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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Earning Igloo Party Stamps Pictures :)

THANKS EVERYONE that came to the Earn Igloo Party Stamps Party :)TOGETHER during 3 and a half hour we Helped 40 Penguins to earn their Igloo Party Stamps while we had FUN in their Igloos :) Here are a FEW Igloo Pictures from the Party :) First we met at the Snow Forts :)

…The First Igloo we visited was Abby5004’s Igloo :) I like this Lucky decorated Yummy Gingerbread and Coins for Change Igloo :)

…and this is Martin8647’s Igloo :) In this Igloo we could watch a Hockey Game :)

…Snow globe Igloos is one of my Favorite Igloo Styles as I LOVE that we can click on Shake and make it snow :) I like your Christmas Decorations Cheese107107 :)

…Skulblaka1’s Igloo is decorated to be an AWESOME place to go on an Underwater Expedition Adventure :)

…Sally 06’s Igloo is so Pretty and PINK and she had made a BIG DINNER for us ALL :) Thanks You so Much Sally 06 that Fish was Yummy :) We ate and ate and ate and then we ate Tacos and drank Tea too :)

…In Polly522’s Igloo Puffles RULES :)

…HAPPY RUNNING in Bob12465’s Igloo :)

…In Piplup21883’s cozy Igloo we had a FUN Dance Party :)

…Ddsdude’s Igloo was high up in a Tree and part of the Igloo was made to a Sea! Very inventive :)

…In Wilson 500’s Igloo we ate TONS of cake and Fish burgers :) THANKS to EVERYONE that worked in the Concession stand and that Baked Cakes :)

…I’m sorry that we couldn't go to every Igloo but TOGETHER we did our BEST :) A Special THANKS to Penguins that kindly kept working so hard visiting other Penguins Igloos even if we hadn't time to visit your Igloo this time! You are ALL AWESOME and I’m so Proud over you :) TOGETHER WE ROCK!!!

Here you can see Pictures from another Earning Igloo Party Stamps Party :)

More Igloo Pictures will be added soon…

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