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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Club Penguin T-Shirt with Blue Puffle :)

I LOVE this Chili Pepper Red Puffle T-Shirt and I think that BOTH Boys and Girls can wear it :)

Red Club Penguin T-Shirt with Blue Puffle :)

Red Club Penguin T-Shirt with Blue Puffle :)

…Club Penguin T-Shirt (can be personalised) Embroidery personalisation :)

…Info from Disney: Club Penguin enthusiasts can now wear a Puffle with pride. Several of those cheeky creatures appear in silhouette on this brushed cotton short sleeve T-shirt, while the real star is that blue Puffle in glossy transfer print. Disney Store UK

Product Details

  • Boy's short sleeve T-shirt
  • Glossy Club Penguin artwork
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Can be personalised
  • Choose a maximum of 12 characters including spaces
  • Personalisation applied using embroidery
  • Personalisation will appear on the bottom left hand side of the product

Club Penguin Pyjamas with Sensei and Ninja :)

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Exclusive Red Plush Puffle with Top Hat 4 Inch Series 11 :)

Look at this HAPPY Red Puffle in a Top Hat :) If you buy this Plush Toy you can unlock this Hat to use Online :)

Red with Top Hat Puffle Plush 4 Inch Exclusive Series 11 :)

Red with Top Hat Puffle Plush 4 Inch Exclusive Series 11 :)

This Puffle will come with a Coin Code to Unlock Items Online :)

Puffle Plush 4 Inch Series 11 :)

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FUN and Bugs with Friends :)

Poppy6 2001 and I had so Much FUN Sled Racing and then we went to the Coffee Shop…HAPPY RUNNING :)

…Hot Chocolate Break :)

…the Snow Forts is a GREAT place to train Snowboard jumps, talk…

…and make Pretty Snow angels :)

…Rosebud4563 joined us for Figure Skating Practice :)

…Water Party at Cove :)

…LOL :) Let’s Play Find Four :)

…and Fire Card-Jitsu :) Snow battle…

…CONGRATS! Let’s Play again :)

…Sadly we ALL got stuck in a Forever loading BUG and had to log off…

…HAPPY Forest Party :)

…Sled Race FUN :)

…Barbarka, Mickman5, I and Flash41 will race this Time :)

…Oops! LOL :)

…HURRAY! We ALL made it to the Finish Line and the Sled Race Fan Penguins gave us Applauds :) Thanks! Thanks :)

...Good Game Mickman5 and Flash41:) I hope Club Penguin take time to fix the Find Four Chat Bug soon…I like to play and talk at the same time…LOL :)

…I like Mickman5’s Igloo decoration :)

…You have made Pizza to US! THANKS! This Pizza is so yummy :)

…and you have made Hot Chocolate and Cookies for us too! THANKS :) Take a Cookie FAST before the Orange Puffle eats them ALL…LOL :)


…In the Recycling Plant the Machine went Crazy and we got Trash Flying around…My Friends went shocked to silent…LOL :)

…When I tried to Play a Card-Jitsu game I got a weird bug! Instead of connecting me to the Game I stayed in the Room BUT lost my Puffle, outfit and name!

…First I thought I was invisible BUT the other Penguins could see me and they saw my outfit too :) I forgot to ask if they saw my name and Puffle…LOL :)

…I left the Room and my name and Outfit AND Puffle were back :)

…This time I could Play Card-Jitsu :) Look! A STAMP…LOL :)

…CONGRATS! Mickman5 :)

…Oops! Flash41 has a Aqua Grabber…I better swim FAST…LOL :)

…When we tried to Play Card-Jitsu Fire I got stuck in a Freeze Bug while the Game loaded so I had to Log off…

…Hi Kobokobo43 :) I like your Outfit :)

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have Played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) Waddle On!

FUN with Friends :)

Blue Screen BUG!

Today is another Bug Filled Disney Club Penguin day! The sadly common Blue Screen Bug keep Bugging me no matter what browser I try or how many times I clear my cache…

…I have started to think about cancel my Club Penguin Membership I see no point in paying for a Game I can’t Play!

Club Penguin Bugs!

UPDATE: Right now I can login to Club Penguin…I wonder if it will work next time I try?

UPDATE: After a few minutes in Club Penguin I got a Freeze Bug AGAIN!

Resize Text Bug!

Today I got the Big Screen Small Screen Text Bug while trying to login…

Club Penguin Bugs!

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