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Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun Activities Removed!

Today Disney Club Penguin removed Posts Under Fun Activities!


Pizza Map, Casa Fiesta Feast, Stamp Cookies!, Puffle Sugar Cookies, Black Belt Pancakes, Treble Clef Pretzels, Ice Pops, Airborne Ice Cream

Arts and Crafts!

Puffle Compass, Paper-Maché!, Make Music, Shoebox Diorama, Ninja Flip Book, Snowman, Paper Air Plane

Outdoor Activities!

Lyric DJ, Puffle Round-Up, Field Ops, Balloon Tag, Disc Golf

I wonder Why?

FUN Activities :)

Featured Igloos – February 20, 2012 :)

This is a Message from Happy77:


Check out some of the brilliant igloos you found this week! We love seeing all the different creative ways you decorate your homes.

Rocky3818 said: "I LOVE my friend's igloo Iceboy3818 igloo! Its SO cool! It is Rockhopper Island, complete with a cream soda sea, The Migrator, a bunch of beautiful Palm Trees, Treasure EVERYWHERE, a "Mermaid Cove", and the best ROCKHOPPER! Oh I almost forgot, it even has special island music playing! You guys should really check it out! Waddle On!"

Bricko3 said: "Hey Happy77! Check out Dsi Lover's Igloo! It's a really "sweet" because it's made of CANDY!!!! There's even Gumdrop Trees and Jujubes!"

How did you know I would like this igloo, Bricko3? ;)

Fennec24 said: "I love my friend Icy0248 igloo. IT'S COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME!!! He changes it every time there's an update to look like what the update's about, but now he has a snow jitsu dojo and garden. It's seriously cool!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT AND CONSIDER UPLOADING IT!!"

Consider it uploaded! :)

Does your friend have a sweet igloo that you think is worth sharing on the blog? Post their penguin name and why you like it in the comments. We'll feature 3 new igloos again soon!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

By Happy77

WELL DECORATED Everyone :) On map I found Green Mello’s Igloo and I think it is a nicely decorated home both for Puffles and creative Penguins :)

…See More Club Penguin Igloos :)

Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker CHEATS :)

Where is the Field-Op? How can I find the New Field-Op? When Elite Penguin Force the Secret Agency in Club Penguin needs your Help Gary the Gadget Guy will send you a Spy Phone Message and ask you to report to him in the Command Room! After you have got your assignment you must find the Field-Op location that is Hidden somewhere in Disney Club Penguin and solve a mini game :) To help you to always find the room and secret location where the newest Field-Op is hidden I have made EPF Field-Op Trackers for you that you can add on your own Blog :)

Here you will find more details about the Newest Field-Op :)

Saraapril’s Spy Phone Field-Ops Tracker :)

Saraapril's Pin Tracker :)

How to add a Field-Ops Tracker to your Blog?

If you have a Blogger blog you can use the button below to add Saraapril’s Spy Phone Field-Ops Tracker:

Select the Blog you want to have the Field-Ops Tracker on and click on Add Widget and then Save the changes :) CONGRATS Field-Op Tracker Added :)

If you don’t have a Blogger Blog select, copy (use CTRL+C) this HTML code below and paste into your blog site :)

If you can’t copy and Paste the Tracker Code go here and Follow the detailed instructions on this page on how to add the Club Penguin Field-Ops Tracker to your site :)

Saraapril’s Field-Ops Tracker :)

Saraapril's Pin Tracker :)

If you have a Blogger blog you can use the button below to add Saraapril’s Field-Ops Tracker:

Here are detailed instructions how to add the Field-Ops Tracker manually to Blogger:

  • Log into your Blogger account.
  • Click on Layout in the Dashboard.
  • Page Elements tab should be visible.
  • You should see "Add a Gadget" at one or more places. Click on it.
  • Find and add the "HTML/JavaScript" gadget.
  • If you see "Edit HTML", click on it.
  • Now paste the code above into the box.
  • Click on Save.
  • Click on Save again.
  • Make sure it looks OK.
If you have a WordPress blog here are instructions how to add the Field-Ops Tracker:
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Design
  • Click on Widgets
  • Add a Text Widget
  • Edit the Text Widget
  • Paste the code above into the Text Widget
  • Click on Change
  • Click on Save Changes
  • Make sure it looks OK.

    …I wish you well on your Future Missions Be Resourceful, Be Remarkable, Be Ready :) WADDLE ON!

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    Club Penguin Pin Tracker

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