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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Answers to Saraapril Games Underwater Expedition Party Questions :)

Here are the Answers to the Underwater Expedition Party Questions :)

1. What color have the Coconut Umbrellas? Orange :)

2. How many Tidal Pools are there at the Cove? Seven :)

3. What colors have the Anvil Balloons? Green :)

Yellow :)

Blue :)

4. What is the fourth item from the right to be cleaned up at the Dock? Old Tomato Can :)

5. What do you need if you Play Sled Race during the Underwater Expedition Party? Some kind of water items as you will end up in the Ocean…LOL :)

Saraapril Games :)

I met Rookie :)

Today I used Server Hopping to Track Rookie and I found him at the Dock in Server Caribou :)

…I sent Rookie a Friends Request that he immediately accepted :) THANKS Friend :) And then I clicked on his Free Gift icon :) You have found a Rookie Anvil BG Would you like to Pick it up? YES PLEASE! THANK-YOU SO MUCH :)

…This is how Rookie’s Autographed Background looks like on my Player Card :)

…and this is Rookie’s Player Card and…

…how he looks like on my Friends List :)

…Then we went TOGETHER to Explore the Maze :) Have you been in the Maze? I keep getting lost in it…

…will you help me get through? Yes we will Rookie :) AWESOME let’s go :)

…is this way right? Yes it is Rookie just Follow us :) Underwater Expedition Maze CHEATS :)

…left or right? Left it is!!

…OH my OTHER left!!

…LOL :) Doesn't matter Rookie that way works too :)

…up up and away!!!

…are we there yet? Nope but keep on waddling Rookie :)

…don’t give up Rookie! This way :)

…Hey look at these fish! Hugs fish…OW!!!!!! Don’t hug those fish! POOR Rookie we will remember that!

…So close and still so far away…by the way ANOTHER notification ruined this screenshot! I wish we could TURN OFF them!

…my other left again…right…no…this is confusing…LOL :) Rookie took the wrong left and I lost him…

…Hi again Rookie :) Hey cool statue! i wonder who this penguin is?? (text bug I should be I) Hi Tech70 :)

…I found a better fish for Rookie to hug :)

…This fish is my Friend :) Hey another cool fish!

…This fish looks more safe :)

…Rookie wondered if we were lost? Nope this way :)

…Hey an anchor! Do you think its Rockhopper’s? I will send it to him later, puts in pocket, this is heavy…LOL…just leave it there Rookie and we will help you with that later :)

…HURRAY!!! TOGETHER WE DID IT!!! Let’s Explore…

…Whoa!! Who made this? YOU did?! You have some serious construction skills! LOL Rookie Hannah13011 just kidding :)

…Oh ha ha!

…Hey look at the crabs! Click click click can you guys speak crab?!

…I can I can!! Lets all speak crab!

…I LOVE that Rookie just like me think it’s important to communicate with EVERYONE around Club Penguin Island :)

…The crabs are really excited about something I wonder what that can be? Suddenly Rookie’s Spy Phone rang…

…OH! I gotta go everyone! EPF stuff! Uhhh mean um EPF stuff…

…Thanks for helping me everyone! THANK YOU Rookie it was so Much FUN Exploring the Maze TOGETHER with you :) Let me know if I can help you with anything :)

….Just before Rookie left he whispered in my ear see you soon!

…and then he used the Teleporter and was gone!

Underwater Expedition Party 2012 CHEATS :)

UPDATE: Where is Herbert? My Stories and Adventures :)

Club Penguin Notebooks :)

Look at these notebooks with Disney Club Penguin Characters and Puffles on the cover :)

     Rockhopper and Yarr :)

     Cadence :)

     Herbert P Bear :)

     Puffles :)

…Thanks 10aline10 and Bicao2009 :) Credeal I would LOVE to have these notebooks! I think they are AWESOME :)

Club Penguin School Items :)

Club Penguin Toys

Underwater Expedition Tour Guide 2012 :)

Welcome to the Underwater Expedition 2012 Guided Tour :) This is the Iceberg Weird...everything in Club Penguin is tilted except the Iceberg!

…This is the Dojo Courtyard According to my notes, ninjas are still training even with the island tilted I guess they have good balance :)

…Here we have the Beach or at least the Beach used to be here looks like someone ordered too many anvils everyone grab one maybe it'll help balance the island! …As I already have done the Tour Guide for the Member Party Rooms we will skip them this time! If you want to see them you can look at this post Underwater Expedition Maze CHEATS :)

…Here we have the Lighthouse which looks more like a fish tank today! Some air bubbles have been set up so musicians can keep rocking here :) If you want to see the Safe Chat Party messages and Party Jokes you will find them on this post More Party Preparations in Club Penguin :)

…This is the Beacon It's a bit more tilted than usual but that hasn't affected the Jet Pack Adventure game So feel free to grab a jetpack and take off!

…GOOD! The Horizon looks normal :)

…Welcome to the Ski Hill Sledding experts have assured me that the tilt has not affected the sled races If the island keeps tipping we may start having UP-hill races..LOL :)

…Blub blub blub...I mean, welcome to the Ski Village It appears this side of the island is underwater luckily the Lodge and Everyday Phoning Facility are safe Word is that Gary installed these shields after a certain popcorn-related incident Mission 11 Veggie Villain CHEATS :)

…Attention all agents! Herbert P Bear has escaped his hibernation cage! Orders are to focus on fixing the island protecting citizens is our top priority. Where is Herbert?

…Here we have the Docks A beach party has been set up but it looks like there's some pollution! Please help clean it up before you get your party-on! Clean Up the Dock Background :)

…Here we have the Town Center Luckily, nothing seems to have rolled away so feel free to shop, dance and order coffee just watch your step…

…If you click on the sign here or at the Plaza you will get this Poster and if you click on go there you will be teleported to the Beach :)

…Welcome to the Snow Forts For those who enjoy a snowball fight challenge try taking the Fort on the low end of the room...Now you're fighting an uphill battle haha!

…This is the Stadium It's game-on here, despite the tilt which means goalies will have to work extra hard...Well I can see that this problem is solved as Rory the leader for all constructions here on Club Penguin Island already has had his Team here to make the Rink level :) Just forget this Tour Guide message Bug! Follow me…

…This place is known as the Plaza It doesn't usually look like this...Here you'll find places for pizza, pets and plays drop into the Stage for a special performance of the Twelfth Fish :)

…We are now entering the Forest According to experts, the tilt is not dangerous to trees but watch your head for lower branches than usual :)

…Here's the Mine Shack and Recycling Center Luckily the tilt hasn't caused any major problems here...yet...hopefully the problem is fixed before the community garden starts to float away!

…Welcome to the Cove! As you can see, there's a small problem with the water...there isn't any here BUT luckily, you can still surf in Catchin' Waves It's just a longer walk to the water…I like to throw Snowballs in the Tidal Pools and watch them float away :)

…Thanks for taking the Tour now we all must HURRY to play as the Underwater Expedition Party is WAY to SHORT!

Underwater Expedition Party 2012 CHEATS :)

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