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Friday, February 3, 2012

Fashionable Flowers :)

FABULOUS Flowers fill Flowerpots :) Forever Frequently Fashionable Fragrance for Friends :)

…Here you can see How Rockhopper’s Flowerpots looked like earlier :)

Club Penguin Fan Art :)

This week we have got MORE Amazing Club Penguin Fan Art :) Some of them are about the Underwater Expedition Party :) Look at this Pretty Mermaid and her cute PINK Puffle that TOGETHER having FUN swimming around in the Ocean :) GREAT ARTWORK pau51727 :)

…Anvils are HEAVY and that’s why Club Penguin Island Tipped! Keep Removing them Rookie :) I LOVE the perspective and facial expressions in this Drawing :) GREAT ARTWORK ChillyOne :)

…The Underwater World is Filled with Prettiness to Explore :) Look at this Shiny Pearl :) WELL DONE Peach Tart2 :)

…The Day Club Penguin sunk a Yellow Penguin that sunbathed at the Beach got an unexpected Awakening…blub…blub…LOL :) FUNNY COMIC Xlr Penguino :)

…Don’t worry if we work TOGETHER this mistake will soon be fixed Rookie :) I like how you have made the water so we can see through it :) GREAT ARTWORK :)

…The Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop is on right now and this Pretty Penguin Girl is looking FABULOUS :) GOOD WORK :)


…HELP! Club Penguin is TIPPING! WOW! Poor Panicking Penguin! It’s now Fixed :) This Drawing is AWESOME! WELL DONE Skipper0497 :)

…I agree Mango Smango! Club Penguin Rocks! And your Happily Diving Pink Puffle is cute :) GOOD WORK :)

…This Outfit is Perfect for Seaside Living :) I like how the Penguin girls Hair color matching the Ocean :) WELL DONE :)

…Sitting under a Tree and Playing Guitar is so relaxing :) GOOD ARTWORK :) Question: Is this a Rerun Drawing?

…What is this? Eats…Crunch…crunch…OOOooooOOOOO…The Black Puffle burst out in Flames! LOL :) GREAT STORY MG :)


…Snowboarding FUN! I Like the details and Movements in this Picture :) COOL DRAWING Hunterkat :)

Club Penguin Parent Update February 2012 :)

Today my Parents got this Disney Club Penguin Update :)

Dear Parents,

From celebrating generosity to encouraging internet safety, this month we’re all about helping you and your child get more involved in Club Penguin’s thriving online community!

Celebrate Generosity!
December 2011 marked the fifth year of the Coins For Change online giving campaign, and thanks to the generosity of children like yours, it was a huge success! Kids donated almost 11 billion of their hard-earned, virtual coins to help decide how $2 M would be shared amongst three causes. Check out the results video with your child and congratulate their efforts. Together we’re changing the world!

Inspire Imagination!
One thing kids love about Club Penguin is the ability to get creative by dressing up their penguin! From fabulous frocks to flippered fashionistas, we’re celebrating all the looks penguins dream up, wear, and share with our first-ever Fashion Show, on in the Gift Shop until February 14! Ask your child to show you their favorite runway looks and join this celebration of style! Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

Encourage Safety!
February 7 is Safer Internet Day around the world. This year’s theme: Connecting generations and educating each other. For more information and resources to help you and your family stay safe online check out what Childnet International and Netsmartz have to offer. And to find out about events and activities happening where you live, visit the Safer Internet Day website.

What steps do you take at home to help keep your kids safe online? Let us know.
- The Club Penguin Team

Some got this at the end of you’re the Parent Update instead:

Want to find ways to connect with your child about their Club Penguin experience?
Follow @CPParents on Twitter for news, tips and secrets you can share!
- The Club Penguin Team

See earlier Parent Update :)

UPDATE: Club Penguin Parent Update item BUG!

