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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puffle Plush 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Here are MORE cute, cool and cozy Puffle Plush Toys :)

Blue Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Blue Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Green Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Green Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Red Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Red Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Black Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Black Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Pink Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Pink Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Purple Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Purple Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Yellow Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Yellow Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

White Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

White Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Brown Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

Brown Plush Puffle 4 Inch Series 9 :)

toywiz Each Puffle includes a coin with a code to Unlock Items Online :)

Puffle Plush 4 Inch Series 5 :)

Puffles Plush 3-pack :)

Puffle Plush 4 Inch Series 11 :)

More Club Penguin Toys :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

There are so Many BIG and SAD Bugs in Club Penguin that I have blogged about today and here is an annoying common Bug Club Penguin stubbornly keep deliver…drumroll…“items not show on Friends List BUG”

…and the boring Monster Muzak Non Members get tricked into an Forever Loading BUG and must Log off Bug is Back AGAIN! Thanks Trainman 1405 for telling me this :) Message to Disney Club Penguin: It is very unkind to first fool Non members that they can buy an item and the send them into a Forever Loading Bug! As this Bug has happened so many times with this specific item it is clearly a lack of competence on your part!

…Detail: This Text has been added on create a Penguin: Club Penguin will send your parent an email with an activation code. Create a Penguin UPDATE :) There is also a checkbox for I agree to the CLUB PENGUIN RULES that was added earlier :)

Club Penguin BUGS!

Treasure Book Slow Loading BUG!

If you click on Club Penguin Toys and then tries to open the Treasure Book it takes a annoyingly Long time for it to load! Thanks Trainman 1405 for telling me about this Loading Bug :)

…The X to close the Book doesn't work either!

Treasure Book items to Unlock :)

See MORE Club Penguin BUGS!

Spy Phone Message from Rookie :)

LOOK! A Spy Phone Message!

January 5, 2011


I've got BIG news! I was asked to help plan this month's Expedition Party! I have lots of good ideas too. Read about it in next week's newspaper!

…Thanks EPF Agent Hearts34 for telling me about this Message :) AWESOME Rookie! See you at the Underwater Party :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

Non Member Holidays items STOLEN!

During the Holiday Party 2011 ALL Penguins got 12 FREE Gifts by opening doors in the Calendar :) BUT now Non Member can’t use the Candy Cane duo Pin or Holiday Stocking Pin or Milk N’ Cookies Pin! Neither can they use the Reindeer Pin that could be found in the Pizza Parlor! When a Non Member click on any of these four Pins they will NOT be added on their Player Card! Thanks Disney175 for telling me this! Luckily they don’t get the Buy a Membership ad as they do if they click on the CFC 2011 Pin that Club Penguin so meanly changed to a Member item!

…I did some Tests and found that all the Backgrounds Non Members got through the Calendar can still be used BUT NONE of the other items! The Jingle Bell Hat the CFC Cap the Tree Topper the Hornament Hat and the Gingerbread Cookie Costume can’t be used!

Conclusion: Most of the Christmas Gifts Non Members got are STOLEN! Thanks Disney Club Penguin GRINCH!

See MORE problems in Club Penguin BUG!

UPDATE: Club Penguin gave the Non Members their Holiday items Back :) HURRAY! BUT the CFC 2011 Pin is STILL not available for Non Members!

CP Robbing kids on Santa Chair Background!

Club Penguin gave ALL Penguins the FREE Santa Seat Background during the Holiday Party 2011 BUT Now Non Members are no longer able to use it! Thanks Stargazer x3 for telling me about this Bug :)

…Oops! To wear this item you need to become a member. We’d love to have you join!

…Once again…SHAME on Disney Club Penguin! And by the way start to FIX ALL THE BUGS before ALL Penguins STOP Paying for Memberships!

Why did Club Penguin Lose the BAFTA Awards 2011?

Club Penguin Bugs!

Coins for Change 2011 SHAME on Club Penguin!

TOGETHER ALL Penguins BOTH Members and Non Members worked so HARD TOGETHER to collect 10.8 Billion coins during Coins for Change 2011! ALL Penguins could earn and proudly wear the CFC 2011 Pin and we were ALL so HAPPY to take part in this and help kids in the Real world! BUT Now Disney Club Penguin has ROBBED Non Members of their well deserved Pin and Today they made it to a MEMBER PIN! Thanks Tania1999 for telling me about this! Oops! To wear this item you need to become a member. We’d love to have you join!

…SHAME ON YOU CLUB PENGUIN! Don’t dare to blame this on a “Bug” SHAME! SHAME!! SHAME!!!

UPDATE: January 6, 2012 Non-members have got the CFC 2011 Pin back

Coins for Change Result at the Beach

Rockhopper and Yarr are further Away!

