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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Friend BUG!

I was in my Igloo feeding my Puffles in Server Big Snow when my Friend Vindore visited my Igloo and asked if I wanted to see his Igloo decorations :) There was no green circle around my Friend and that always happen when the Friends List is down BUT this time my Friends list worked! BUG!

…When I clicked on Vindore’s Player Card the Igloo icon was not illuminated just as he wasn't on my Friends List! BUG!

…Vindore’s Igloo is Decorated for a Fashion Contest :)

…Ldrago125 is on my Friends List too and look Ldrago125 has a Green Circle just as it should be :) Later we changed room BUT Vindore still didn't get a Green Circle…when I asked Vindore said that on his Screen I had a Green Circle around me!

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Spy Phone Message from Director!

I have no indication of a New Spy Phone Message…BUG! BUT…

February 2, 2012


All reports confirm that Herbert has vanished without a trace. We believe he will lie low for the time being. G has your orders.

…Thanks Elite Penguin Force Agent Wboys14 for telling me about this message :) Okay Director…Field-Ops 67 EPF CHEATS :)

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The Fashion Show is HERE!

This is a Message from Happy77:

The Fashion Show has arrived at the Gift Shop! Check out all the penguins dressed up in the latest styles:

Let us know what you like best about the Fashion Show! What was your favorite item, and what would you like to see in the future?

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

I LOVE the Sewing Machine and all the PINK Spotlights :) My Favorite items in the New Penguin Style Catalog are The Stunning Hair wig, Aqua Bead Necklace and Sparkly Sea Foam Shoes and the Pretty Bubble dress with the cute double bow on :) This Party will be AWESOME and I can hardly WAIT to see what FABULOUS FASHION other Penguins will show on the runway :) I would LOVE to have Hats to my Puffles that match my outfits :)

Club Penguin Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

Fashion Show Runway Tour Guide and ANIMATIONS :)

WELCOME to the FIRST EVER Official Club Penguin Fashion Show that we right now holding in the Gift Shop :) As this Party is ALL about Fabulous Fashion I decided to not use the Tour Guide Hat as it will ruin my Hairdo…LOL :) This is the Gift Shop Lets join the fashion show! We can show off cool outfits from the catalog snap photos of fabulous models or head backstage and help with the show :) Cadence will be around and if the rumor is true so will bring her cute Purple Puffle Lolz :)

…I LOVE the Sewing Machine we have here at the backstage waddle close to it and you can start sewing something pretty in PINK :)

…From the Control Table we can change the Small Spotlights, Large Spotlights, Floor Lights and Fashion Sign Image :)

…The Video camera can be switched on by clicking on it and the Two Cameras with Flashlights will automatically start work when you are at the circle at the Runway :)

…The Music in this room is New :) Here are the Fashion Show Safe Chat, Quick Talking Party Messages:

Fashion Show
Adorbs outfit
Models over here
Judges over here
Flips hair
Takes photo
Way glam
Let's hit the runway!
Nice look!
So famous
Sup Cadence?


…There are NO Fashion Show Party jokes and the reason for that is that Fashion is a SERIOUS Business and nothing to Joke About! OR did Club Penguin just Forgot? LOL :) THANKS Club Penguin for making the Gift Shop to this this FABULOUS Fashion Show Room :) I think one Room Parties are AWESOME :) And now here I am in my FAVORITE Color PINK! In all Good Fashion Shows you will find a few weird items and that’s why I have PINK Snowshoes to my Outfit…LOL :)

…Here you can see how my Outfit looks like on my Player Card :)

…and here you will find Links to MORE about the Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

Club Penguin BUGS and Details!

ALL Non English Servers have a BUG with the Safe Chat Messages for the Fashion Show Party! They are in ENGLISH! Thanks Dorian1453 for telling me about this Bug :) And they have the # BUG too! UPDATE: This Bugs are Now Fixed :)

…Club Penguin changed the Tour Guide Messages at Beach, Command Room and Gift Shop BUT didn't remove the rest of the Guides from the Underwater Expedition Party! UPDATE: This Bug is now Fixed :) Detail: As Elite Penguin Force Agents that have finished the Field-Op 67 know Herbert Cam is now Removed!

Club Penguin BUGS!

Fashion Show Banners ANIMATED :)

The Disney Club Penguin Banners for the Fashion Party is here :) Own the Runway! Fashion Show February 1 – 14, 2012 :) Some features requires Paid Membership! Penguin Style CHEATS :)

…This is how the Small Fashion Show Banner looks like Animated :)

…and this is the BIG Fashion Show Banner :)

Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

Fashion Show - Penguin Poll :)

The First ever Fashion Show is going on in the Gift Shop! What will you be? A Model? A Stylist? A Photographer? There’s a Fashion Show? I’d better check it out! I will be EVERYTHING...LOL :)

…BUT as a Blogger I will take some Photos too so I Voted for Photographer :) YOU can Vote too on YOUR Favorite Answer :)

…See earlier Penguin Poll :)

Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

Field-Ops 67 EPF CHEATS :)

A NEW Field-Op is HERE! Message to ALL Elite Penguin Force Agents: Please answer your Spy Phone!

