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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Earning Coins to Prepare :)

Today I Playing different Game in Club Penguin to earn coins so I can buy items from the New Better Igloos Catalog that will be here next week hopefully filled with Underwater items :) So far I have Played Puffle Roundup :)

Club-Penguin-2012-01-14 13.18.31 - Copy

…I like this Game :) The Puffles are so cute and it’s an easy way to earn coins :)

…After serving thirsty Penguins Coffee we run out of Coffee Beans so…

…I Played Bean Counters and helped unload the delivery Truck :)

…I LOVE the Yummy Bean Counters Secret levels :)

…Then I played Paint by Letters :)

…The Animations and Special sound effects in the three Paint by Letter Books are AWESOME and I LOVE that we get a different Story depending on our choices while writing :) Look I found a Hidden Coin :)

…There are lots of Coins to earn in these Books :)

…Time for some Underwater FUN :) To the Aqua Grabber :)

…I LOVE the sounds and calmness in the Underwater world…WAIT! Who is snoring that Loudly!?! LOL :)

…Now I will go and Play another Game as I still need more coins and for it’s so Much FUN :) Waddle On!

Underwater Expedition Party Sneak Peek VIDEO :)

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