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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Club Penguin Banned FOREVER BUG!

Did you like me get your Membership canceled and got FOREVER BANNED from Club Penguin February 8, 2012? My Parents got a message from Club Penguin about this and when they checked the Parent Account for my Penguin they could read in the Ban History that I got banned by a Moderator for Impropriate Talk! I was SHOCKED!!! And so were my Parents!

…BUT I could STILL Login and Play Club Penguin as normal :)

When they contacted Club Penguin about this we eventually got this answer from Club Penguin Support:

February 9, 2012

Hello Saraapril's parents,
Looking into this situation, we've noticed a glitch in the parent account system. Now considering this, the ban was placed in error. We have gone ahead and removed the forever ban from Saraapril's parent account.
Kind regards,
Club Penguin Support

A Club Penguin BUG that FOREVER BAN Penguins for NO REASON! That is NOT GOOD! THANKS Judson for explaining about this Bug and for removing the FALSE Ban :)

BUT LOOK! I have been Banned BEFORE for Attempted Game Manipulation!?! Why? I looked in my Blog Archive for an answer and Found it! Due to ANOTHER Club Penguin BUG I and TONS of other Penguins were INNOCENTLY BANNED! WARNING BUG will get you BANNED! Later on Billybob made a Post about this Neck item Bug Update by Billybob! BUT as you can see even as the Bug was Fixed the Ban STAYED in my Ban History Record!

Once again my Parents contacted Club Penguin and this is the answer they got:

February 10, 2012

Dear Parents of Saraapril,
Thanks for writing in and sending your concerns. The ban from 2011 will not impact your game-play on the site. We have covered the context behind this in previous emails and blog posts. Due to the reasons above we will not be taking any additional action on the ban from 2011.
Thanks for your time-
Club Penguin Support

THIS IS NOT FAIR! WHY must I and EVERYONE else that got this BUG have to have a permanent Club Penguin Ban record!?! WE didn't do anything wrong! CLUB PENGUIN BUG DID!

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