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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Club Penguin Video Blog: Fashion Show by Lauren :)

Club Penguin Video Blog: This time Lauren is the one in front of the Camera :) She tells us about the Fashion Show in the Gift Shop and Penguin Style :)

…The Underwater Expedition Party is over and it’s time to dry off and take a walk on the Runway :)

…this is your change to really stand out from the Crowd! You will find Stylish outfits in the Penguin Style Catalog and remember to look for the hidden items :)

…This is Club Penguins First Fashion Show and the First time an Event has been staged in the Gift Shop :) Models are not the only ones that are needed for the Show! Photographers…




…and Security are needed to create a good Show :) The Party will go on until February 14, 2012 :)

…Light, Camera, Fashion, Waddle On!

…Thanks for the Video Blog Lauren :)

…For more info look at this Links Collection Post Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

UPDATE: Fashion Show on Club Penguin VIDEO Commercial :)

Saraapril’s Friends List :)

First I want to say THANKS to ALL Penguins that want to be on my Friends List :) I think it is an HONOR to get your Requests and I would LOVE to add you ALL :) BUT the list can only hold 500 Penguins so very very few of you that read this Blog can be added to my list!

Here are answers to some questions I often get about my Friends List :)

Q: Who do you add to your Friends List?

S: I mostly add Penguins I meet and have FUN Playing TOGETHER with in Club Penguin :)

Q: Is your Friends List Full?

S: No :)

Q: How many Friends do you have on your List?

S: Right now I have 383 Penguins on my List :)

Q: Why don’t you add more Penguins?

S: I do :) I add a few Penguins every week that I have had FUN Playing TOGETHER with :)

Q: Do you add Penguins that send Requests?

S: Sometimes but I think it is more FUN to add Penguins I have met :)

Q: Do you remove Penguins from your List?

S: Not often but it happens

Q: Why do you remove some Penguins?

S: As a Club Penguin Blogger I can only have Penguins on my List that understand that Blogging is hard work and that I every day need alone time in Club Penguin to make this blog :) Penguins that can’t respect that can’t be on my Friends List!

Q: Do you block Penguins?

S: I sometimes temporary block a Penguin most often to do tests and then I unblock them again :)

Q: Do I have to be on your Friends List to be your Friend?

S: Not at all! If you have a Postcard from me we are Club Penguin Friends :)

…THANKS for your Questions :) TOGETHER we ROCK and TOGETHER we make Club Penguin FUN :)

Questions to Saraapril :)

UPDATE: Sadly my Friends list is full so I can’t add anyone more BUT if you meet me in Club Penguin I’m HAPPY to send you a Postcard (You need to have LESS them 50 cards saved in your mailbox) and then we are Club Penguin Friends Anyway :)

Saraapril’s Fashion Show Igloo :)

My Puffles LOVE Fashion just like me and every time I take one Puffle with me to the Fashion Show in Gift Shop I leave 19 sad Puffles behind…That is NOT FUN! So TOGETHER we decided to solve this Problem by creating a Fashion Show in our Home :) The Deluxe Snow Igloo will be Perfect for the Runway :) Time to Decorate…

…Done! HURRAY! Now ALL my Puffles are HAPPY :) You’re not Happy Speed? Why? Oh Sorry I will give you a Hat…LOL :) You want us to have a Fashion Show right now Orange?

…GREAT IDEA :) I can take Pictures :) And we need someone that can tell us about the items the Models wear…

…Look in the Mirrors to see that you have the right hat on…

…Puffle Hats Fashion Show :) Takes pictures…click…click…click…

…My Puffles wanted me to be a Model too and Sunshine decided to Record the Event to Show Grandpa later :) Okay…

…Change outfit…what to wear? DONE :)

…Walks on Runway TOGETHER with Puffle Models :) WAIT! What happened to your Recording Sunshine?

…You ready now? Okay :) Everyone Pose and SMILE for the Camera :) HAPPY FASHION SHOW :)

…See earlier Igloo decoration Saraapril’s Underwater Cave Igloo :)

UPDATE: Saraapril’s Fashion Show Igloo Wallpaper :)

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