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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Treasure Book CHEATS Club Penguin :)

The Club Penguin treasure Book has been Updated Today :) This is the 15th release of the Treasure Book :) To Unlock items Online you need a Code that you will get while buying some Club Penguin Toys :) How to Unlock items Online?

…The Ocean Sunset, Sea Snail, Black Flippers, Deep Diver Suit and Ocean Bloom Mermaid :)

…The Blue Shipshape, The Corsair, Blue Buccaneer Dress and Helmsman Vest :)

…Blueberry Bunny Costume, Country Jester Hat, Country Jester Staff, Country Jester, Rainbow Puffle Toque and Orange Pufflemania Jacket :)

…The Curly Lochs,Shamrock Skirt, The Highlander, Emerald Kilt and Loch Ness Costume :)

…The Raven, Emerald Necklace, Golden Quilted Coat, Cherry Pumps, The Jammin’, Aviator Sunglasses, Puffle Skate Shirt and Green Light Up Shoes :)

…Green Puffle, White Puffle, Blue Puffle, Brown Puffle, Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Black Puffle, Yellow Puffle, Orange Puffle and Purple Puffle :)

…500 coins :)

This you can see the earlier Treasure Book :)

More Soon…

Penguin Style Catalog - Penguin Poll :)

A New Penguin Style Catalog is out now! What's your favorite outfit? The Diver Suit? The Pink Stripe Bikini? The Marine Vest Outfit? The Hip Red Jacket?

…Hmmm…The Catalog is NOT out yet…I will be back and answer this question later :)

Membership FUN January 2012 :)

Members, dive into the new expedition in January!

  • Discover secret rooms
  • Collect exclusive  party items and outfits
  • Jump on Stage with Twelfth Fish costumes
  • Coming in February: Step into the style spotlight with a special event!

…This will be so Much FUN! I can Hardly WAIT Until this start! (Hope this Party will be Bug Free) I like how cute the Pink Puffle looks like in the Picture :)

(Animation will be added here soon)

More soon…

Coins for Change 2011 Wallpaper :)

We have got a NEW Coins for Change Wallpaper for 2011 :) This year you can download it both to your Computer AND iPhone :)

…THANKS Club Penguin :) I will add this on my Computer right now :)

More soon…

Coins for Change Page Updated :)

The Disney Club Penguin Coins for Change Page is Updated :) The Result Video is added and so is a New Wallpaper :)

More Soon…

Coins for Change 2011 the Result are in on Home Page :)

The Club Penguin Home Page is Updated with the Coins for Change 2011 Result Video :)

…Oops! A BUG!

…Now it Work :)

More Soon…

Lighthouse Under Water!

Look at the Underwater Party Sign in Happy77’s Sneak Peek Video! The Lighthouse is under water and there is a door to…Thanks Youyouyou767 for noticing that detail :) This Party will be AWESOME :) I hope we will meet Friendly Crabs down there and the Squid :) What if a SEA MONSTER Lives there!!! LOL…Time will tell :)

What is New in Club Penguin January 2012?

Club Penguin 2012 :)

Sneak Peek: Penguin Style January 2012 Video :)

Here's a little Sneak Peek of the January 2012 clothing catalog at the Gift Shop in Club Penguin :)

There will be two new backgrounds In the Deep and Beach Day, a Blue Scuba Tank for 400 coins, Green Grid Hoodie, Green MP3000, Blue Aviator Shades, White Sandals, Blue Starglasses, Pink Stripe Bikini, Magenta Sandals and much more :)

Oops! A Year Bug :) This Typo is now Fixed :)

UPDATE: LOOK the Town is tilted to the Left! Thanks Wboys14 for noticing you have a Good eye for details :) What’s going on? Is Club Penguin sinking? Why is Club Penguin Tipping? Underwater Party on the way :)

UPDATE: I took a closer look at Happy77’s Inventory and Look! She has a double item BUG! TWO Aunt Arctic Hats…LOL :)

…I like the Red Scarf I hope it will be hidden in the catalog :) And She has unlocked a Red Whistle :) Cool! I have a Grey :)

UPDATE: The Red Whistle is found in Treasure Book Series 7 :) The Note Necklace in Gold are a NEW item and so are the Red Electric Bass Guitar Stompin' Bob has :) And Happy77 has 311 Stamps to earn while we have 306 right now :) The Box Costume is a Body item and shouldn’t be found under Neck items…BUG! (My Box Costume is still under Body items :) Thanks Trainman 1405, Cpx Xd and Cherrypepsi9 for this info :)

UPDATE: Lighthouse Under Water!

What is New in January 2012 Club Penguin?

Fan Art in Book Room :)

The Art is Updated on the Book Room Wall :)

Club-Penguin-2012-01-04 00.46.35 - Copy

See earlier Club Penguin Fan Art in Book Room :)

More soon…

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