players' help we can do even more!

Build Safe Places

Changing the World, Together
From schools and community centers, to educational programs and playgrounds, Club Penguin is committed to providing kids and families around the world safe places to live, learn and play.

The simple act of play brings joy and hope. With Playground Builders, Club Penguin constructs playgrounds for children affected by war, poverty and natural disasters. These efforts provide jobs and bring money into local economies.

Educational Programs
To revitalize and empower communities, War Child and Street Children International provide education on women and children's rights, conflict resolution, self-protection, health, civic engagement, and gender-based violence awareness and prevention. Training for police, probation and welfare officers, and local judges helps ensure women and children are properly protected.

Activity & Community Centers
By building community centers, we help children avoid dangerous and exploitative work by providing them opportunities to play. Club Penguin partners with War Child and Un Techo Para Mis Pais to build youth centers where young people organize recreational activities, including team sports and music. Families can also take part in support programs for literacy and skill training.

Libraries bring communities much needed access to reading materials, supporting literacy and knowledge. Club Penguin works with Free The Children and Partners in the Horn of Africa to provide books, computers and information. These libraries supplement the basic education program by encouraging kids to read and learn on their own.

Too many children around the world are unable to attend school due to war, distance, lack of teachers, resources and facilities. Through partnerships with organizations such as Free The Children and Partners in the Horn of Africa, Club Penguin funds the construction of schools and classrooms, helping children get an education.

Provide Medical Help

Changing the World, Together
From clinics and clean water projects, to medical treatments and nutritional programs, Club Penguin is comitted to helping kids and families around the world live healthier, longer lives.

Hospital Care Packages
Having to stay in a hospital is hard on children. The Disney Hospital Care Package Program brings care packages to more than 450 hospitals. Club Penguin themed care packages bring comfort and a sense of normalcy to patients, by providing opportunities for play, and helping them stay connected with their friends and families.

Nutrition Programs
In many countries, malnutrition is a contributing factor to high mortality rates. Many children die before the age of five due to a lack of proper nutrition. With Partners in Health and the International Rescue Committee, Club Penguin provides nutritional support to HIV and TB patients, pregnant women and malnourished children. Educational programs teach families about maintaining a balanced diet and help provide supplementary foods.

Surgeries & Medical Treatments
Communities can focus on developing sustainable health services by training local surgeons and health workers. Through its partnership with the Children's Surgical Centre (CSC), and Partners In Health, Club Penguin improves the lives of disabled children and adults. CSC provides a variety of services including orthopedic, eye, plastic and burn surgeries.

Clinics & Hospitals
Clinics and hospitals provide much needed health services, and help distribute vaccines, treatment for malnutrition, as well as HIV testing and care. By supporting Free The Children, and Partners in Health, Club Penguin builds clinics and hospitals in remote and impoverished communities to bring health care to more than a million people.

Clean Water Projects
In many places around the world clean water isn't readily accessible, and people have to travel miles by foot to collect it. Yet clean water is vital in the prevention of illness. Through Free The Children, Club Penguin brings clean water to more than 25,000 children and families in schools, orphanages, homes, local hospitals and clinics. 

Protect the Earth

Changing the World, Together
From protecting animals and habitats, to planting trees and educating communities, Club Penguin is comitted to protecting the earth and the creatures that call it home.

Connecting Kids to Nature
Educating children about animals and their habitats is an important step towards conservation. Club Penguin funds a variety of programs that connect kids to nature. These include conservation camps, and educational programs in schools that inspire kids to protect their natural habitat.

Community Gardens
Community gardens give people access to fresh produce. Club Penguin works with Free The Children and helps build community gardens around the world. These community gardens benefit families and individuals by connecting and educating them about growing healthy foods and helping them supplement their nutritional needs.

Reforestation Programs
Tree nurseries are an important part of reforestation programs. Club Penguin partners with Free The Children to help fund tree nurseries. Our teams around the world also plant trees in their local communities. These trees help reforest areas where people and animals live, rebuilding habitats and helping maintain balanced ecosystems.

Habitat Preservation Projects
By helping preserve animal habitats, we can protect numerous species around the world. Club Penguin works with the Wildlife Conservation Network and Rare Conservation to help protect forests and oceans by teaching communities to use sustainable agriculture and fishing practices along with alternative incomes. We are working to preserve forests, coral reefs, wetlands and the wild animals that call these places home.

Species Protection & Conservation Programs
Protecting animals is an important part of maintaining a balanced ecosystem. With partners such as the Global Penguin Society and the Wildlife Conservation Network, Club Penguin directly supports the protection and conservation of nearly a dozen animal species. Our partners use science management, field research and community education to help promote and protect endangered animals.

Think WE!

In partnership with Free The Children, Club Penguin presents Think WE! a motivational speaking tour and leadership program for school children aged 8-14. Think WE! is a free program designed to inspire kids to make a difference in their own communities, and around the world.

Matching Gift Program

Kids who raise money for Free The Children's Adopt-a-Village program, either on their own, with friends or their school can apply for the Big Dreamers Award. Apply now and Club Penguin could match your donation up to $5,000.

Coins For Change

Every year during Coins For Change, players donate their virtual coins to decide how a $1 million donation will be split between 3 deserving causes. Their generosity helps children, families & endangered animals around the world.

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