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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cadence in Below Zero :)

HURRAY! I was Server Hop Tracking Cadence and found her at the Night Club in Server Below Zero and this time I could add her to my Friends List :) This is how Cadence’s Picture looks like on my List :)

…I already had her Background  and She didn't have her Puffle Lolz with her but we had FUN TOGETHER Dancing :)


…Hi Luckyboy7777 :) Sadly Cadence had to leave…Well my Party Penguins I gtg Thanks for the groove, catch ya on the flip side! Later yo!

…Bye Cadence! I Hope I can find you when you are in the Gift Shop again so we can have a FUN Fashion Show TOGETHER :)

Cadence in Avalanche :)

Cadence in Abominable BUG!

Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)

Message from Jet Pack Guy :)

LOOK! A NEW Spy Phone Message! I will take a break from rehearsing The Vikings that Time Forgot and look at this Message…

February 9, 2012

Jet Pack Guy

Finished another sweep of the island. No sign of Herbert. How did he just vanish into thin air? You'd think he'd be groggy from his four month nap…

…Thanks EPF Agent Cimbo3 for telling me about this Message :) Hmmm…Try to look around the Pizza Parlor…Field-Ops 68 EPF CHEATS :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from The Director!

Club Penguin Magazine Now Available VIDEO :)

Do you want to see more about how the Club Penguin Magazine looks like inside? Scott announces the release of the official Club Penguin Magazine in the UK, showing a few of the Puzzles, Posters, Competitions and Free Gifts that come with it!

…The FIRST issue of the Club Penguin Magazine :) HURRAY!!!

…Puzzles :)

…Posters :)

…Competitions :)

…Coins for your Penguin :)

…LOOK! The Lifetime Membership Contest is now changed to a One Year Club Penguin Membership Contest!

…2 Codes for two Exclusive items to Unlock Online for your Penguin :)

…A FREE 7 Day Membership :)

…A Puffle O’s Water Game :)

…For MORE Info about this Magazine look at this Post Club Penguin Comics Magazine :)

Club Penguin Comics Magazine :)

A Picture from the Comics inside the Club Penguin Magazine has been added on Disney :)

…With the Codes you get from this Magazine you can Unlock this Cool Club Shirt, 1 week membership and 1 item from latest Treasure Book of your choice :) Thanks Sindar Toffe for telling me about what we can Unlock from the Magazine :) As seen on earlier commercial we should get Coins too so I hope you do! AND Club Penguin did post on their What’s New Blogs a Picture that said it would be a LIFETIME Membership Contest so I hope it is!

Official Club Penguin Magazine in UK VIDEO :)

Official Club Penguin Magazine in UK :)

Club Penguin Magazine Ad on Disney :)

Club Penguin Magazine :)

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

Club Penguin Magazine Now Available VIDEO :)

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