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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spy Phone Message from Gary :)

I was at the Beach when I got a Spy Phone Message…

February 16, 2012


Rockhopper has requested my help to upgrade his ship. For now I'll be assigning orders, but Dot is taking over the Herbert investigation.

…Okay Uncle Gary :) I looks like there is lots that needs to be done to upgrade the Migrator before we can sail away on Rockhopper’s Quest! I’m looking forward both to that and to work with Dot again :) Waddle On! Field-Op 69 CHEATS :)

See earlier Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy :)

Igloo Catalog CHEATS :)

The NEW Club Penguin Igloo Catalog for February 2012 is HERE!!! And as always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…The Shipwreck Igloo 900 coins is NEW :) This Shipshape Shipwreck is the Perfect Pirate Hideout :) 

…Dance Floor 1000 coins :)

…Secret Stone Igloo 2000 coins :)

…Shadowy Keep 2400 coins :)

…Grey Ice Castle 2400 coins :)

…Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo 5000 coins :)

…That were ALL hidden items in this Catalog :) I LOVE the Background Page :) Yes you’re right Yellow Puffle the Shipwreck Igloo needs to be renovated…LOL :)

Better Igloo Furniture Catalogue CHEATS :)

Better Igloos Furniture Catalog CHEATS :)

Today we got a NEW Club Penguin Furniture Catalog :) And as always I will help you find ALL the Hidden Secret items without ruin YOUR FUN to look for them :)

…Dinosaur Skull 500 coins, Dinosaur Bones 250 coins and Cavern Couch 450 are NEW items :)

…Cavern Chair 350 coins is a NEW item too :)

…Violet Velvet Rope 160 coins is an Old item in a NEW color :)

…Tropical Palm 300 coins is an Old item :)

…and so is the Steering Wheel 300 coins :)

…Catwalk 575 coins, Judge’s Chair 200 coins, Judge’s Table 300 coins, Fashion Show Boxes 350 coins and Sewing Table 450 coins are NEW items :)

…and so is the Mannequin 200 coins :)  I wish we had the items on the Purple pages during the Fashion Show Party!

…Ancient Archway 600 coins :)

…Bamboo Torch 200 coins :)

…Candy Cane 300 coins :)

…Log Bench 500 coins :)

…Log Chair 200 coins :)

…Icicle Lights 75 coins :)

…Holiday Lights 30 coins :)

…Log Drawers 250 coins :)

…Holiday Bells 100 coins :)

…Holiday Tree Decoration 150 coins :)

…Presents 170 coins :)

…Holiday Tree 600 coins :)

…Leaning Tree 250 coins :)

…Wooden Reindeer 450 coins :)

…Lamp Post 600 coins :)

…Ninja Cauldron 150 coins :)

…Training Dummy 500 coins :)

…Modern Chair 700 coins :)

…Modern Couch 850 coins :)

…Wall Clock 450 coins :)

…Green Birdhouse 200 coins :)

…Blue Birdhouse 170 coins :)

…That were ALL NEW and Hidden Secret items in this Catalog :) If you want to buy a NEW Igloo you will find that on this Post Igloo Catalog CHEATS :)

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