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Monday, February 13, 2012

Pufflescape Progress LOST BUG!

Right now there is a BUG with the Pufflescape Progress! It looks like ALL my Progress is LOST! Entrance!



… BUT I can still Play all the levels I have unlocked earlier! This Bug will fool many Penguins and make them believe that they have to start to Play the Pufflescape Game from scratch! And even if they do so no progress will be shown! Why can’t Club Penguin get things to work properly?

How to Play Pufflescape CHEATS :)

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Notification get you Stuck BUG!

If you try to waddle behind a Notification you get STUCK if you click to close to it and get the Show friends Message!

…This is very Annoying!

…Overall I think the Notifications mostly are ANNOYING! They make my computer lag and they are often in the way when I take Pictures and sometimes they are in the way and destroys for me as they pop up when I play a Game!

…I wish I could choose if I want them on or NOT!

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Fan Art in Book Room :)

HURRAY! The Penguin Art is Updated on the Book Room Wall :)

…HAPPY Cute Puffle :)

…Penguin on a Puffle on a Waddle TOGETHER :)

…HAPPY FRIENDS Playing TOGETHER in Club Penguin :)

…Warm Hearts Warm Coats :)

…Penguins and Puffles are BEST FRIENDS :)

…Sensei :)


…A Day in Club Penguin :)

…Space Adventure at The Stage :)

…Penguin Opera Singer :)

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White Screen BUG at the Stage!

Since we got the New Play at the Stage The Vikings that Time Forgot CHEATS many of you have the White Screen Bug and Today I got it too! BORING!!!

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Aviator Shades BUG in Penguin Style Catalog!

Look at this in the previous Club Penguin Style catalog the Blue Aviator Shades looks right on both Pictures in the Catalog :) Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS January 2012 :)

…BUT in the current Penguin Style Catalog the Picture that shows how the items look like on a Player Card has the WRONG Aviators! It’s the Aviator Sunglasses NOT the Blue Aviator Shades…BUG! Penguin Style Catalog CHEATS February 2012 :)

…Thanks Wwf vs Wwe and Trainman1405 for this Bug :) Detail Update: The Buy Tags are updated to show the Price and I like that much Better :)

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Membership Payment Problem!

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello, penguins!
Some of you have told us that recently have had trouble using Dineromail (Rapipago, Voucher y Pago fácil) to gain membership on our site.
We wanted to tell you that we are aware of the situation and that the team is working hard to make this payment to be available again soon. Meanwhile, memberships can be purchased with different credit cards.Thank you for your patience!
Moving on ... You already able to show their unique styles on the runway? If not already done so, be sure to visit the Gift Shop before the holiday ends tomorrow! Fashion Show Party in Gift Shop :)
Meanwhile ...Waddle on! :)
- The team of Club Penguin
by Billybob

What more do I get as a Club Penguin Member?

Club Penguin Membership FUN February – March 2012 :)

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