Shoe Detail :)

Look at this! On Disney Club Penguin Home page that right now features the Fashion Show Aunt Arctic has ONE white Shoe on her Feet and so does the Orange Penguin! Is this a Fashion Statement or a Bug…LOL :) Penguin Style catalog CHEATS :)

…Thanks Icequix for telling me about this you have a good eye for details :)

Fashion Show on Club Penguin Home page ANIMATED :)

Fashion Show Party at Gift Shop :)

FUN with Friends :) Fashion Show Party :)

The Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop is so Much FUN :) There are so many Penguins in Club Penguin with a Passion for Fashion and here are a few of them :)

…Sparky Spro has a Pretty Pink Feather Boa over her layered Black and Pink Shirt that goes well with her Shoes and Pink Glasses :) Cute and Stylish :)

…Superpunch3 Shows us how you can be both Classy and Casual at the Same time! This outfit is very 2012 and something that would be Perfect for an Award Show :)

…I LOVE how the Penguin Models walk on the Runway :)

…click…Takes Photos…click…click…Your left side Please…click…and now the Right…click…click…

…Cutegirl4500 is Dressed for a Red Carpet Event in a glamorous light blue and Gold Dress and white Feather Boa made by the best Stylists on Club Penguin Island :)

…Pancakes0621 and the Red Puffle are both Super Trendy dressed in a ready for a Shopping Day in the City Outfit :)

…Wingo16 Showed this Dance Club outfit with a Splattered pattern on the Suit :) Note the cool shades and how well the scarf match the Hair!

…Here I am taking backstage photos of some of the Models, the Hairdressers and the Fantastic artists that create the Fabulous Outfits :) It's very busy back here and everyone works very fast and concentrated to help the Models change outfits and Hairdos :)

…back to my work as a photographer of the Runway :) The Models are nervously waiting for the Famous Cadence to come…

…Pinky81160 has a Pretty soft Pink Petal Pattern Dress and cute Flower Sandals :) This Outfit is perfect for a Summer Party :)

…Broadway45 has a very Stylish outfit that will for sure be seen at the Beach next Summer :)

…Sino01 is very Pretty in this Pink ruffle Dress with a bold choice of Sparkly Sea Foam Slippers and cool with rhinestone decorated Sunglasses and a cute white Feather Boa and soft Pink clutch bag :)

…THANKS EVERYONE you ALL look FABULOUS at the Runway :)

…this is how my Photographer outfit looks like :)

FUN with Friends :)

Club Penguin Hooded Top with Red Puffle :)

This Grey Disney Club Penguin Hoodie is FILLED with outlines of Puffles and a Big RED HAPPY Puffle :) I LOVE the Colored Puffles inside the Hood :)


Club Penguin Hooded Top with Puffles :)

…if you want you can personalize it with a name :)

…This is how the Hoodie looks like from the Back :)

Product Details from Disney:

Club Penguin Hooded Top
•Can be personalised
•Choose a maximum of 12 characters including spaces
•Personalisation applied using embroidery
•Personalisation will appear on the top right of the product
•Exclusive to Disney Store UK

Note to Disney Club Penguin: My Mum has taught me to NEVER buy clothes that doesn't come with washing information so can you please add that?

Club Penguin Pyjamas with Sensei and Ninja :)

Club Penguin T-Shirt with Blue Puffle :)

More Club Penguin Toys, Items and Clothes :)

FUN with Friends :) Underwater Expedition Party :)

The Underwater Expedition Party was AMAZING and here are a few more Pictures from the FUN we had :) Linda0617 and I are helping EPF Agents to find the Field-Ops 66 :)

…Yoangelyo joined us for a coconut milk feast at the Ski Village and then we went to the Plaza and ate Pizza :)

…time to Explore :) It’s so Pretty here in the Underwater world :)

…and there are new Underwater Friends to be found too :)

…Noki99 and I have Played Explorers too and TOGETHER we made it!

…Hi Friends:) It’s so nice to sit here at the Beach and talk :) BUT…

…The Environment needs our Help! Time to clean up the Reef!

…picks up…recycle…


…THANKS Chinhopper, Poppy6 2001 and Surex10 :) TOGETHER we Helped to Restore the fragile Coral Reef :)

…THANKS to ALL GREAT and FUN Underwater Explorers I have Played TOGETHER with during this Party :) You are ALL AWESOME!

FUN with Friends :)

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