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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Play PSA Missions Here :)

Club Penguin has added a “Play PSA Missions “ Banner on the Fun Stuff Page :) Click on it and…

…you will find all the Penguin Secret Agency Missions :)

#1 Case of the Missing Puffles

Aunt Arctic's pet puffles are missing. Can Penguin Secret Agents find and rescue them? Break codes, use spy gadgets and face many more obstacles!

Club Penguin Times Editor in Chief, Aunt Arctic, needs the help of the PSA. Her pet puffles (a purple and green one) are missing.

Once agents accept their mission, Aunt Arctic will tell them about her missing puffles.

From there, agents can:

  • find photos at the Ice Rink
  • decode the spy code in the Pet Shop
  • get some spy gadgets from G
  • rescue penguins at the Iceberg
  • fix the crying brown penguin's telescope with your spy gadget wrench
  • go up to the Tallest Mountain and rescue the puffles!

Case of the Missing Puffles CHEATS :)

#2 G's Secret Mission

G, brilliant inventor for the Penguin Secret Agency, needs help testing new equipment. Use agent skills to solve G's riddle.

Agent G asks his Secret Agents to solve a riddle. They'll use their spy phone and head to the Ski Mountain - all the signs are in code! When they are decoded, they'll head back to G to give him the secret word. Agents are now ready to begin the mission - test drive Gary's prototype sled. 
Agents can:

  • take the sled down the mountain, and crash!
  • wake up in the wilderness
  • check out the Survival Guide
  • collect O'berries and make friends with a black puffle
  • find a pot and a stream
  • use the ski, rope and an O'berry to make a fishing pole
  • catch a fish, find a cave, collect a log, start a fire ring (help from your black puffle with his fire and puffle o), burn the survival guide
  • cook the fish, sleep and have jetpack penguin come in for the rescue

#3 Case of the Missing Coins

Coins from the Gift Shop vault are mysteriously missing. Can Penguin Secret Agents use their spy gadgets and elite skills to find them and solve the mystery?

In this mission, agents will talk to another agent character who explains that the coins in the vault have gone missing - then  then closes the vault door. Agents will head to the Gift Shop manager's office, collect a few items (including a disk) under the couch there, and:

  • get the combination number from the files & write them down
  • enter them into the vault
  • meet G in the HQ where he'll ask you to watch a video, take a key, and solve a code
  • find a giant magnet on the roof, short out the Powa Box and deactivate the magnet
  • find a tuft of white fur, report back to G (and have the option to do another small mission)
  • use their spy phone to get to the Town and talk to the brown penguin (he'll want the lights turned on in the Dance Club)
  • fix the broken fuses

#4 Avalanche Rescue

Secret Agents are needed when a Ski Hill avalanche leaves some penguins stranded. Finding mysterious clues and assemble rescue tools is all in a day's work.

Agents talk to G and request that he unlocks the Gadget Room. From there, it's all about the rescue efforts: 
Agents can:

  • get the Life Preserver Shooter
  • pick up the tuft of white fur
  • pick up the fishing rod in the Ski Lodge - then combine with life preserver
  • get the rope from the lighthouse - add to fishing rod
  • head to the Beacon for more tools
  • set their telescope up and check out the path to the stranded penguins
  • rescue the penguins
  • fix the Ski Lift for the crying penguin

#5 Secret of the Fur

Penguin Secret Agents analyze and find the source of some mysterious fur. Who is Club Penguin's villain? Complete the mission to find out.

This mission is an introduction to Club Penguins first antagonist – a Polar Bear and his pet crab. Though the bear is not actually seen in this quest the crab is, and is captured! 
G asks for help to fix his Furensic Analyzer 3000. The sample shows a few substances on the fur. Agents can:

  • find the substances on the island (Pizza Sauce, hot chocolate, Jet Pack fuel)
  • find ways to collect all the substances
  • track the mysterious creatures
  • build a trap - and catch the crab!
  • complete the fur analysis - which will show that the fur is from a polar bear...

#6 Questions for a Crab

The mysterious crab from Mission 5 gets away! Penguin Secret Agents must follow it, escape Herbert P. Bear's trap and foil his evil plans.

After the capture of the crab, G discovers the creature can’t speak. It is being held in a cage of some sort but questioning it proves futile. So, G builds a ‘translation’ machine to interpret all the crab’s incessant clicking. Mission 6 begins here. The ‘translation’ machine is introduced, but when G shows it to the agent it malfunctions and explodes. The explosion breaks the cage holding the crab, who then escapes. The agent’s job is to follow the crab. G will stay behind to clean up the mess and fix the machine. It may come in useful down the road. 
Agents can:

  • follow the crab through the wilderness to the polar bear’s den (where he'll walk straight into a trap set by the polar bear)
  • listen to the villain's "monologuing tirade' which includes important aspects of his back story and his current plan (an attempt to get warm includes chopping down the Ski Lodge and using the wood to make the ultimate bon fire hot enough to keep him warm for week)
  • escape the bear’s trap and foil his plot

#7 Clockwork Repairs

Agent G shows a video of the clock tower destruction at the Snow Forts! Penguin Secret Agents must be resourceful to fix the clock and save the island.

