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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Club Penguin Parents :)

The Disney Club Penguin Parent Page is Updated :)

Welcome Parents

Club Penguin is an ever-changing world where the possibilities to create, socialize, and play are literally endless (not literally, that'd be tough). As a parent, you're probably scheduling a meeting, practicing yoga, and trying to hide vegetables in spaghetti sauce while reading this. We'll give you the need-to-knows on this page, so let's get started.

Things You Need to Know

Play Games
Playing is the best part of any day. So we've made over 20 different games for your kid (or you) to play.
Adopt Pets
It's nice to feel needed. Players can adopt puffles that are perfect for them, and learn the responsibilities of pet care.
Customize their Penguin
Members can show off their unique style with new clothing items every month. Keytar, tuxedo, hat? Go for it!
Chat with Friends
Intuitive safe chat helps kids talk to friends by suggesting phrases, while blocking inappropriate language.

Decorate their Igloos
Let your kid create their dream igloo with new items each month. Whether it's a disco inferno slime pit or a dentist office - the sky's the limit.
Join the Party
Players can join our themed events. From Super Hero to Halloween, there's a new experience every month.
Become a Ninja
Through action-packed games of Card-Jitsu, players battle the elements of water and fire to progress as a ninja.
Become a Secret Agent
Players can be the hero and protect the island in a variety of challenges as part of the Elite Penguin Force.

New Content - Every Week!
From the latest hoodie to a new desk lamp, collectable pins to themed parties, there's always something that's perfect for everyone.

Get More With Membership

Has your child ever said "I-need-a-Membership-'cos-my-puffle-needs-a-new-hat-and-I've gotta-get-to-the-fifth-level-of-System-Defender-or-Herbert's-gonna-take-over-the-WORLD!"?
Allow us to translate. As a member your child can explore endless possibilities to be exactly who they want to be.
They can also:
Find the perfect pet puffle to match their personality
Get a place of their own, and decorate it any way they like
Access special events and experiences only reserved for members
Express their unique style with hundreds of different clothing items
Outperform themselves and their friends with extra mini-game levels

Learning and Development

We've created games that expose your child to concepts in problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and EVEN math. (Hopefully they won't notice).

Motor Skills
Our games give your child the chance to practice their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and the ancient art of typing.

Kids can get creative in many different ways - from designing outfits to decorating their own igloos - without getting glue on your sofa.

We like it when kids work together, that's why we create tricky mazes, hide dinosaur eggs, and give them mysteries to solve together.

Money Management
Money doesn't grow on trees. By playing games to earn coins, kids can learn to save up for what they want the most.

Global Awareness
Through our Coins For Change campaign, players can learn how good it feels to give back. And they always blow our minds with their generosity.

Snowball battles and fashion shows are more fun with friends. So we make sure there are lots of ways for your kid to make new friends with other penguins.

We help your kid feel grown-up without the stress. You'd be surprised how many of them take up jobs in the Pizza Parlor, or ask us for ironing boards for their igloos.

What We Believe In

We think kids are pretty awesome. And we believe that every child should have a safe place to play. So everything we do stems from our values and commitment to safe and fun online play.

Friendship & Community
We understand that a sense of belonging is important to kids. So we make sure players from around the world can chat, make new friends, and create their own social groups.
Creativity & Imagination
Players amaze us with creative fashion, igloos and unique role-play. We listen to their ideas and react, giving them the tools to help spark their imaginations and express their creativity.
Exploration & Discovery
We know that kids love to discover and explore new things. We want to give our players the opportunity to find hidden secrets around the island, and take on amazing new adventures.


History of Club Penguin

The ideas behind Club Penguin go back to 2000. But the real story began in 2005, when the three founders of Club Penguin started work on a virtual world. Their goal was to create a safe place where their own children and grandchildren could play, connect and have fun online. That mission will never change.
After months of building, researching and testing, Club Penguin opened to the public in October 2005. Thanks to great reviews from players and parents, word quickly spread.
In August 2007 Club Penguin joined the Walt Disney Company, which shares its commitment to family fun and safety. This partnership allowed Club Penguin to expand, and reach more players than ever before with the help of a little Disney magic. Less than a year later, Club Penguin opened its first international office in Brighton, England, to provide international player support.
At Club Penguin we believe everyone deserves a place to live, good health, an education, and hope for a brighter future. We also believe it's fun to be a penguin! We're passionate about community, and we work hard to foster a culture of giving, both in the virtual world of Club Penguin and within our company.

Club Penguin's HQ is located in the beautiful city of Kelowna, BC, Canada and maintains offices and staff in Los Angeles, USA; Brighton, England; Sydney, Australia; São Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina.


We're going to get serious for a moment, because we know safety is important. From live moderators and filtered chat, to an ad-free play environment and special parent tools, we strive to be the safest place on the internet.

Here are some online safety tips to share with your child:
Never give out personal information online. Your real name, age, where you live, phone number or school.
Never share your password with anyone, except your parents. Someone else might use your password and pretend to be you.
If someone does or says anything online to make you feel uncomfortable, tell your parent or guardian right away.
Choose a nickname that doesn't give away your real name, or location.

Global Citizenship

We believe that one person, big or small, has the power to change the world. We're here to help our players make a difference, in their own communities and around the globe.
Every year we give a percentage of our profits to support this vision.

Build Safe Places
We think every child deserves a safe place to live, learn, and play. We help build playgrounds, schools, libraries, and community centers around the world.
Protect the Earth
We want to be friendly neighbors to all the amazing animals in the world. We help educate kids on how to protect endangered species and their habitats.
Provide Medical Help
We want to help kids and families live longer, happier, healthier lives. We help provide communities with medical training, access to clean water, and hospitals.

Tools You'll Love

We understand that a lot of the time, getting kids to talk about the things they're into is like trying to pull teeth, from a tiger who missed his nap.

So we've developed an app to help you. We think you'll love it, but don't take our word for it, find out for yourself.

Learn about your child's experience - and join in the fun
Get game tips, secrets, and gifts to share with your child
Check out their achievements, and celebrate every ninja belt, or Stamp they earn!

Safety Awards

Club Penguin CHEATS :)

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