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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Earn Igloo Party Stamps INVITATION :)

Many of you have asked if I can host another Earn the Igloo Stamps Party? And Tomorrow I will :) BUT I need YOUR HELP! Let’s work TOGETHER to help Penguins earning those Stamps :)

Igloo Party: Throw a Party for 10 Penguins in your Igloo :)

Party Host: Throw a Party for 30 Penguins in your Igloo :)

Date: Sunday 22, 2012

Time: 11 am PST (Penguin Standard Time) If you need help to figure out when this is in your time zone look at the Clock Tower at Snow Forts :)

Room: We meet at Snow Forts :)

Server: (Will be added here a few minutes before the Party start)


How to do this: If you DON’T have earned the Igloo Stamps yet ADD your Igloo on Map and we will try to visit as many Igloos as possible :) After you have earned the Stamps REMOVE your Igloo from Map and Please help other Penguins earning those Stamps too by visiting their Igloos :)

Who's Igloo will we visit? Don’t worry I will tell :) If you can’t see what I say look at the Chat History or follow my tweets :)

Remember: While I open other Penguins Stamp Book to see if they have earned the Stamps I can’t see or hear you…

When the Party is over I will add my Igloo on Map so that everyone that want’s to visit my Puffles can do that :) They LOVE when we have Friends visiting :)

WELCOME to the Earn Igloo Stamps Party Tomorrow :) TOGETHER we will have so much FUN :)

Collect ALL Stamps in Club Penguin :)

UPDATE: Earning Igloo Party Stamp Pictures :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Sierra :)

Hey Saraapril! I made you a background :) I hope you like it! ~Sierra

Saraapril Best Blog Ever!

…THANKS Sierra I LOVE it :) You are so kind and THANKS for reading my Blog :)

THANKS Sierra from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

Saraapril Fan Art by Waddle467 :)

Ive made fan art for you! I hope you post this! A ninja (me) tried to find a nice penguin,and she found you. The perfect penguin! I was looking for a bug sign, and you helped me. Ive made this drawing becuase i love your blog! Please post this! ~~Swim,waddle,explore! ~~Waddle467



…THANKS Waddle467 :) I’m HAPPY that I could help you find the Bug sign and THANKS for your kind words and drawing of us :)THANKS Waddle467 from Saraapril :)

Saraapril Fan Art :)

FUN with Friends :)

I LOVE to Play TOGETHER with other Penguins in Club Penguin and here are Rum88 and I having FUN Playing Piano TOGETHER :)

…Let’s make a Band :)


…Pizza Parlor is often filled with HUNGRY Penguins :)

…Oops! Pengy4546, Broncoboy1 were Transported to the Box Dimension! How did this Happen? We must have stepped into a hidden Box…LOL :)

…Broncoboy1’s Igloo is a Stage and we had so much FUN playing TOGETHER there :) Great Singing Broncoboy1 :)

…Oops! We Played so LOUD that the Stage got overheated…LOL :)

…Totidile showed my some of the NEW items that can be unlocked from the Treasure Book  :) This Green Deep Diver Suit looks GREAT!

…and the Blueberry Bunny Costume is so cute :) THANKS for showing me this my Friend :)

…let’s test if the Deep Diver suits are waterproof…

…HURRAY! They work Perfectly! Now we are prepared for the Underwater Expedition Party :)

…Lakshman N1, Peter Cool2 and I are talking and Dancing TOGETHER in Town :)

…I wonder what we will find at the Underwater Expedition in the deep sea around Club Penguin Island? And I wonder if Rookie can swim?

…THANKS to ALL FUN Penguins I have played TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :) I think you ALL ROCK!!!

Under this label you will find more FUN with Friends :)

More Boxes at the Beach!

Look MORE Boxes have floated ashore here at the Beach and they are HEAVY as Club Penguin has sunk more! Due to this Underwater Expedition Sneak Peek Video we know that it’s Anvils in these boxes BUT if it is how can they float? Shouldn’t the boxes sink? Hmmm…I wonder were they come from? I hope Rockhopper and Yarr haven’t been shipwrecked again…

…I think I will send Rookie a Spy Phone message and ask if he knows something about this and if he needs any more help with the Underwater Expedition Party preparations :) Detail: If you waddle into the water you will not sink down as you normally do…

Boxes at the Beach :)

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