The Migrator is now Far away from Club Penguin and will soon disappear from the Horizon…

…FAIR WINDS FRIENDS!!!! I Hope they Heard me…YES THEY DID! Yarr is waving from the crow’s Nest :) Waving Back :)

…See how Rockhopper’s Ship The Migrator looked like Earlier Holiday Party 2011 is over and…

Field-Ops 63 EPF CHEATS :)

ATTENTION! The Spy Phone is on RED!

…New Field-Ops Available! Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders. Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary :) Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…WHAT! This is the OLD Field-OP! BUG! By the Way the  Fireworks are REMOVED at Ski Hill and Iceberg!

…I will Log off and clear my Cache…Back! No Indication of a Field–Ops…

…I went to the Command Room again and this Time I got the NEW Field-Ops :) Since Herbert's capture, we’ve been monitoring all crab activity around the Island. And things have been strongly quiet, We need to scan the ocean for any unusual signals. Do a sweep of the shore, and report back.

…I will start look here at the Beach…HURRAY I Found it :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…BUT Instead of a Field-Op Mini Game I got the Spy Phone and…

…then I got a Connection was lost BUG! The Spy Phone went back ringing AND Penguins magical appeared at the Beach!!!???? WHAT’S Going on Club Penguin?

…Once again I’m back in Club Penguin trying to do the Bug Filled now NOT FUN Field-Op…Signal Detected! Break the Code! Scan symbols to find the right combination! Green = Symbol Correct :) Yellow = Symbol is in the wrong Place! Red Symbol is Wrong! Click on Engage…


…I earned one Medal and got a Message from Uncle Gary the Gadget Guy: Well done Agent! It looks like you intercepted a strange signal. It's very weak, but we should be able to translate it. There's no cause for concern yet, but stay on alert. I've got a feeling we need to be ready.

…I have a feeling that someone at Club Penguin should be REPLACED!There are WAY to Many BUGS in Disney Club Penguin and that RUINS ALL the FUN!!! See more problems from the Online Game Club Penguin BUG!

See earlier Field-Ops 62 :)

Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Today we got items for the Underwater Party :) Penguin Style January 2012 :) As Always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :) Detail: Look how the screen go white while open the Catalog Now :)

…In the Deep BG and the Beach Day BG are NEW Backgrounds and cost 60 coins each :)

…Sadly Non Members can’t buy the New Background! BUG! PLEASE Club Penguin can you fix this Fast?

…There are LOTS of NEW Items :) The Classic 400 coins, Marine Vest Outfit 450 coins, Bronze Music Note Necklace 350 coins, Green MP3000 500 coins and Green Grid Hoodie 450 coins :) I LOVE how we now can see how the items will look like on our Player Cards directly in the Catalog :)

…Mouse over this page and find Hidden Secret Items :) The Old Blue Flippers 225 coins and Pink Flippers 200 coins are back :)

…and so are the old Blue Mask and Snorkel 250 coins and Pink Mask and Snorkel 200 coins :)

…here are MORE NEW Items :) Tallest Haircut 350 coins, Hip Red Jacket 450 coins, The Sweet Knot 350 coins, Magenta Scarf 300 coins, Pink Silk Blouse 450 coins and Magenta Sandals 150 coins :)

…Blue Aviator Shades 200 coins, Blue Scuba Tank 400 coins, Blue Surf Shorts 350 coins, White Sandals 150 coins, Blue Starglasses 200 coins and Blue Water Bottle 200 coins and Pink Stripe Bikini 350 coins :)

…The Old and FUN Lifeguard Outfit is Back for Sale :) I LOVE Penguins at Work items :) Lifeguards ANIMATED :)

…More old items :) Tree Costume 600 coins :)

…Reindeer Head 450 coins and Reindeer Costume 550 coins :)

…Tundra Board 400 coins :)

…Big Bad Wool Hooves 200 coins :)

…Wool Socks 100 coins :)

…And here we have 25 NEW Custom Hoodies 400 coins each :)

…The Red Viking Helmet 750 coins :) Open and close three times then open again…

…CONGRATS! You have found the Secret Blue Viking Helmet 1200 coins :)

…Pink Flower Sandals 160 coins :)

…Brown Leather Cuffs 100 coins :)

…The Sidewinder 500 coins, White Diva Sunglasses 225 coins, Pink Hoodie 300 coins, Pearl Necklace 550 coins and Pink Checkered Shoes 300 coins :)

…Puffle Raincoat 350 coins and Yellow Rubber Boots 280 coins :)

…Golden Fairy Wings 350 coins, Girl’s Pilot Cap 330 coins and Fairy Flight Outfit 400 coins :)

…Flashlight 120 coins :)

…Candy Corn Costume 100 coins :)

…Horse Costume 500 coins and Horse Hooves 200 coins :)

…Frankenpenguin Hat 250 coins and Frankenpenguin Costume 450 coins :)

…Superhero Mask 100 coins :)

…Fuzzy Boots 250 coins :)

…This is my FAVORITE Outfit from this Catalog :) I like that the Treasure Book is Updated too :)

Club Penguin Treasure Book :)

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