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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saraapril Games :)

Spot the Difference :) The Vikings that time Forgot is now at the Stage and I and Sunshine having so much FUN singing Opera TOGETHER :) Sometimes I think the Dragon Boat listen as she moves her eyes when we sing out of Tune…LOL :)

…On this Picture I have removed 5 things can you find them?

…You can leave your answer as a comment and I will post them after 24 hours :) The reason for not posting the comments immediately is that all Blog Readers around the world now get a Fair chance to give their own Answer :)

Saraapril Games :)

How long was Herbert Hibernated?

In the Rock-a-bye Herbert Video Club Penguin wrote that Herbert had been Hibernated for five months BUT…

Jet Pack Guy said that Herbert had had a four month nap…BOTH can't be right = BUG! Thanks Bigpboy for reminding me about this :)

…So the Question is How long was Herbert Hibernated? I have made some calculations and the Answer depends on what day you Hibernated Herbert during the EPF Mission at the Great Snow Race Party! I did the Field-Ops 48 Operation Hibernation as soon it came out on August 25, 2011 and Herbert went Missing January 26, 2012 and that gives 154 days and that is OVER 5 Months and if you did the Assignment the last available day September 1, 2011 Herbert was Hibernated for 147 days = ALMOST 5 Months so the conclusion is that the Song Text in the Video is right and Jet Pack Guy’s Message is a BUG! Oops…LOL :)

Where is Herbert? My Stories and Adventures :)

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