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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coins for Change 2011 Result Video :)

THANKS Billybob (Lane Merrifield) and Club Penguin for encouraging us to work hard TOGETHER to Change the World :) TOGETHER we have the Power to make the world to a better Place :)

…This is how the 2 Million dollars got divided by us that donated to Coins for Change 2011 Online: $640,000 to Provide Medical Help :)

…$620,000 to Building Safe Places :)

…$740,000 to Protecting the Earth :)

…THANKS to EVERYONE that Helped and Please talk to your Family and Friends about ideas how you TOGETHER can keep Helping :)

Coins for Change :)

CONTEST! Make a Club Penguin New Year’s Celebration Video :)

Create the Best Animation and Star in your own Club Penguin New Year’s Celebration Video :) Once again Sketch a Star on Miniclip has a make your own Video Contest :) Create your own Club Penguin video showing how to celebrate the New Year or some special resolutions for 2012 and submit it today. Three Miniclip awards are up for grabs! Waddle around, make new friends and get 2012 started. There’s always something new to discover in Club Penguin. You can win Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award! Awards given on 12 January 2012 :) To start click on Enter this Contest…

…and be Creative :) Thanks 1candy0 for telling me about this Contest :) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Club Penguin Contests :)

Payday in Club Penguin January 1, 2012 :)

Club Penguin start the New Year by Sending Tour Guides and EPF Agents their Paychecks :)

…an EPF Agent around Club Penguin :)

…Thanks for the 600 coins Club Penguin :) I will use them to buy Food for my Puffles :)

See earlier Payday December 2011

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