At the HQ, G shows agents a video of the destruction of the clock at the Snow Forts. 
Agents can:

  • find the target from Team Blue
  • find the spring (lots of steps including a magnet, the Test Chamber, and Snow Forts)
  • find/create the gear (agent must go into many rooms and collect a lot of different things)
  • re-start the clock!

#8 Mysterious Tremors

Agent G has evidence that Herbert P. Bear is behind the destructive tremors around the island. Penguin Secret Agents must solve the mystery!

Agent G lets agents know that the temors (Oops! Text BUG! It should be tremors) that have been disrupting CP aren't natural. He points the PSA to the Dock to check things out. 
Seems like Herbert P. Bear and his sidekick Klutzy have been there. Agents can:

  • Collect pieces of the map (use the green puffle and a penguin in line to help you!)
  • Secure the Gift Shop
  • Enter the tunnels
  • Find Herbert's drill (use Spy Phone tools, too)
  • Fix what Herbert's wrecked!

#9 Operation: Spy & Seek

Penguin Secret Agent mission: set up three special transmitters to help track villain Herbert P. Bear!

Agent G asks for agents to help find Herbert. Agents begin by putting three transmitters, a deflated duck, and kite construction plays into their inventory. Then they'll check their maps and find 3 "X" where G wants them to plant the transmitters. 
Agents can:

  • collect materials to make a kite (after they find string, paper, sticks) 
  • help penguins find some Find Four pieces
  • help a penguin at the Dock to start his boat, fix the kite and attach the transmitter to the sign on the mountain!
  • fix the deflated duck (with gum you collect and the boat pump penguin) and send the transmitter onto the water
  • fix the Mine Shack cart and send the transmitter there
  • look through the Binoculars 3000 to see interesting Herbert footage that gives you clues for the next mission

#10 Waddle Squad

Agents have tracked villain Herbert. Now on a secret mission and with help from G, Rookie and Jet Pack Guy, they must use their penguin spy skills to trap him.

Having successfully tracked down and intercepted information from Herbert in their last mission, the Agent has waited anxiously for HQ to call them in again. Agents speak with G, Jet Pack Guy and Rookie regarding a top-secret mission with a golden puffle. The PSA’s mission is to guard the golden puffle statue in the Night Club. The briefing is interrupted by Herbert (via webcam) who says that he’s coming after all of the puffles. Rookie blurts out that Herbert will never catch the golden puffle. Herbert changes his plans to focus on capturing the golden puffle. Agents can:

  • hear the Director telling them that the golden puffle is a fake to trap Herbert
  • help the Gift Shop manager
  • help Rookie to power the needed magnet
  • help Jet Pack Guy to fuel the jet pack
  • set the trap for Herbert
  • trap Herbert
  • see Rookie give Herbert his spy phone... and watch the villain escape...

Waddle Squad CHEATS :)


#11 The Veggie Villain

The Penguin Secret Agency will do whatever it takes to protect agent IDs. Agents face an epic showdown with Herbert P. Bear that will change the PSA forever!

Mission 11 is the last and final mission under the PSA banner and presented in this format. This Mission will feature the destruction of the PSA and hint at the take over of the EPF for all things spy. 
Agents start the mission in the HQ. From there, agents can:

  • head to the Gift Shop
  • help the sad brown penguin
  • grab the corn and head back to HQ to hear Herbert proclaim he will "out" the PSA
  • stop the pesky polar bear's broadcast
  • solve the corn maze
  • get trapped by Herbert
  • solve the lock puzzle
  • see the Ski Village and PSA explode in a giant mass of popcorn!

The Veggie Villain CHEATS :)

…Sadly we can no longer earn the rewards or earn any Stamps! I think it’s WRONG to take the PSA Missions out of Club Penguin as they are so much FUN and are an important part in the Agency History! Please Club Penguin can you bring these missions back into the Online Game again where they belong?

PSA – Penguin Secret Agency :)


Boofle8 said...

I am glad that they have added the PSA missions as they were great fun to do.
I do wish that they include them back into the main game as new penguins can no longer earn 22 stamps and this would further limit the stamps they can earn.

winterwarloc said...

They sure made that hard to find. Thanks for showing us Saraapril.

Juanito29434 said...

do you think we can get the items some other way?

Holland93733 said...

Wonder what will happen to the Phoning Facility... It can't just stay there, destroyed.

Caitiecat12 said...

These PSA missions were my favourite part of Club Penguin! It was such a different and unique challenge. We must make sure Club Penguin get the message that we want these back! They should even make new missions like the old PSA ones!
I have messaged Club Penguin, but we all need to to make a difference! We can do this! x

Anonymous said...

I want to play missions on my account, but I don't know how. >.< Is there a way?

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