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Monday, January 16, 2012

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

We have got more Fan Art Posted on Club Penguin Community Today :) This Penguin and Pink Puffle are on an Underwater Expedition and have just found a Treasure on the bottom of the Ocean :) I Like how the light shines down through the water :) GREAT WORK ChillyOne :)

…HAPPY Friends Swimming TOGETHER in the Deep Blue Sea :) GREAT highlights in this Drawing! GOOD WORK :)

…Time to Explore the Underwater World :) I LOVE how the water Splashes around  this Adventures Penguin Girl when she is diving into the Ocean :) Her Black Puffle is with her on this Expedition and he doesn't look too grumpy…GOOD WORK Daisy12236 :)

…The Beach looks so different now when it’s underwater! Hi there Friendly Crab do you have a Secret to tell me? I like all the colors in this Picture GREAT ARTWORK :)

…This Drawing is made by fairylilly21 and I like how cool hairstyles both the Penguins have! GOOD WORK :)

…This Outfit is so Pretty! I LOVE the Flower on the hat and the Penguin girls Pretty smile! WELL DONE Daisy12236 :) And CONGRATS to have TWO Drawings posted at the same time :)

…It’s so much to see under the sea :) If you turn around Diver Penguin you might see the shadow of the Friendly but mysterious Squid…GOOD WORK :)

…Hola! Have FUN in the Water Catchin’ Waves :) GREAT WORK :)

…This Penguin  and Red Puffle Diving down TOGETHER to Explore More :) GOOD WORK :)

…Where is Sensei going? Is this the River in the Wilderness? There are so many Places on Club Penguin Island that still are unknown for most Penguins and I know Sensei has much more secrets to tell us :) I LOVE the depth in this Picture AWESOME WORK :)

…Moonzum RF? Has made this Drawing of Herbert at work :) I like how concentrated Herbert is :) WELL DONE! UPDATE: Moonsun Rf :)

…This Fashionable Purple Diver has a Message for us: Dive in and conquer the “MAZE” :) GREAT WORK :) I can Hardly WAIT Until the Underwater Party Starts! Underwater Expedition Party Sneak Peek VIDEO :)

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Underwater Plants :)

The Plantus Fantasticus LOVES to grow underwater :)

…But the Sprouting Spectaculous not so Much it’s losing leaves…

…Thanks Echo006 for reminding me to post about the plant update :) See how Rockhopper’s Plants looked like earlier La la laaa la :)

Saraapril Fan Art by kulkinz :)

hi saraapril it is me kulkinz i worked so hard on this for you
p.s. i love your blog
p.s.s when i grow up i will work at club penguin and all the bugs will be fixed

…THANK YOU so Much kulkinz :) I LOVE this Pretty Saraapril Fire Card-Jitsu Card you have made :) Thanks for reading my Blog and I’m looking forward to a Bug free Club Penguin :)

THANKS kulkinz from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Club Penguin Featured Igloo :)

CONGRATS Sabortooth80 your Igloo is Featured on Club Penguin Community :) I like this Holiday Decorated Home filled with Presents, Lights and Music :) Just hope the whale doesn’t get tempted by that Yummy Cupcake and Swallow your Home…LOL :) GREAT WORK :)

…See earlier Featured Igloo :)

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