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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Club Penguin Parent Update item BUG!

On the Club Penguin Parent Update email I posted about Yesterday an interesting item mistake has been found :) Look at the Bad Hair Day Hat on the Orange Penguin that donates to Coins for Change it has NO HAIR!

…This is how the Bad Hair Day item should look like :)

…Thanks Rico1206 and Trainman1405 for this Graphics Mistake Bug :) So how did this happen? I have a Theory…Once upon a time Scott from Club Penguin UK tried to enter the Lighthouse BUT as he had a bad hair day he couldn't see where he was going…OW! OW! OW!

…That’s it! Backstage at the Fashion Show he found a scissor and determined grabbed it!

…clip…clip…clip…DONE :)

…HURRAY I can see…LOL :)

…The End :)

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Saraapril Games :)

Spot the Difference :) I LOVE the Backstage of the Fashion Show Party :) I think it’s so much FUN to work as a Hairdresser and help Models to look FABULOUS :)

…On this Picture I have removed 5 things can you find them?

Saraapril Games :)

Cadence in Avalanche :)

After some Server Hopping to Tracking Cadence I found her in Gift Shop at Server Avalanche and she had her cute Puffle Lolz with her :)

…As usual some Penguins could add her to their Friends list and some COULDN'T! Use my Player Card to add me!

…just click add it should work! I agree Cadence It SHOULD Work BUT sadly it DIDN'T WORK!

…Cadence asked Penguins to understand that she had problem to hear and respond to everyone at the same time…that’s Okay Cadence we can understand that :)

…Cadence waddled around and tried to be upbeat but sadly I missed most of that as I waited and hoped that her add icon would react after I clicked on it…nope…sigh…Cadence and Lolz had to leave and left behind sad and disappointed Penguins that didn't get her added to their Friends List!

…I think it is time that Club Penguin FIX this Problem so their Severs can handle requests from a Full Room! I might be looking for Cadence again later to find her in an Empty Server but I’m not sure as this BUG take away the Fun and I have TONS of other things to do!

Club Penguin Friends List EPIC FAILURE!

Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

UPDATE: Cadence in Abominable BUG!

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