…New Field-Op Available! report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders. Click on Go There…

…Hi Uncle Gary :) Click on Field-Ops Monitor…

…Hi Saraapril :) Herbert has escaped his hibernation cell. We must begin a new investigation to find out what happened. Start with the security footage. The feed was badly damaged. Go to the main screen and see if you can fix it. Click on Accept Field-Op! Okay Uncle G I will do my Best :)

…Here it is :)

…Click on Spy Phone…

…System Alert! Repair the System! Enter directions for the repair bot. Lead it to the corrupted systems. Be precise – you can only send five sets of commands. Click on Engage…


…Done :) I earned 1 Medal and got a Message from Gary the Gadget Guy: Good work Agent! You fixed the security feed for Herbert's hibernation cell. That's odd... the computer says the footage is missing. It seems that when the island tipped, the camera was shut off. Keep this a secret for now. I'll have more orders soon.

…Okay Uncle Gary :) Where is Herbert? My Stories and Adventures :)

See earlier EPF Field-Op 66 :)

Club Penguin Times issue 328 :)

Fashion Show on Now! Rookie Report: Island is Fixed!

Fashion Show on Now!

Show off your styles at the Gift Shop now until Feb 14.

The island’s first ever fashion show is on now! Fashionable penguins and puffles are flocking to the Gift Shop for a chance to show off their style. Models are walking the runway, while stylists, designers and bodyguards are busy backstage.

One reporter spoke to Cadence in the middle of the action. “Even if you’ve got like, ONE hat, you NEED to get down here! It’s a party, pure and simple.” “Woah! We need more photographers! Check out all these amazing looks. So epic!” The latest Penguin Style catalog is jam-packed with the latest trends. There are lots of styles to choose from—perfect for rocking the runway. Set some trends at the Gift Shop, now until Feb. 14.

Rookie Report: Island is Fixed!

Rookie thanks everyone who helped save the island from tipping.

The island is back to normal this week, after nearly tipping over due to a mistake by Rookie. The party-planning secret agent gave a full report on the accident. “First off—thanks to everyone who helped save the island!” Rookie said. “Everything is back to normal now. Tell your friends, if they haven’t noticed.”The accident was caused when Rookie ordered thousands of anvils to the Beach. His plan was to sink part of the island so divers could explore underwater. It seems things got out a little out of hand. “Luckily we got to explore some awesome mysterious caves!” Rookie said happily. “And it’s not like anything SUPER important got lost, or escaped or anything... I’ll be WAY more careful in the future. Thanks again!”

Upcoming Events :)

Out now! Penguin Style Catalog Get to the Gift Shop for fabulous fun fashions!

Feb. 9 The Vikings That Time Forgot Chester is still lost in time... only at the Stage!

Feb. 16 Better Igloos Catalog Spruce up your igloo with new items and treasures!

Now until Feb. 14 Lights! Cameras! Runway! Fashion Show at the Gift Shop.

Find the collectible pin! Hidden now until Feb. 8. Beach Chair Pin CHEATS :)
Next pin hidden: Feb. 9–Feb. 22

News Flash :)

Tour guides, check your mail! Once more, you’ve Earned Paychecks For your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Ask Aunt Arctic :)

Dear Aunt Arctic,
How do I make the perfect outift? –Faye Shinn (Oops a Typo! It should be outfit)

Dear Faye Shinn,
To answer your question, I spoke to a fashion expert at the Gift Shop. She kindly took a break from the Fashion Show to give some advice. “To stand out in the crowd, try mixing and matching old items with new ones.” “Do those dashing hiking boots go with that beautiful tutu? Does that gnarly Squid Lid go with those sweet 3D sunglasses?” “You’re the only one who can decide!” “Pins and backgrounds make fabulous accessories too. You can show off the latest pin you’ve found, or choose your favorite.” Follow this advice and you’re sure to set some new trends this season.

Fashion is all about showing off YOUR unique style!

Dear Aunt Arctic,
Do you ever change your look?–Knew Luke

Dear Knew Luke
Though I do enjoy trying on a new hat or scarf from time to time, I don’t tend to change my look very much. It’s not because I don’t adore the new outfits in the Gift Shop. It’s because I really enjoy my look.Not many know this, but I was actually pink the first time I stepped on Club Penguin! But after I tried on the color green, I never looked back. I know many penguins who change their looks every week—sometimes every hour! And I think that’s what fashion is all about...showing off YOUR unique style. And I think a pink beanie expresses my personality perfectly. Though one time I did try on a moose head, on a dare from Rockhopper. Let’s just say it didn’t match my glasses.

Secrets Classified Penguin Style Special Dances :)

Did you know that outfits in the Penguin Style catalog sometimes have special dances? The Penguins At Work items always come with a special dance. Make sure they’re the only items you’re wearing, and press ‘d’. This month, there’s a special mop and bucket. It should come in handy for swabbing the deck!

See earlier Newspaper Club Penguin Times issue 327 :)

Fashion Show Party Login Pictures :)

Own The Runway and impress Cadence with your Fashion Show :)

…This is how the Picture looks like Animated :)

…Members can get Perfect Runway Styles! Fashion Show February 1 – 14, 2012 :) Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS :)

Fashion Show on Club Penguin Home Page ANIMATED :)

Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

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